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43 Chapter 44 Plan

43 Chapter 44 “Plan“

Li Shi Ying now pondered about her plan. She was going to live her life in this world so of course she should made a plan.

Making a plan was Li Shi Ying good habit. It did made her became a top student in her college.

Now now what should she do in this world....looking for a way to go back home? Nah no way.

In those light novel she had read, usually people who transmigrate to another world would never go back to their previous world.

They would live a happy lovey dovey life in their new world. So Li Shi Ying never had any hope to be able to go back to her world.

Now. What urgent is...she had to survive. Someone like her who was in a body of a maidservant, someone who had no strength, no beautiful face, no money and no status would very very easily be killed in no time.

Li Shi Ying didn’t have a high ambition as to conquer the world. She only want to live well and if possible, read some good novel like she always did back in her world.

What’s wrong with ordinary life? As long as she could eat delicious food, dressed in a pretty clothes, have a comfortable house, laze around while reading light novel....Li Shi Ying would already felt satisfied.

Li Shi Ying was a lazy girl in fact. She was a daughter of a bussiness man. Even if her father’s shop was not big but she was still able to live in comfort.

Shortly, Li Shi Ying family was rich but not a noveau rich.

So for the sake of having a lazy and nice life, Li Shi Ying would do anything.

Well for now she need to remember the most important rules for those who transmigrated in a body of a side character.

First. NEVER EVER OFFEND FEMALE LEAD. If you could, avoid female lead. Don’t anger her. Just stay faaarrr far away from a female lead.

Why? Female lead was basically a walking problem for any side character wether it was a good or bad side character.

You wouldn’t even know how you die if you’re involved with female lead unless you’re her friend. But usually even a female lead best friend would somehow got into a trouble because of the female lead

anndddd to made the novel more dramatic, the best friend would die just for the sake of having female lead seek revenge or something exciting for the readers.

Yeah no one care wether that best friend die or not as long as the female lead become stronger, and never die.

As to why to never offend a female lead, it was because even if you’re stronger than her, she was blessed with a protagonist halo. And so maybe you would dramasticaly turned into a cannon fodder to make her shine briliantly.

Just for the sake of a satisfying face slapping moment.

Now the second common rule for a side character who wish to live a peaceful life. DON’T EVEN DARE DREAM TO FALL IN LOVE WITH THE MALE LEAD.

Why why why? Because male lead belong to the female lead. Either you became one of those worthless flies around male lead or became the female lead rival, the ending won’t be any good.

It would only hurt yourself.

Li Shi Ying had create a simple plan in her mind for now. Hmm she need to recall all the events in light novel "XXX". She was transmigrated into light novel " XXX" after all so of course that will be her advantage.

Unfortunately Li Shi Ying only read the novel till the latest update which was maybe only a few hundred chapters. She still didn’t know the ending and the female lead journey was still in lower realm. least Li Shi Ying knew the female lead location accurately so she could do her best to avoid her. Of course she should avoid the male lead if she could.

But if she couldn’t then getting into the male lead good side was also a nice plan.

After all having a ’golden thigh’ to hug was a also nice.

Well Li Shi Ying wasn’t going to depend on the ’golden thigh’ though. First, no one knew if she could even find a ’golden thigh’ to hug. Second, she only trust herself.

Li Shi Ying mental power was high. How could she not? Even if she live a spoiled life, she still had a bad childhood memories.

Her mother beat her up since she was little and then when she was in junior high school, her father and her mother got divorced. She, with all her twin sister and brothers choose to follow her father.

(Actually Li Shi Ying was a quadruplets. Two boys, two girls)

With that kind of childhood, Li Shi Ying was stronger than the teens in her age. Well in term of mental strength.

Li Shi Ying was also a type of someone who like to take the initiative to do something. She was a leader type. Well even if she was lazy though.

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