The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Do Not Replace Raymond!

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“My vague understanding of this is that in the future, humanity will have a chance to set foot on Mars, right?”

“The significance doesn’t stop there. As everyone knows, scientific research over the past few years has actually stagnated. The successive decrease in the speed of the third universe may cause a series of reactions that may lead to a small technological expansion!”

“F*ck, how old is he? He’s only 22 years old. This is really unbelievable!”

“Oh right, I heard that the American Scientific Association has an award called the Third Universe Speed Award. No matter who it is, whoever can deduce the speed of the third universe for the first time will receive a million dollars. Would the Scientific Association award Raymond?”

A million dollars.

This number caught the attention of the audience.

Some people who did not know about it went online and found that there was indeed such an award.

Soon, the American Scientific Association posted on Twitter.

“We are very grateful to Mr. Raymond for being able to derive the third universe speed. This problem has troubled the scientific community for a long time. As for the Third Universe Speed Award, we will wait until the program is completed and deliver it to Mr. Raymond, not a single cent less.”

Some people saw this and were so jealous that their eyes turned red.

They originally wanted to see Raymond make a fool of himself in the program, but now, they were imagining themselves being in his shoes.

He was able to derive the third universe’s speed in front of the entire world and earn both fame and fortune, but what about themselves?

They worked hard every day to get to work and struggled to survive with a meager income.

So we’re the fools?

“Hmph, even if he’s a genius, so what if he deduced the speed of the third universe? If the program team swaps contestants out, we won’t watch anymore!”

A particular group started to stir up trouble again.

They brought up this topic again and posted it on Twitter.

Once again, they received close to ten million likes and comments.

“That’s right, the appearance of a genius is only interesting if it’s witnessed by the human race. We’re looking forward to this genius’s next performance.”

“You people are so disgusting. Raymond’s appearance had been the benefit of the entire human race. Why even force him to continue staying in the show?”

“A genius like him should not appear in public. Otherwise, some anti-human organizations or crime syndicates will sooner or later target him and threaten his very life.”

“The human race can not lose such a genius. He should be protected by the state.”

“What genius? I don’t believe that a person from the slums would ever become a genius who benefits all of mankind. He was just lucky, it was a fluke!”

The live broadcast room was abnormally lively.

In the beginning, more and more people wanted to see Raymond make a fool of himself.

But when they realized that he was a genius, they began to treat him seriously and even speak up for him.

Similarly, other people were anxious.

The more outstanding Raymond was, the more uncomfortable they felt.

As for replacing Raymond, the representatives of the top ten consortia held a meeting and the final decision was..

Naturally, it was impossible to replace him.

This was because replacing a completely new and uninformed person would require a lot of preparation in advance, and it would cost too much.

Lee, the host of the international live broadcast room, told the global audience in a timely manner, “The program team has considered many things and decided not to replace Raymond.”

After hearing the news.

The audience who called for Raymond to stay on the show were excited.

Those who thought that Raymond should be protected were unhappy and accused the program team of being inhumane.

For a moment, the bullet comments were extremely lively.

At that moment, the scientists all over the world stared at Raymond’s live broadcast and were once again focused.

They discovered that Raymond had once again picked up a pencil!

But this time, Raymond did not immediately write anything down.

Instead, he stared at the blank A4 paper as if he was thinking about something.

“It’s here, it’s here. Something good’s starting again. Everyone, guess what Raymond is going to do this time?”

“No matter what he does, I won’t be too surprised. What could be more shocking than deducing the speed of the third universe?”

“That’s true, but I’m still looking forward to it!”

The bullet screen was not the only site frenzied with activity. Twitter, Facebook, and other internationally famous social media sites were equally flooded.

[Guess what kind of shock will contestant Raymond, who has deduced the speed of the third universe, bring us?]

[Scientists all over the world are looking forward to Raymond’s next move.]

Raymond’s simple act of holding a pen touched the hearts of countless viewers.

The netizens and the program team had not expected it. No one in the world had expected it.

A program that carried out social experiments would actually develop in this unexpected direction.

But at that moment.

Raymond suddenly put down his pen. The reason was very simple. He could hear his stomach growling.

He was hungry.

He raised his head and looked around. Only then did he realize that it was already afternoon.

He wasn’t in a hurry to study. The most important thing right now was to fill his stomach first.

Raymond’s mind remained running at full tilt as he walked out of the library.

In the international live broadcast room.


“What the hell? What the hell? He even took off his pants. He actually left?”

“Something seemed off with whatever happened just now. He even took off his pants on this program. Did you start paying him to do stuff like this?”

“You just wanna see, don’t you?”

The bullet screen became lively again.

Raymond went outside and looked around. Other than the plane crash that morning, no other planes had crashed in the surroundings. There were also no planes overhead.

Raymond couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief.

Raymond went to a shop not far away, took some food, and returned to the library.

After he finished eating.

He activated Super Learning State and wrote a line of words on the blank A4 paper.

“Fourth universe speed.”

When the last line of words settled on the paper, the outside world was in an uproar.

“No way, no way, the speed of the third universe has just been deduced, and now he’s deducing the speed of the fourth universe?”

“I don’t know what to say now, I just feel my scalp tingling, what kind of person is this!”

“Some here may not understand the significance of the fourth universe’s speed, so let me explain.”

“The speed of the fourth universe, by the current definition given by the international scientific community is as such: the minimum initial speed required for an object launched from a planet to break free from the gravitational constraints of the Milky Way and fly out of the Milky Way.

“In other words, successfully deducing the speed of the fourth universe, theoretically speaking, humans can achieve the possibility of flying out of the Milky Way!”

Someone posted on Twitter to explain.

“F*ck, flying out of the Milky Way Galaxy? F*ck, we’ve only reached the moon thus far!”

“Someone once said that going to the Moon was a giant step for mankind. If we fly out of the Milky Way Galaxy, wouldn’t we split the seat of our pants by the seams?”

“Would he even deduce it?”

This was a question that countless people were paying attention to.

Be it scientists, mathematicians, physicists, or famous universities and colleges all over the world, countless people were eagerly waiting!

They all held their pens without blinking, afraid to miss anything!

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