The Evil Prince and his Precious Wife: The Sly Lady

Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Jealousy

The statement made MuRong Xue’s stomach churned, she felt something wrong, like she was misunderstood, and she hastily shook her head and denied: “ No, that was not it!”

“Then what for you went for the blind date?” OuYang ShaoChen continued teasing her while stepping even closer to her. His footsteps sounded so heavy, she receded backwards without noticing her movement: “It was my brother…”

With that, she tripped and fell right on her back, slamming herself down on the cold hard ground.

OuYang ShaoChen dashed forward swiftly, without flaws and hesitation, he grabbed her slim waist tightly in his arms and hold her to his chest, he whispered in jealousy, “but you and Gu HaoYu had such intimate time together just now!”

His sweet masculine smell lingered around her tiny nose; and his hot breath was blowing softly on her cheeks, part of her was mesmerized by him, another part of her wanted to push him away.

Even though his skill was better than her, hers was not too bad either, but she felt so fragile and weak in his arms right now. She squinted her eyes and looked at him,

“He is the guest, and it is my courtesy to serve him politely. If I were to set him aside without a care, what would others think of me?”

OuYang ShaoChen nodded his head as if he understood her point, he thought this excuse was reasonable, but, “When the spies of Jing Wang beaten up Gu HaoYu, you blocked them in front of him, what did that mean?”

MuRong Xue got so fed up with his questioning, he was so demanding and controlling, “Gu HaoYu was here as a guest, but was attacked in front of my house, how could I sit still and ignore the situation? Even if there was a beggar who got beaten up, my men would still go over and help!”

“Is that so? Just like that?” OuYang ShaoChen stared deeply into her eyes with doubts.

“Of course, why would I lie to you?” MuRong Xue nodded her head; her face was so sincere that she almost swore with her hands up.

Ou Yang’s face lightened a bit, nonchalantly told her, “Come find me in the future no matter what happens, I will definitely help you till the end…”

“Even when I’m getting married?” MuRong Xue joked.

“Yes, you can!” Ou Yang looked at her with his dark black eyes.

MuRong Xue went speechless, “……”

The elegant and handsome Ou Yang had just made a cold joke, which was not really funny.

Looking up, MuRong Xue gazed into his hypnotic eyes; she coughed slightly and said, “By the way, why did you come?”

YuBao Xuan market brought in a new stock, one of them is DiYang grass.” OuYang mumbled and continued on, “They will start selling in the morning.”

MuRong Xue was dumbfounded, “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” It was already late morning, the auction market had already begun half an hour ago, and she doubted there was any DiYang grass left on site…

“You were being all lovey-dovey with Gu Hao Yu when I reached here, do you expect me to just go over and pulled you away to the auction market?” OuYang arched his eyebrows as if he was looking at a fool.

MuRong Xue, “……” Alright, she got it, it was all her fault!

“Well… Let’s get to the auction market now!” MuRong Xue broke herself away from his arms, turned her back and sprinted to the market, silently wishing that DiYang grass had not been sold off yet.

A strong hand holds hers out of the sudden, OuYang’s deepened voice could be heard from behind, “Are you sure you’re going there in this?”

“Why can’t I?” MuRong Xue checked herself out in confusion.

Ou Yang glanced at her, and then he pulled her to the door of her closet. He opened it and chose a sweet pink sundress, “change into this, then we’ll go.”

MuRong Xue looked down at her dress and saw patches of grey dust, this dress was unfit to be worn.

Suddenly, slim fair fingers found their way to her waist, and those fingers tore the ribbon belt between her waist. MuRong Xue was surprised by this, she slapped his hands away and glared at him, “What do you think you’re doing?”

“Helping you to change!” Ou Yang explained to her indifferently, seemed like he did not have any mischievous thought in his mind at all. He did this as if it was totally normal for him to help her change.

“It’s alright; I can do it by myself.” MuRong Xue grabbed hold of his hands in panic, she changed her own clothes all this while, and there was no need of others’ help in her own matter.

“You’re too slow, with this changing speed of yours; we wouldn’t be able to make it to the auction market!” Ou Yang told her calmly, his hands immediately freed themselves from her grab. He used only one tiny hook of a finger; her first button sprang off in an instant.

MuRong Xue was furious, she threw her best daggered eyes at him and scolded, “Mr. Ou Yang, do you know that I’m a lady and you’re a man?” Even though they were rushing, he simply could not do this.

“Of course I know!”

With an evil smirk on his face, once again he hooked the rest of the buttons with his fingers, the buttons bounced off along with his action.

His speedy action was too fast and before she even realized, her dress was halfway unbuttoned. She shouted in anger, “Ou Yang! It is improper for men and women to touch each other!”

Wasn’t he the smartest and noblest man in Qing Yan? Didn’t he know this rule?

“We are rushing to the auction market for the life-saving DiYang grass, we have to save time now!”

Ouyang ShaoChen glanced at her and snapped his finger gently. The last button on her skirt loose, open and slipped down from her shoulder, revealing her soft skin and beige tube top.

Murong Xue clenched her teeth and glared at him furiously.

There was not a sign of wild desire going on in Ouyang ShaoChen mind. Without a second thought, he took a sweet pink colored dress to cover her body swiftly and buttoned her dress. He grabbed her wrist and said, “Alright, let’s go to the auction house now.”

Ouyang ShaoChen! She can actually change herself, but he insisted to change for her. She wanted to slap him.

Ouyang ShaoChen tilted his body slightly to avoid her ‘attack’, he then wrapped his arm around her waist. He walked out of the room and said, “It’s time to go now.”

Without enough time for her to react, she was actually floating in the air. Ouyang ShaoChen has carried her with him and flied.

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