The Evil Prince and his Precious Wife: The Sly Lady

Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Decision of the Prince

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Murong Xue looked at Ouyang ShaoChen, he put down the cup and pressed against his lips. His expression was cool, he moved forward elegantly. He was truly handsome and gorgeous.

Everyone was stretching their necks to take a good look at Ouyang ShaoChen, to witness the glamour of Ouyang ShaoChen. This was Prince Ouyang, he was genuinely good looking, even better than the description of the people who met him before.

It was really a great reward to see Prince Ouyang when they came to Yubao Xuan.

Shu Nan Xiang was standing in the center of the auction hall, gazing at the face she had been missed all the while. Her eyes can only fit in Prince Ouyang at this moment : when he left the capital, she didn’t get to say goodbye to him because she was at her great grandmother’s house. A few days ago when he came back to the capital, coincidentlly she was at her great grandmother’s house and couldn’t meet up with him. It’s been almost two decades since they last met each other.

He was taller than before, much pleasant looking as well. She had grown up, missing him all these times.

“Prince Ouyang, it’s long time that I haven’t seen you.” Shu Nan Xiang said gently.

“Miss Shu.” Prince Ouyang nodded as he replied.

Shu Nan Xiang’s face is filled with the happiness when a young girl sees her crush. She held her silk handkerchief tightly in her hand, she was a bit nervous. In a reserved manner, she said, “I came back to the capital just now. I planned to pay a visit tomorrow, never thought that I will see you here.”

“My parents are not in the capital right now.” said Ouyang ShaoChen.

“Is it? I’ve bought the finest pearl powder from Chuan Zhou as a gift for the Queen.” Shu Nan Xiang said with a broad smile on her face.

Ouyang ShaoChen was quiet.

“Prince, what’s the relationship between you and Shu Nan Xiang?” Murong Xue asked curiously, they must be very close.

“Her grandfather was the most famous confucianist in the capital. He was my master when I was five years old. He taught me for a few years.” Ouyang ShaoChen said softly.

Murong Xue nodded, “It turned out to be both of you are childhood sweethearts.” No wonder Shu Nan Xiang gazed at him in full admiration and such a way like he was her long lost husband. They actually had a special relationship back then.

Ouyang ShaoChen frowned a little and said in a low voice, “I was learning from the master in the front yard, I’ve never stepped into her house compound. We’re not that close as we only meet once or twice per year…”

“So both of you knew each other since young and grew together, it’s right to say that both of you are childhood sweethearts.” Murong Xue winked. Staring at Murong Xue, Ouyang ShaoChen thought to himself : Why didn’t she remember the memories they share when they were young?

Shu Nan Xiang was amazed and she wondered who was the lady that can stand right beside Ouyang ShaoChen and talk in whisper with him.

Ouyang ShaoChen was superior and he never talked to the ladies that were the same age with him. Only when Shu Nan Xiang talked to him, he will reply in simple answer. This honour only belonged to Shu Nan Xiang and should never be shared with the other ladies.

“Prince Ouyang, to be honest, my mother is suffering from the disease and it’s really torturing for her. If I can get Diyang Cao for her, she will recover soon and replenish her health.” Shu Nan Xiang said in a gentle and humble manner.

Shu Nan Xiang could no longer wait for Prince Ouyang to make the decision, who should get the Diyang grass. Everyone held their breath and looked at Prince Ouyang, they were guessing the decision of Prince Ouyang.

Ouyang ShaoChen took a quick glance around the auction hall, finally he looked at Murong Xue who was standing beside him and said, “Mrs Shu is our elder, she is very old now. You’re still young, I think it’ll be more appropriate if you can sell the Diyang grass to Ms Shu.”

Shu Nan Xiang was relieved to listen to the answer. She looked at Ouyang ShaoChen with full gratitude : She knew she was the special one in his heart, it will never change no matter who appears in his life.

Murong Xue’s face was filled with anger and glared at Ouyang ShaoChen : Who says that age is corresponding to the severity of a disease? Shu Nan Xiang’s mother is old and she should give the Diyang grass to her? What kind of logic is this!

He should not show partiality even though Shu Nan Xiang was his childhood sweethearts.

“Prince Ouyang, Mrs Shu can still live without the Diyang Cao. However, without Diyang Cao I’ll die when the poison attacks my body!” said Murong Xue.

Ouyang ShaoChen looked into her eyes, “The box consists only one plant of Diyang grass, which means it can only save you once…”

“Well, it’s better than none, right? I’ll die in pain without the Diyang grass.” Murong Xue interrupted his words, she was certainly furious with his decision.

Ouyang ShaoChen grinned a little, he knew he should not fool her any further, “The servant just told me that he found a large amount of Diyang grass, you can go pluck it yourself, as much as you want…”

Murong Xue was delighted, “Is it true?”

Ouyang ShaoChen nodded, “Did I lie to you before?”

He asked her to give the box of Diyang grass to his childhood sweetheart, he must give her something back in return to compensate her. However, she would prefer uncountable Diyang grass compared to only one plant of Diyang grass because it will secure her life in that way. She did not need to fight for it anymore, “Alright, you can have the box of Diyang grass.”

Looking at her generous act, Ouyang ShaoChen smiled.

Shu Nan Xiang’s expression suddenly became stiff : There are not much Diyang grass available in the market, in fact the price is very high. Prince Ouyang asked the lady to sell the box of Diyang grass to me for one hundred thousand dollar but he gave the lady for free, unlimited supply of Diyang grass for free… He was being nice to the lady…

Shu Nan Xiang knew Ouyang ShaoChen for thirteen years, he never treats her the way he treated the lady beside him right now…

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