The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: The Contestants’ Attitudes! The Contrast Is Clear!

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In a manor in the United States, an elderly man was sitting in a chair. He was looking at the design in front of him and gesturing toward it with his fingers.

This man was called Antonio Ian, and he was the founder of the rocket launching field. From the first Apollo rocket landing on the moon to the dozens of rockets that had flown into the sky, the old man’s shadow was everywhere.

He stood at the top of the field!

Antonio Ian looked at the design and remained silent for a long time. He then let out a long breath. “Actually, this improvement is not complicated, but I just never thought of it before.”

Antonio Ian could feel it.

The young man responsible had drawn this design and applied all his knowledge of mechanics, control, and passion to the best of his ability.

Otherwise, he would not have gotten the idea to improve it.

Right then, he saw a huge screen flash not far from him. Raymond was about to study again.

Antonio Ian was speechless.

What Raymond had done before—study and draw the design of the engine—had been an extremely nerve-racking thing.

Did this young man not need rest?


What was he going to do this time?

Raymond had already started to study again.

This time, there was a large pile of mathematics and physics books beside him.

He could read ten lines at a glance and flip the pages as fast as possible.

“Contestant Raymond has once again entered study mode. This time, it’s mathematics and physics. What is his goal in studying this time? We’ll wait and see,” Maggie said right on cue.

The audience’s curiosity was also piqued.

With the previous rocket engine as a reference, many people were looking forward to what Raymond would continue to do now.

However, some people did not feel the same.

“His rocket engine design is already his greatest achievement in life. He will stop there.”

“Heh, I think so too. What happened before was just a fluke. I don’t believe that he’ll be so lucky this time around.”

“As everyone knows, mathematics and physics are the most difficult of all subjects. He should be looking at the number of days. He can’t digest what he can’t understand!”

“The comments above are leaving a bad taste in my mouth. They can’t stand the sight of good people.”


Reading Raymond’s book was boring, so many people temporarily shifted their attention to the other four contestants.

South Korea’s Park Hyun-yo was still around the police station, shooting everything in his sight and bursting out in unbridled laughter.

It was as if shooting stuff around the police station was a very exciting thing.

Meanwhile, the Russian novelist, Czymen Werenski had wandered into a bookstore. As he walked around the bookstore, he began to set it on fire.

Not long after, the fire soared into the sky, and the light from the flames illuminated Czymen Werenski’s face.

“Humans have disappeared, and soon, I will also disappear and die. Books have no meaning of existence anymore. Die with me, die with me, die with the entire human race,” he mumbled.

After collecting a large amount of food, as well as supplies, the chairman of the British company, Aaron Bob, took off his clothes and started to prance around on the streets.

“Hey, look at the Japanese contestant. He’s driving a car. Where is he going?”

At this time, an audience member posted a bullet point that pulled the netizens’ attention to Miyoshi Yamada.

They saw him get into a car and drive to a villa.

“This is the home of Miyoshi Yamada’s company chairwoman, Ms. Chiyoko. What is Miyoshi Yamada doing here?” Maggie explained to the audience.

“Good God, I know this Chiyoko. She’s in her twenties, big-breasted, fair-skinned, and beautiful. Miyoshi Yamada wouldn’t have any wild thoughts, would he?”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

Miyoshi Yamada opened the car door violently and entered the villa. First, he vandalized the surrounding decorations, tables, and chairs.

Then, he went upstairs and opened one room after another as if he was looking for something.

Finally, he arrived in a bedroom.

The bedroom was beautifully decorated, and there were a few portraits on the wall. They were images of Chiyoko herself.

Miyoshi Yamada opened the wardrobe and took out a pair of underwear. Following that, he placed it on the tip of his nose and began to sniff it like a maniac.

“666. F*ck, I knew it. He definitely wouldn’t be up to anything good here!”

“Is this Japan’s elite office worker? F*ck, I’ve seen it with my own eyes. He’s so f*cking perverted!”

Baka1! How could you do such a thing?!”

“Change the contestant. Suggest that the program team switch Miyoshi Yamada out. We can’t afford to lose face.”

The Japanese netizens were going crazy with anger. Up until now, Miyoshi Yamada had done the most ridiculous and embarrassing things out of all the others.

He was in stark contrast to Raymond.

At that moment, in another villa in Japan, a young woman was watching the entire scene.

This person was none other than Chiyoko.

“B*stard, b*stard! How could he do this!”

Chiyoko gritted her teeth, and an angry roar escaped her throat.

One could imagine that right then, her husband was not the only one embarrassed by Yamada’s actions. She was embarrassed too.

Her good friends, family, colleagues, partners, and others would eventually discover the scene.

When that time came, it would play in their minds the moment they saw her. How could she face those around her?

This Miyoshi Yamada! She had always treated him well. Damn it!

However, at that moment, Chiyoko’s pupils contracted slightly.

Via the live broadcast, she saw Miyoshi Yamada take off his pants and wrap her underwear around his unspeakable “thing” as he carried out unspeakable acts.

The bullet comments in the international live broadcast room exploded once again.

“I understand now. This person must have been obsessing over his boss, and he’s taking this opportunity to besmirch her.”

“Chiyoko’s very beautiful. I also have my own ideas, to be honest.”

“Shocking! A man in his thirties is doing such a thing in his chairwoman’s home. Is this a distortion of human nature or depravity of morality?”

“I’m already beginning to look forward to the program team arranging female roles. What would happen if Miyoshi Yamada met a woman at this point? Would he directly pounce on her and stage a worldwide gender war in front of the entire human race?”

“Just thinking about it makes my blood boil. I strongly suggest that the program team quickly arrange female roles.”

“Suggestion, + 1.”

“+ 1.”

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