The Evil Prince and his Precious Wife: The Sly Lady

Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Everything has settled down

Merry Christmas everybody. Here is your Christmas present.

The only difference was when she talked to Ouyang ShaoChen, he will reply her seriously, even though it was in a polite manner, at least he was listening to her. She thought she was different to him…

Today, this was what she saw, Ouyang ShaoChen standing right beside a lady, bickering with each other with a smile on his face…

Shu Nan xiang was truly hurt, “Thanks for selling the bos of Diyang Grass to me. May I know your name so that I can reciprocate your kindness someday.”

Shu Nan Xiang used one hundred thousand dollar to buy one plant of Diyang grass. Murong Xue used nothing to get an unlimited supply of Diyang Cao, Shu Nan Xiang must hate her very much now. She only wanted to see who is the lady beside Ouyang ShaoChen right now, her wish should be granted.

Murong Xue grinned as she lifted up the curtain.

Shu Nan Xiang was taken aback, “You’re… Murong Xue!”

She had seen Murong Xue for a few times when she entered the palace, but she did not pay much attention, now Murong Xue was becaming her rival.

Murong Xue nodded as she smiled, “Ms Shu is willing to  spend one hundred thousand dollar to buy Diyang grass for Mrs Shu, you’re truly a filial daughter.”

Shu Nan Xiang’s face became darker and more dissatisfied, Murong Xue bought the box of Diyang grass at fifty thousand dollars, but now she was selling it at one hundred thousand dollar!

Shu Nan Xiang thought to herself : It is fine to be in a disadvantageous position, at least now she knows who is her rival. “Thanks for your compliment.” said Shu Nan Xiang.

Looking at Shu Nan Xiang’s calm expression, Murong Xue grinned. She spent fifty thousand dollars more for the Diyang grass but still can act like nothing actually happened, she was definitely someone great. Since she did not want to argue with Murong Xue, Murong Xue also did not want to talk much with her.

Murong Xue glanced sideways at Ouyang ShaoChen, “Prince Ouyang, we shall go now.”

Murong Xue came to Yubao Xuan to bid the box of Diyang grass, now that it was sold, she did not need to stay here any longer.

“Alright.” Ouyang ShaoChen nodded, he smiled a little as he walked out.

Everyone is staring at Ouyang ShaoChen with respect as he walked out. Shu Nan Xiang did not take her eyes off him. As he walked step by step down the stairs, across all the people, he did not look at her for once or show any intention to talk to her. She was shocked : How could Prince Ouyang forget her entirely, how could this be…

As Ouyang ShaoChen was about to leave Yubao Xuan, Shu Nan Xiang called out, “Prince Ouyang, please wait for a while.”

“Anything?” Ouyang ShaoChen said coldly and distantly, he stopped but he did not turn around.

“I…” Shu Nan Xiang hesitated as she looked at Murong Xue.

Murong Xue winked and said to Ouyang ShaoChen, “Both of you shall have a long chat, I’ll wait for you outside.” Shu Nan Xiang and Ouyang ShaoChen are childhood sweethearts, it had been so long since they last met each other, definitely they will have a lot to talk about, it will be weird for her to stay there.

Ouyang ShaoChen stared at Murong Xue as she walked out from Yubao Xuan. She was looking here and there, she seemed to be frustrated at the long wait. He smiled at the thought.

Shu Nan Xiang clinched her hands and moved forward, she reminded gently, “Prince Ouyang, Murong Xue is Prince Jing’s fiancee.”

Ouyang ShaoChen’s face was serious, he knitted his brows and said coldly, “ So what? The engagement will soon be broken off.”

“But she had an engagement with Prince Jing already. Although the engagement will soon be broken off, as a Prince, you shall not marry a lady that Prince Jing abandoned…”

Ouyang ShaoChen looked straight into her with dark and piercing eyes, “Ms Shu, I think you’re too much.”

Shu Nan Xiang was frightened by the harshness of Ouyang ShaoChen, she was trembling, “I…I…”

“Ms Shu, I think it’ll be best if you take good care of your own business. Please don’t get involved when it’s not your matter.” Ouyang ShaoChen turned around and walked out from Yubao Xuan wthout a second look at Shu Nan Xiang.

Shu Nan Xiang was aggrieved, she clenched her teeth : Everything she do is for Ouyang ShaoChen’s good, why can’t he see this?

Ouyang ShaoChen walked toward Murong Xue, “What are you doing?”

Murong Xue turned around and looked at him strangely, “Both of you have finished talking so fast?”

Ouyang ShaoChen sounded like he did not care, “I do not have much things to talk to her.”

Murong Xue winked as she talked, “I thought you will have a long time to talk with her, I’m seeking for an umbrella stall. I’m going to buy an umbrella and wait for you to finish.”

Ouyang ShaoChen sighed as he thought to himself : She’s not waiting for him to come back as she looked here and there, she’s actually looking for an umbrella stall.

“Is the sun scorching?” asked Ouyang ShaoChen. The sun in march was warm but definitely not scorching.

Murong Xue nodded, “It’s a bit scorching to me.” People with cold poison in their bodies were actually very weak. When the weather is cold, they will feel freeze; when the weather is hot, they will faint easily.

Xunfeng walked toward them and handed an umbrella to Ouyang ShaoChen.

Ouyang ShaoChen opened the umbrella for Murong Xue to protect her from the strong ray, “Do you feel better now?”

“Definitely a lot better.” Murong Xue smiled as she replied Ouyang ShaoChen. She then whispered to him, “Prince, the unlimited supply of Diyang grass that you mentioned just now, where is the exact location?”

Murong Xue wanted to ask when they were at Yubao Xuan just now, but there were too many people there. Diyang grass is one of the best quality herb, it was very expensive. If the Diyang grass were stolen by the others, she will be in danger.

“It’s actually on top of a mountain, quite far from the capital…” Ouyang ShaoChen stopped as he saw a figure passed by, he glanced in the direction of the figure.

Murong Xue was paying full attention at Ouyang ShaoChen, waiting for his answer, she consciously glanced toward the same direction of Ouyang ShaoChen. Shuang Xi was running in the street, sweating profusely. “Shuang Xi, what are you doing here?” Murong Xue shouted.

Shuang Xi stopped as she heard Murong Xue’s voice, she turned and ran toward Murong Xue happily.

Murong Xue took a look at Shuang Xi and asked, “Is it something happened to my brother again?”

“No, it’s not.” Shuang Xi shook her head. “Wu An’s family has sent an invitation card, to invite Madam, Murong Ye and you to the dinner.”

“What’s the dinner?” asked Murong Xue.

“Three days later is Master Wu An Hou ‘s fifty-fifth birthday!”

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