The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: He’s Already Deducing the Fifth Cosmic Velocity!

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With the popularization of science by industry insiders, the spectators also knew what the fifth cosmic velocity was.

“The so-called fifth cosmic velocity refers to the minimum speed of a spacecraft that’s launched from Earth and flies out of the local group of galaxies.

“The local group of galaxies where the Milky Way is located has 300 billion galaxies!”

With the popularity of this tweet, the audience was astonished beyond words.

After the initial shock, some people with ulterior motives started to act up again.

“I don’t deny that Contestant Raymond has made an extremely important contribution in the field of aerospace, but this has already deviated from the original intention of the program!”

“That’s right, I strongly suggest that the program team stop him from continuing his deductions. We, the audience, want to see capricious human behavior being revealed.”

“F*ck you! If you want to observe human nature, aren’t the other four people not enough for you? I think you guys are just jealous!”

“Jealous? There are countless elites in our great empire of the sun. Why would we be jealous of him?”

“Elites? Useless elites?”


However, this situation still attracted the program team’s attention.

They had initially thought that Raymond would stop there.

However, they did not expect him to continue deducing cosmic velocities.

There should have been some heat and controversy, but they had not achieved the effect that they wanted.

“F*ck, are we just going to let him continue deducing? We really should stop him!”

An executive director and a few assistant directors of the Human on Camera program team held a meeting in the conference room.

During the meeting, a hot-tempered assistant director immediately suggested that they stopped Raymond from continuing his deduction.

“Right, poor people should act like poor people and stop deducing these things!”

“Why don’t we arrange for a woman to appear? I believe that with the sudden disappearance of humans, a man and a woman will definitely make a fool of themselves!”

A few assistant directors began to discuss how to target Raymond, but the executive director remained silent.

He frowned as he thought about what he should do.

Just then, his assistant knocked on the door and entered with a document.

“A few scientists from the US aerospace field have sent us this document. They hope to see Raymond continue his deduction.”

His assistant extracted the general meaning of the document, and the executive director nodded to show that he understood.

After his assistant left…

“Based on Raymond’s current speed, he might be able to deduce the fifth cosmic velocity very soon.

“However, regardless of whether he can successfully deduce it or not, if he continues his actions, we will have to intervene.

“After the first season of the program ends, there will be plenty of time for him to figure it out. However, he is currently burning funds every day. Who will pay for it? Will the scientists pay for it?

“They can’t afford it!

“So, we’ll do them a favor this time, and the next time Raymond tries to deduce it, they won’t have anything to say.”

In the live broadcast, Raymond began to work out the fifth cosmic velocity.

Scientists and elites from the global aerospace field once again focused their attention on every number and formula on Raymond’s A4 paper.


The California Space Academy.

In a spacious, brightly lit classroom, a lecturer and more than 20 students were sitting at a table, following Raymond’s step-by-step deduction.

Suddenly, a student asked, “Professor James, do you think it’s possible for Raymond to deduce the fifth cosmic velocity?”

Professor James paused for a moment and replied, “I’m not sure, but so far, his reasoning has been completely correct. He has used a brand new method, which is mixed with knowledge from many fields. It’s amazing.

“As for whether he can successfully deduce it, it’s hard to say.”

The student nodded and sent a message to his media friends.

“It’s possible that Raymond can deduce the fifth cosmic velocity.”

In the outside world, the audience members, who been protesting and asking the program team to stop Raymond from continuing his deduction, noticed that the program team was not intervening.

They became extremely angry and began to ridicule Raymond.

“Hehe, it’s important to know one’s own limits. Do you really think that you can successfully deduce the fifth cosmic velocity just because you can deduce the third and fourth cosmic velocity?”

“Yeah, do you think that one plus one equals two? The fifth cosmic velocity involves flying out of this group of galaxies. Deducing it will be thousands of times more difficult than deducing the fourth cosmic velocity.”

“Even if he’s a genius in this field, he still needs to have sufficient accumulation of information. Raymond doesn’t really think that he can deduce the fifth cosmic velocity just by sitting in front of the computer and scrolling the mouse a few times, right?”

Seeing Raymond face all this ridicule, a small number of people even wanted to help him.

They did not know how to argue with that.

After all, those are valid arguments.

Nevertheless, deep down, they wanted Raymond to be able to figure it out.

That was when several professors in the world’s space industry tweeted about Raymond’s high chance of successfully deriving the fifth cosmic velocity.

For a time, the whole world was in an uproar again.

Compared with the noisy outside world, the library was much quieter.

There was only the sound of Raymond writing in the vast space.

The derivation of the fifth cosmic velocity was dozens of times more difficult than the derivation of the fourth cosmic velocity.

However, it was not difficult for Raymond now.

He had been forced to master all of this knowledge through the Ultimate Learning State, and in the process of learning, a lot of new information had been born in his mind.

Currently, he was still in the Ultimate Learning State.

As time passed, the A4 papers were filled up one by one. Before the attentive gaze of the entire human race, he drew a full stop.

“Is the deduction done? Is he successful?”

“It should be done, but it’s hard to say whether it’s a success or not. After all, deriving the fifth cosmic velocity is too difficult.”

“Quick, quick, ask the experts in the aerospace field to come out and give us an answer.”

“As an expert in the aerospace field, I’ll tell you very clearly that the fifth is many magnitudes higher than the fourth. The verification process will take at least half a year!”

“F*ck, half a year? Raymond deduced something in an hour, and you want to verify it for half a year?”

“That’s why he’s a peerless genius. In this field, he’s already at the forefront. Even if we wanted to look at his back, we wouldn’t be able to see it!”

“F*ck! Are You for real? I suddenly feel my scalp going numb!”

“If he could give a report and explain his deduction process, it would greatly reduce the time needed for verification. However, he’s currently in the program and can’t communicate with the outside world, so he can only wait three months later.”

After Raymond deduced the fifth cosmic velocity in the library, he asked the system, “System, is my deduction correct?”

[Responding to host… It is absolutely correct.] The system replied.

Raymond nodded. Just as he was about to make a move, he suddenly felt a wave of dizziness.

His vision was spinning.

[Host, the Ultimate Learning State is about to deplete your spiritual energy. For your safety, the system has already shut it down.

[I suggest that you take a nap now and continue learning after your spiritual power recovers.]

The system’s voice rang out right on time.

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