The Evil Prince and his Precious Wife: The Sly Lady

Chapter 46

Chapter 46: Murong Rou’s Impish Tricks

Merry Christmas everybody. Here is your Christmas present.

The citizens of Qing Yan appreciated their parents and elderly, filial is their life motto, moreover, they were all well-educated lads. The age of fifty-five is a good age for major celebration, this was the best time to rejoice in this special occasion and it could be a good stepping stone to regain reputation, the house of Wu A would surely organize it!

“Do you want to go to the dinner party?” OuYang ShaoChen asked quietly.

“No, I won’t!” Murong Xue shook her head without hesitancy.

She recalled back the time she forced Murong Rou to return her the debt of almost a few hundred thousands, Murong Rou must have hated her so much right now, Murong Rou might be finding some evil ways to humiliate her at the dinner; probably she unwillingly gave her this invitation.

It was not that she feared her evil plans, she simply did not want to waste her time and efforts in this drama, “Sir, I think we should discuss about the DiYang grass beforehand.”

She left two fire lotus seeds in her hands, which required immediate remedy from DiYang grass.

Her eyes were filled with weariness, OuYang ShaoChen calm the lady,”DiYang grass is a plant that need constant sunlight, it usually grows on the mountain peak, and to climb up that mountain which it is on is not as easy as we thought.”

OuYang Shaochen and Murong Xue walked side by side under the golden sunlight; they talked while making the journey. What they did not know was that right in front of them, Shuang Xi was walking towards their directions, she saw two figures with white long robe and soft pink dress and was surprised with the sight, “Was that OuYang ShaoChen?” she thought.

As clean as a whistle, as handsome as paint, his gestures were so graceful and gentle, he looked just like how he was described in the city.

Wait a minute, rumours had it that he would never go near ladies, so how could he have walked so closely with ma’am?

In the house of Wu An

Murong Rou picked up the curtain and stepped into the main hall with the help of maids and maidens, she bowed slightly and wished, “How do you do, mother.”

Madam Song Lao sat beside the window, she was wearing a navy blue robe that had patterns of a golden age, her head had a head scarf of the same colour as her robe, her hands was rolling Buddha beads. She replied back to her daughter-in-law unresponsively, “Get up from your knees, how’s your wedding preparation so far?”

“In fact, I came here today to report back to you about this matter, this is a list of my arrangement on that day, here’s the menu list, please have a look at it.” Murong Rou stood up beamingly, and she handed over her menu lists to Madam Song Lao.

Madam Song Lao flipped open the brochures, she noticed that the arrangement made by her daughter-in-law was all more expensive than the past years, it consisted of singing operas, poetry reading, art exhibition and luxurious delicacies.

Her face lightened slightly, “We will go with your plan, but don’t ruin things up, be more meticulous.”

“Yes, madam.” Murong Rou replied politely.

Madam Song Lao closed back the leaflets in her hands and spat, “you better prove to me what you’ve said, don’t repeat the same incident in Liu Jia Pu Zi and ruin the reputation of Wu An’s family.”

Greed is a common attribute in human beings, in order to take action on greed, you have to be wise not to get caught by others, but that was not the case for Murong Rou, she left a huge traces behind her and caused chaos.

She was already well-recognized for her materialistic character; she was always taking advantage of elderly people and the young children.

As for Madam Wu An, she was also famous for her notorious horrid behavior, they were an embarrassment for the house of Wu An.

Murong Rou stunned on her feet when she heard what Madam Song Lao said about Liu Jia Pu Zi, her hands clutched tightly underneath her sleeves. The story of Liu Jia Pu Zi was the day when the house of Shen got married, Madam already knew it even before then, when she stole those things from there for Madam Song Lao, she was delighted and kept praising her for her filially. Now that things had gotten into a mess, she placed all blame upon her shoulders and wiped herself clean from the accusation, how cunning!

“Mother you are right, I know my mistake.” Murong Rou clenched her teeth, but remained as a sweet daughter-in-law as she was supposed to be.

Madam Song Lao started to get irritated by her and snapped, “Don’t just stand there, go and do your things, as for the wedding, you better plan it properly, I don’t want to see any mistakes in it.”

The incident that happened to Liu Jia Pu Zi had been spread throughout the city, people were pin-pointing and the house of Wu A became a laughing stock, even when the maids were out to buy groceries.

They invited several important people from the government to this marriage as well, not merely for the wedding ceremony, but to serve the purpose of explaining themselves too. After all, it was Murong Rou’s fault, the rest of the family members were cultured, and everybody knew that.

“Yes!” Murong Rou made her final bow in respect and walked out of the hall gracefully. Madam Song Lao watched her daughter-in-law and thought to herself, “Out of so many good choices in the city, how could her son choose this idiot?”

She would not even think to let her son to marry this girl if she was not the close friend of the house Du, and Murong Rou was the daughter of this close friend of hers. If they were not acquainted, Murong Rou would not stand a chance in here so peacefully.

Madam Song Lao would only pass all arrangements for her because her second daughter-in-law had no experience in this. She had a plan of letting Murong Rou stayed in the kitchen instead of coming out to serve the guests, since she had disgraced their house.

She could also use this opportunity to teach up her second daughter-in-law, so that she could replace Murong Rou in the future.

Murong Rou’s expression switched from sweet to evil, right after she strode out of the hall, her handkerchief was crumpled badly in her fist, feeling betrayed by that old woman.

A tall figure walked towards her, Murong Rou asked emotionlessly, “How’s everything?”

A maid bowed politely to her and said, “Yes ma’am, everything is done, what’s left is the celebration.”

“That’s brilliant!” Murong Rou nodded her head, her face lightened up a bit by this. She could take vengeance on Madam Song Lao after this, but Murong Xue busted her out openly, and the scene of her being shamed was vividly in her mind.

Since then, different kinds of names: “wicked”, “crafty” and such followed her no matter where she went, she could not even lift her head up to face the public.

She was this lowest point of her life because of Murong Xue, she would not sit still, she wanted to take revenge on both of the brother and sister, and she wanted them to feel exactly how she felt!

Three days passed by swiftly, it was the birthday celebration of Madam Wu An. Since dawn, the house of Du and Murong Ye had departed in a carriage to the destination.

Murong Xue feared of going to the party, thus she stayed in her room to pack up some belongings after giving excuses of not feeling well.

Yu Shan Mountain was the place where DiYang grass was planted; people could only reach this place after one whole day of journey in miles. Furthermore, it took time to climb up the mountain and getting down; with this she had to be fully-prepared.

“Ma’am, Mr. Xiao Hou is in trouble!”

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