The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: This Was No Longer Something That Humans Could Understand!

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Raymond understood.

Although the Ultimate Learning State could greatly increase his brainpower, it would also consume more spiritual energy.

In that case, he could only stop there for today.

He looked into the distance.

Nighttime in this city was still as bright as ever.

After a week, once the power went out, he would never see such a scene again.

Then, a month later, once  the meteorite hit, all of this, everything, would cease to exist.

At that moment, he suddenly remembered something.

Back in the distant Cretaceous period, there had been mass extinction. At that time, the overlords of the Earth had been the dinosaurs.

There were different opinions about the cause of that mass extinction.

However, the scientific community’s general attitude was that the impact of a meteorite had caused it.

It was the same as the situation this time.

Whenever a meteorite hit, the extinction of a species would be irreversible.

From then on, there would no longer be any humans in the world… just like after the Cretaceous period, there had no longer been any dinosaurs in the world.

Looking at the world, he felt a little reluctant to part with it.

Raymond abruptly fell into deep thought.

He suddenly felt that as the last human on Earth, he had the responsibility and obligation to leave something behind before he left.

So, what exactly was he going to leave behind?

He knew that Norway had a vault of human civilization, which contained almost everything related to humanity.

If he did the same thing, it would be useless.

Right, there was his deduction of cosmic velocity…

He had studied mathematics and physics, so he naturally knew the current level of human mastery of these two subjects.

It could be said that he alone possessed more knowledge than all the scholars in these specialized fields!

He had stood on the shoulders of giants and studied intensely. The knowledge he had now obtained far surpassed that of the giants.

It surpassed the achievements in these two fields, which were the fruits of thousands of years of human development!

Tens of thousands of years later, perhaps Earth would give birth to a new civilization.

He would let them see that endless years ago, in ancient times they could not trace back to, a civilization had existed.

He would let them see the height of this civilization’s development.


Raymond’s sudden thought confused the global audience.

“What’s wrong with him now? Is he trying to continue deducing the sixth and seventh cosmic velocities?”

“It’s already so late, it’s time to sleep. I suggest that Raymond rests here. If there’s anything else, we can talk about it tomorrow… even though he won’t be able to see my suggestion.”

“Suggestion + 1.”

At the same time, the other contestants were also doing their own things.

Miyoshi Yamada had once again woken up from his deep sleep. Right then, it was still daytime in the city he was in.

This time, Miyoshi Yamada did not continue to m*****bate after he woke up.

Although he had been nicknamed the God of m*****bation by netizens all over the world, he was ultimately not a real god.

If he continued to m*****bate, his body would definitely not be able to take it.

Even now, Miyoshi Yamada already felt extremely weak. The moment he stood up from the bed, he almost could not help but fall down.

His footsteps were light.

He staggered out, took some food from the fridge, and started to eat.

Once he recovered some of his strength, he immediately  started to think.

Although the evil desires in Miyoshi Yamada’s heart had been triggered by the sudden disappearance of all humans and he wanted to destroy, as well as vent, he was not a fool.

The first thing to consider was the issue of survival.

“I need to gather resources and build a shelter as soon as possible.”

He muttered to himself and looked around. “This place isn’t bad. I’ll just treat it as my base. Chiyoko, even though you’ve disappeared, your house, your car, and your clothes… are all mine.”

After that, Yamada went out and began to search for food.

“The God of m*****bation has stopped m*****bating. He’s starting to think about life. He’s starting to think of ways to survive. His youth is over.”

“No, that doesn’t seem to fit the God of m*****bation’s character. Can the program team intervene and guide him?”

“F*ck me, the person above is really bad. Will he only be satisfied when he sees the God of m*****bation die?”

In the live broadcast room, netizens from all over the world were making fun of each other. It was extremely lively.

At a certain villa, Chiyoko’s expression remained hideous.

“Chairwoman,” a female assistant knocked on the door and entered.

“What did the program team say?” Chiyoko asked.

Since she really did not want to lose face, Chiyoko had sent someone to contact the program team in hopes of replacing Miyoshi Yamada.

“The program team said that the cost of replacing Miyoshi is too high, so they rejected the request,” her assistant said softly.

Chiyoko’s chest rose and fell violently, and her breathing was heavy.

“Scram!” She gritted her teeth.

Looking at the live broadcast, Miyoshi Yamada had already started to move food into her villa.

She could not take that villa back anymore.

Not to mention, Miyoshi might have to stay there for three months.

Even if he left right now, Chiyoko felt uncomfortable whenever she thought about the man’s projectile in her bedroom.

She would never enter that villa again in this lifetime!

Another scene in Korea showed Park Hyun-yo driving a car to the entrance of a police station and stopping.

He then entered the police station and started to take out some weapons such as  heavy machine guns, rocket launchers, and the like.

Later, he moved these weapons into the car and drove away.

The global audience was immediately filled with curiosity.

They all made guesses about what he was going to do.

Not long after, he drove the car to a building.

It was a branch company of the Korean consortium, Double Star.

Although the Korean Double Star Group could not compare to the world’s top ten consortia, it was almost there.

Not far below the ten was Gemini Group.

Park Hyun-yo carried a rocket launcher and got out of the car.

He then aimed at the building in front of him, and darkness flashed in his eyes.

“Lee Joong-ki, Lee Yong-joon, Kong Guangyou, Kim Yim-bin…”

Almost ten people’s names came out of his mouth. These people were all senior executives of Gemini Group.

“You have committed the crimes of coercion, r*pe, and gang r*pe. Now, give up resisting and walk out obediently. Follow me so that you can receive the punishment of the law!”

His voice was low and hoarse, while his expression was somewhat blank as if he had recalled a bad memory.

Naturally, no one would come out of the building.

“You’re not coming out, are you?”

Park Hyun-yo’s expression suddenly became ferocious. “Then die.”

He pulled the trigger.

After Korean men became adults, they would be forced to serve in the military for two years.

Park Hyun-yo had come into contact with many types of weapons during his military service, so he was unsurprisingly familiar with the bazooka.

The bazooka was fired with a bang, and the rockets crashed into a certain part of the building before exploding.


The earth seemed to tremble.

Then, there was the second and third bazooka.

After he fired all the bazookas in one go, Park Hyun-yo raised his machine gun.

He fired wildly at the building.

“This is too violent. Who knows what kind of disagreement Park Hyun-yo has with Double Star Group, to the point that he hates the company so much?”

“There shouldn’t be any hatred between the two sides, right? The entertainment company behind Park Hyun-yo is under Gemini Group. It can be said that Gemini Group is the reason why Park Hyun-yo is so popular in Korea.”

“What about the crime of r*pe and coercion?”

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