The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: He Was Actually Deducing the Third Cosmic Velocity!

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A few minutes later…

After Miyoshi Yamada’s body shook violently, he stopped what he was doing. The scene was a complete mess!

Then, as though he was bored of everything, he lay down on Chiyoko’s bed, closed his eyes, and fell asleep.

The bullet screen was filled with derision and ridicule.

Yamada’s lewd behavior had turned Japan into an international laughing stock.

Naturally, Raymond did not know what was happening outside.

He had already read all the books on mathematics and physics.

Currently, he had mastered linear algebra, geometry, number theory, non-standard analysis, function theory, calculus, operations research, quantum mathematics, and other branches of knowledge in the mathematics field.

As for the field of physics, he had mastered classical mechanics, optics, acoustics, structure, and explosive mechanics.

[The spaceship’s flight cannot bypass the speed of the universe. The system allows the host to learn these two subjects so that the host can deduce the first cosmic velocity, the second cosmic velocity, the third cosmic velocity… all the way to the ninth cosmic velocity.]

At this time, the system also planned the next step for Raymond.

“Deduce cosmic velocity.”

Raymond knew that in this world, the first and second cosmic velocity had already been deduced.

However, he naturally would not look for the answer because that would be meaningless.

Looking at the answer 10,000 times was not as important as personally deducing something.

Raymond prepared a stack of A4 paper again and took out a pencil.

“The first cosmic velocity deduction formula is F = GMm/r = mv/r. From this formula, we can get GM = gr to solve v = gr. R ground = 6.37 × 10 m, G = 9.8 m/s. Square it and get V = 7.9 km/s, where F is the gravitational force between two objects…”

Raymond used the pencil to write down the cause and effect of the deduction as well as the formula.

After writing it down, he was still disappointed with the system’s inspection.

[The host’s deduction is accurate.]

After obtaining the system’s confirmation, Raymond continued to deduce the second cosmic velocity.

The entire scene was naturally captured by the pinhole camera in the distance.

“Am I seeing things? He’s actually deducing cosmic velocity?”

“He’s deducing cosmic velocity and coming up with a design for a rocket engine… Is Raymond going to fly into the sky?”

“Perhaps he feels that since the entire human race has disappeared, it’s meaningless to stay alone on Earth. So, he’s decided to prepare for an interstellar journey?”

“I’m dying of laughter. Interstellar Journey? Being able to create something that can fly up to ten stories high is amazing enough, but he still wants to fly beyond that?”

“Up to this point, humans have personally just landed on the moon. An interstellar journey is too much of an exaggeration.”

“I’m still of the same opinion. Raymond snapped a long time ago. His mind is no longer under his control. He’s aimless and whimsical!”

“Maybe he really has gone mad.”

Many people could not keep up with Raymond’s thought process. They could only subjectively believe that Raymond was indeed abnormal.

Those scientists who had previously praised him were also somewhat uncertain now.

Could Raymond have really gone mad and the previous rocket engine design just been a coincidence?

“System, is the deduction of the second cosmic velocity correct?”

In the library, Raymond had already deduced the second cosmic velocity.

[Responding to host… It’s completely correct.]

Raymond nodded silently before he took out a brand new piece of A4 paper and wrote a line of words on it.

“The third cosmic velocity.”

Those several words made all the viewers around the world tense up.

Everyone knew that countless scientists and physicists had been studying Earth for decades, but they still had not been able to deduce the third cosmic velocity.

The so-called third cosmic velocity was only a concept in the eyes of most people.


There would have already been human footprints on Mars by now if the third cosmic velocity had been figured out.

“Does that sentence really read, ‘the third cosmic velocity?’ Please tell me. I’m beginning to suspect that there’s something wrong with my ability to read.”

“I can’t believe it either. This is unbelievable!”

“He definitely can’t figure it out. Numerous scientists have been trying and failing to crack this mystery for decades, but he can? Impossible.”

The netizens discussed animatedly.

They were once again shocked by Raymond’s actions.

“The third cosmic velocity? Can he deduce it?”

In a certain manor in the United States, Antonio Ian was staring intently at the live broadcast while subconsciously gripping his pen.

That scene was playing out all over the world.

Plenty of scientists were fully focused at this moment, staring at the somewhat thin figure on the screen.

The process of deducing the third cosmic velocity was several times more difficult than deducing the second cosmic velocity.

It was extremely complicated.

Whenever Raymond wrote a sentence, countless scientists before the screen would copy it.

Before this, they would never have thought that one day they would be copying someone else’s notes.

When Raymond had finished writing on three pieces of A4 paper, he finally put down the pen in his hand.

In the manor in the United States, Antonio Ian stared blankly at the paper in front of him.

“He has deduced it… This is the third cosmic velocity. So many top scientists have studied it for decades but still failed to grasp the knowledge. He has actually deduced it…” he muttered to himself.

What was the expression on his face?

It was of shock, incredulity, and disbelief.

He had been called a genius for decades, but he realized that he was far from being a genius in comparison to this young man.

He was not worthy of being called a genius at all.

Before Raymond, no one was worthy of being called a genius. Only Raymond himself was!

Knock knock…

Right then, someone knocked on the door.

“Come in,” Antonio Ian said in a wooden voice.

His assistant walked in gently and asked, “Professor, the program team is asking if Raymond’s deduction of the third cosmic velocity is correct?”

“Yes, it is correct.” Antonio Ian nodded.

His assistant backed out and closed the door.

In the global live broadcast room, Maggie quickly received the news and spoke in a perplexed tone. “According to the latest news from the program, Raymond’s deduction of the third cosmic velocity is absolutely correct!! Professor Antonio Ian himself confirmed it!”

The moment her voice fell, an uncountable number of scientists around the world were shocked.

Those among the ordinary people who did not know Antonio Ian were also shocked upon checking out his information.

The whole world was once again taken aback by the young man from the American slums.

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