The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Absolutely Correct! He Really Is a Genius!

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“Hey, look at Aaron Bob. He’s entered a school. What is he going to do?”

After Miyoshi Yamada fell asleep, the netizens gradually shifted their attention.

Some eagle-eyed netizens noticed the naked Aaron Bob swaggering into a university.

“Oh, I see where this is heading. The next scene that’ll be shown to us should be the same as the one involving Miyoshi Yamada. Men… That’s all they think about.”

“That’s impossible. Aaron Bob was born into a noble family, and he’s been educated to be a gentleman from a young age. He would never do such a thing.”

“Hehe, a gentleman… A f*cking gentleman takes off his clothes and walks naked on the streets? Can you stop kissing up? It’s disgusting!”

As the audience gazed at him, Aaron Bob arrived at the male dormitory and proceeded to do the same thing as Miyoshi Yamada.

“F*ck, I’m getting goosebumps. This person is actually gay? No way, no way, no way. There really are men who like other men?”

“I just vomited. This is truly f*cking disgusting. Brothers, I’m leaving first. If you guys want to watch it, stay.”

“I’m leaving too, I’m leaving too.”

Aaron Bob’s behavior shocked the audience as well.

No one had expected it.

Aaron Bob, who had been born into a noble family and received the best education from a young age, was actually gay.

In another scene, the contestant from Russia, the best-selling novelist, Czymen Werenski was still setting fire to bookstores. Almost all of the bookstores in the city had been burned down by him.

Then, total destruction began.

In the last scene, Park Hyun-yo was seen carrying a gun. He was looking for stray cats and dogs in the city and shooting them.

He had a ferocious smile on his face.

It was horrible.

These four contestants were behaving worse than the last time.

Unexpectedly, Raymond, a poor man from the slums, was the one with the best performance.

He never did anything embarrassing from the beginning to the end.

It was beyond everyone’s expectations.

At the beginning of the program, no one thought that Raymond would be the person with the best performance.

By 8 pm, Raymond had already learned all the physics knowledge in his Ultimate Learning State.

That included mathematical physics, quantum physics, astrophysics, nuclear physics, relativity, and so on.

In half a day’s time, everything related to mathematics and physics had entered his mind.

He stretched, and this move caused the audience viewing the live broadcast room to exclaim.

“He’s moving, he’s moving!”

“Look at how excited you are. He’s not a corpse, can’t he move?”

Amidst their exclamations, Raymond left his seat.

He came to the spot where he had deduced the fourth cosmic velocity.

Looking back at the part where he had previously deduced half of it, his train of thought became extremely smooth. Furthermore, he had at least three ways to solve it.

Raymond then picked up his pencil.

“It can’t be… He’s starting to deduce the fourth cosmic velocity again?”

“Could he really be learning earlier? It can’t be. It would be impossible for him to learn anything with that kind of data transmission method, right?”

“Is he really a one-of-a-kind genius? That’s impossible!”

At this moment, the entire world was shocked.

They watched as Raymond filled up the sheets of A4 paper one by one. Moreover, he was working extremely fast and was seemingly even better than before.

Everyone was so taken aback that they sucked in a breath of cold air.

“This had to be f*cking scribbling, right? I can’t even copy that fast!”

“It’s definitely scribbling. He’s crazy.”

Countless people were in disbelief.

However, there was another group of people.

All over the world, the scientists in this field were staring intently at the live broadcast.

In a conference room in a United States space laboratory building, several of the most famous scientists in the space industry had yet to leave.

They had seen Raymond pick up a pen and write on a piece of paper.

All of them were so excited that their faces turned red.

“He’s fine, he’s fine.”

Antonio Ian’s voice trembled. Then, he took out the pen and paper that he had prepared beforehand and started to write as well.

At the same time, every major media outlet around the world was reporting on the matter.

“Raymond may not be crazy, but he has already started the second half of the fourth cosmic velocity’s deduction!”

“According to what the experts in the field are disclosing, Raymond’s deduction has been accurate and clear. Perhaps he will be able to successfully figure it out before long!”

For a moment, the bullet screens in the global live broadcast room were filled with the word, “F*ck.”

“Look, I knew he could do it. This kid, Raymond has been amazing since he was young.”

“He only used half a day to learn the knowledge needed to deduce the second half of the fourth cosmic velocity. Is Raymond really human? He can’t be a god that walks the earth, right?”

“God is an exaggeration, but Raymond is indeed a peerless genius!”

“I hope the program team stops him. We’re here to watch a survival show, not watch a person make endless scientific calculations!”

“Right, his actions have already deviated from the original intention of the show. The program team has the responsibility to lead him onto the right track!”

“F*ck you, are you starting to get envious after seeing how outstanding Raymond is? What a bunch of jealous dogs!”

Just as the audience started to line up again…

Raymond stopped writing.

There was instant silence in the bullet comments section.

“Is it done? Is it done?”

“How many minutes has it been? It hasn’t even been ten minutes since he started writing the second half of his calculations, has it?”

At the space laboratory building in the United States, the few old men in the conference room gathered and worked together to verify it.

Although Raymond had only written for ten minutes, the knowledge involved was too massive and diverse. It was impossible for one person to verify it.

Ten minutes later, Antonio Ian exhaled heavily. “It’s correct, absolutely correct. Genius, he really is a genius!”

He was about to announce the result of the correct deduction.

However, he realized that Raymond had begun writing again.

On a brand new A4 paper, he wrote a line of words.

“Fifth cosmic velocity.”

In an instant, Antonio Ian’s blood surged, and all the hairs on his body stood up.


Those several old men looked at each other, not knowing what to say for a moment.

The same scene entered the sights of numerous viewers around the world.

“The fifth… fifth cosmic velocity? He’s starting again, he’s starting again!”

“Doesn’t he feel tired? Is his body structure different from ours?”

“Perhaps, that’s how geniuses are.”

The audience members braced themselves right then, and it was then that Antonio Ian personally posted on Twitter.

He stated that Raymond’s deduction of the fourth cosmic velocity was completely correct.

Almost at the same time, the London Aerospace Research Institute said, “The successful deduction of the fourth cosmic velocity will play an extremely important role in the field of human space exploration.”

The French space industry added, “The successful derivation of the fourth cosmic velocity will not only be an outstanding contribution to the space industry, but it will also play an extremely important role in the research of other fields.”

“Just after the derivation of the fourth cosmic velocity, Raymond is about to start the derivation of the fifth cosmic velocity. Is this confidence or arrogance?” the California Aerospace Academy stated.

One by one, the organizations released their statements.

It was a global sensation.

Thinking back, a young man from the slums had drawn an improved design of a rocket engine and derived the third as well as fourth cosmic velocities.

It had taken him less than a day to complete these things.

Now, he was about to start deriving the fifth cosmic velocity again.

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