The Evil Prince and his Precious Wife: The Sly Lady

Chapter 50

Chapter 50 – Torn Apart

chang sao: elder brother’s wife, in this case, Murong Xue’s mother

Daren: a respected adult male

The crowd’s eyes fell onto Murong Rou, their faces were full of shock and disgust; they had thought that because Song Qingyan was still young and reckless, when he encountered a rich family who owned thousands of silvers, his heart would naturally be filled with envy and would want to take advantage of them. But they would’ve never guessed that he was only an accomplice, the real mastermind behind this situation was actually Murong Rou.

The six shops situation (Liu Pu Zi) had made Murong Rou the laughing stock of the capital, her reputation was washed down the drain. Since then, she never took a single item from the Zhen Manor, instead, she hid herself out of embarrassment. She had planned to cheat them out of their silvers indirectly through Song Qing Yan so that even if the incident got out, everyone would blame him, instead of her. How smart yet cunning.

Murong Rou hated them all, Song Qing Yan was only thirteen years old and he was still a child who did not know anything. If their plan was busted, he would’ve just had to admit his mistake and the matter would be considered settled, he would not receive any punishment at all. But what she did not expect was him exposing her too, with that, their status spread across the cities. She thought that it was truly a dumb move to take…

“Song Qin Yan, don’t you dare to frame me!” Murong Rou stared hard at him, but at the same time, she winked at him indirectly without others noticing to tell him not to bust them out.

Unfortunately, the senseless Song Qing Yan did not see her wink, he thought she was trying to protect herself with the scolding and let him shoulder all responsibilities himself. He turned furious and pointed at her, shouting:

“I blamed you? Murong Rou, you gave me those silvers two years ago and asked me to convince Murong Ye in doing different types of gambling. One year ago, you gave me two thousands more to bring him into the casino, and half year ago, you promised to give me five thousands more to bring him to Qing Brothel, my steward knew exactly what was going on all this while, do you want me to bring them out and prove to you now?”

Everyone was discussing among themselves, people started to judge and threw dirty looks at her. Murong Ye turned into a bad person exactly two years ago, from minor gambling to casino, he started to mingle with other ignorant fools, but “we’ve never heard of him going into Qing Brothel.”

“That was because when the incident in the six shops was busted, Murong Rou covered everything with the money she stole from the house, she did not give me any money after that, so I had to delay Murong Ye’s arrangement, otherwise, he would be sleeping soundly in one of the flowery beds in Qing Brothel now…” Song Qing Yan blurted out proudly, he was satisfied with his explanation.

Everyone in the room was shocked, the whispering among them soon turned into a loud rambling. She had worn the silk that she took from someone else’s shop, used someone else’s jewelry and even deliberately led someone else’s son into all these temptations; Murong Rou’s heart was indeed black, she was too cruel. Even though they were having conflicts among the family, their surname were all Murong, they were part of the same family line.

Murong Ye stopped the beating, after hearing the discussion and gossips; he squatted down in astonishment…

Murong Xue smirked beside the room, she had always thought that since Murong Ye had lost his parents when he was young, he would slowly grow up into an incompetent and ignorant profligate son of the rich, but now it was revealed, he was actually set up!

This was such a good trick of Murong Rou!

“Since Lin Daren from the house of Shun Tian is also attending the birthday banquet, I don’t know if making a good and behaved child into a dandy is in violation with the law of the country of Qinyan. However, Murong Rou and Song Qinyan both conspired together to cheat my brother of 500 000 silvers, this certainly is against the law!”

Murong Xue was ready to send her into custody! But she was the first daughter-in-law of Wu An, how could she go to prison!

Murong Rou’s face paled quickly, she clenched her fist tightly under her dress and said, “I did not conspire with Song Qing Yan, he blamed me because he wanted to escape from punishments…”

“Sister-in law, please watch what you say.” Wu Hui Hui exclaimed, she walked swiftly towards her and looked at the swollen face of Song Qinyan, her heart ached for him and she secretly cursed at Murong Rou. She said coldly, “Qingyan is the er gongzi of Wu An’s house- clothes and food are all provided for him, he does not have to worry about anything, why would he take so much money?”

“As for you sister-in law, for ten years you took everything from our chang sao’s dowry shops for free and got chased by debtors. Everyone in the street knew that you were stealing from the poor all along; you cheated them when you could not steal from them, only you alone can do such a despicable thing!”

Murong Rou was the lady of Wu An, and she had only the status of the second daughter-in-law, usually she would not dare to speak to her in this manner, but this time, Murong Rou was just too crafty, she used Qing Yan and accused him so that she could clear off her name. That was too unfair.

Murong Rou clenched her teeth, “Wu Hui Hui, I neglected the management in the situation of the six shops and lost the silvers, I did not mean to drag it for ten years. As for Murong Ye’s story, you all could see clearly what had happened, how can the blame be shifted on to me?”

Wu Hui Hui spat, “If that’s the case, why would he accuse you when he could blame others?”

“That was because we had conflict before this, and everyone would believe his story!” Murong Rou tried to explain herself.

Wu Hui Hui went quiet. Murong Rou was really cunning, her excuses were quite believable, but she knew it in her heart that it was all her idea, “His steward saw everything when you were discussing with Qing Yan…”

“Song Qing Yan’s steward is loyal to him, his words are not trustworthy…”

Murong Rou and Wu Hui Hui were arguing with each other, Murong Xue ignored their bickering and strutted slowly in front, “Lin daren!”

Lin Daren from Shun Tian’s house sighed in his heart; he had been standing very subtly but did not expect to be found. Alas, the dirty doings of aristocracy made people’s lives difficult! Even if it was tough, when the case fell onto him, he had to deal with it!

Master Lin looked up at Murong Xue and smiled, “Miss Murong, Murong Rou and Qing Yan did not receive the silvers and ruin the house even though they operated together to steal from Master Xiao Hou, therefore their penalties will not be hefty…”

He had encountered similar case before; such case would only take about one to three months of imprisonment!

Murong Xue delightfully replied, “Alright, we will all listen to Master Lin, if it this is the sentence then we will follow what you said!”

Master Lin sighed once again, she must have hated Murong Rou so badly for wanting her to go into the prison, but it was impossible for him to stop her decision, but then again Murong Rou was cruel enough to mislead Murong Ye in such way, no wonder Murong Xue would be fuming.

“Come over steward, cuff both Murong Rou and Qing Yan over to Shun Tian hall!”

Everybody quieted down with that instruction, Murong Rou deceived Murong Ye and finally she got what she deserved…

Wu Hui Hui blinked her eyes, not saying anything, she understood that Master Lin captured Murong Rou because he believed that Qing Yan was innocent. After all, he was only thirteen and he did not accept the money. She knew that he would come back after several interrogations, and started to feel misfortune for Murong Rou.

A few soldiers of Shun Tian’s house came forward, ready to capture them, suddenly a sharp intense bellow spread across the room, “Murong Xue, Rou Er is your aunt, how could you send her into the prison?”

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