The Evil Prince and his Precious Wife: The Sly Lady

Chapter 43

Chapter 43 – Conflict In The Auction House

The wind whipped at her face, the scenery changed rapidly in front of her eyes. The anger in her has gone suddenly, she widened her eyes: Is this the levitation practiced in the ancient times? This is so cool! She wanted to learn it someday when she is free.

Murong Xue saw a huge and impressive building with a beige white front door. The top part of the door was carved “YuBao Xuan”. The exterior of the building is elegant and magnificent.

Ouyang ShaoChen grasped her waist tightly and continued to fly in the sky, there was no indication that he is going to stop. Murong Xue reminded him softly, “Prince, we’ve reached YuBao Xuan, we shall go down now.”

“There are many products available for auction this time in YuBao Xuan, there must be crowded in there. We are not going to the main hall, we’ll go to the private room.”

The windows looked exactly the same, Murong Xue asked curiously, “You sure you know which one is the private room that you’ve booked?”

“Of course I do!” Ouyang ShaoChen said confidently with a smile on his face and went straight into one of the private rooms.

When they landed at the private room, a familiar figure appeared in the room. It’s Xunfeng.

When Xunfeng saw Ouyang ShaoChen and Murong Xue, he bowed and greeted them politely.

Murong Xue nodded and released Ouyang ShaoChen’s arm that wrapped around her waist. She made her steps toward the door of the private room. The hall was fully filled, a pretty lady was standing right at the center of the stage, her hand was holding a maroon colored Lingzhi, “This is a thousand years long Fire Lingzhi, it can cure over a hundred types of disease. The starting bid is ten thousand dollar.”

“Twenty thousand dollar…”

“Thirty thousand dollars…”

“Forty thousand dollars…”

Murong Xue smiled a little when she looked at the Fire Lingzhi. This is the highest grade among Lingzhi and it can be hardly found. No matter how severe the injuries are, as long as you consume the Fire Lingzhi, you will recover. The products selling in Yubao Xuan were really in good quality.

Ouyang ShaoChen was standing behind the window, looking at his hand. This was the hand that  wrapped around her waist, he can still smell her fragrance, her nice scent. He walked toward the table and poured a cup of tea. He handed the cup of tea to Murong Xue, “Come. Sit down and have some tea.”

“Thanks.” Murong Xue took a sip of tea, her sight did not leave the stage. “I wonder if the Diyang grass was sold.”

“I’m waiting at here all day long, I’m sure that the Diyang grass was not sold yet.” said Xunfeng.

“That’s great.” Murong Xue was relieved to hear that. The pretty lady on the stage smiled sweetly and said, “Fire Lingzhi is now belonged to Sir Wang, congratulations! The next selling item is a box of Diyang grass, the starting bid is five thousand dollar.”

Murong Xue noticed that the box of Diyang grass was exactly the same as the Diyang grass she saw in the book previously.

“Ten thousand dollar…”

“Fifteen thousand dollars…”

“Twenty thousand dollar…”

“Fifty thousand dollars!” The whole auction hall was quieted down by the girl’s voice. The bidders frowned and shook their heads. Diyang grass has its own efficacy, it’s not suitable for everyone to consume like Ginseng or Lingzhi.

The bidders wanted to buy Diyang grass at a reasonable price and keep it, in case of any emergency. However, the bid called by Murong Xue was far exceeded the actual value of Diyang grass.

“Fifty thousand dollar calling once, fifty thousand dollar calling twice, fifty thousand dollar calling thrice! There’s no higher calling bid, the Diyang grass now belonged to that lady!” said the pretty lady on the stage.

“Bang!” As the hammer was knocked down, the voice of a lady said, “Hold on!”

A dainty lady walked slowly into the auction hall. She was wearing a yellow long dress, a pair of bright clear mesmerizing eyes, she was so beautiful.

“Isn’t this Miss Shu Nan Xiang?”

“It’s her, the Master’s eldest daughter, the talented woman in the capital. She’s the definition for perfection, I wonder why she is here.”

“Obviously she wants to bid items here, but I wonder what she wants to bid.”

All the people in the hall were looking at Shu Nan Xiang.

Shu Nan Xiang was used to all these compliments, she walked toward the stage at a leisurely pace. Looking at the pretty lady on the stage and said, “Miss, I offer one hundred thousand dollar to buy the box of Diyang grass!”

The pretty was stunned and rejected politely, “I’m sorry that I cannot accept your offer, Miss Shu. This box of Diyang grass is considered sold.”

“She hasn’t paid yet, so the transaction is unsuccessful.” Said Shu Nan Xiang.

“The transaction is successful when the hammer is knocked down, even though the bidder has not paid for the item. If Miss Shu is interested to buy this Diyang grass, you can discuss with that lady.” The pretty lady on the stage explained to Miss Shu in detail. Yubao Xuan was famous and popular in town as it provided fair auction and followed strict rule, the bidder has to abide the rule.

“Oh I see, thanks for the information.” Shu Nan Xiang turned to Murong Xue. Oh, that’s… the private room booked by Ouyang Family, why is Murong Xue standing there?

Shu Nan Xiang can hardly see the face of Murong Xue as the curtain covered Murong Xue’s face, Shu Nan Xiang scowled a little, “This lady, my mother has caught a cold, and she needs Diyang grass urgently to sweep the cold away from her body. Can you please sell it to me?”

“There are many other herbs that have the same efficacy to cure a cold, it is not necessary that you must use Diyang grass.” Murong Xue knew that many other herbs can substitute Diyang grass to cure a cold.

“My mother has caught a severe cold, using Diyang grass will obtain the best result.” said Shu Nan Xiang.

“I’m sorry, Miss Shu. I have a severe disease that needs Diyang grass to cure, only this herb can treat my disease.” If Shu Nan Xiang’s mother truly was sick, she will give the Diyang grass to her. However, her mother can actually be treated with other medicine.

She had lost the Fire Lotus Seed, she cannot afford to lose the Diyang grass anymore because there are not more Diyang grass available. She only had two Fire Lotus Seeds in hand.

Shu Nan Xiang was taken aback by Murong Xue’s respond, “You really don’t want to sell the Diyang grass to me?”

“It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s I can’t afford to do so.” Murong Xue answered coolly.

The people at the auction hall exchanged glances. One wanted to buy while the other one did not want to sell, how would this end?

Yubao Xuan was in dead silence. Shu Nan Xiang frowned looked into the private room where Murong Xue was standing. “Ouyang ShaoChen, do you think this lady should sell this Diyang grass to me?”

The crowd started to whisper : Prince Ouyang has came to Yubao Xuan?

Murong Xue was shocked, Shu Nan Xiang knew Ouyang ShaoChen…

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