The Dragon Prince's Wife is a Translator

42 Chapter 43 Early Departure

42 Chapter 43 “Early Departure“

5 A.M the next day.

Long Ao Zhen awake right at 5 A.M in the morning. When he opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was his ’wife’ sleeping like a baby in his arm.

Long Ao Zhen patted the back of Li Shi Ying body and pushed her away gently. He lay her down in the middle of the bed and cover her body with the blanket.

Long Ao Zhen’s shadow guards have all been ready to go immediately after Long Ao Zhen was ready to go. They all gathered outside the cave.

Even Jiu Wei knew about Long Ao Zhen early departure and he already stand guard with the other divine beasts in Grave Forest to see Long Ao Zhen departure. Jiu Wei and his friends also stood not far from the cave entrance.

15 minutes later.

Long Ao Zhen took a quick bath and changed his clothes into a black set of chinese robe. He still wore his golden crown and today he wore a golden jade pendant on his waist.

Long Ao Zhen then took out a unique half-full mask. The mask only cover his eyes and his nose but you could still see his mouth. The mask was golden in colour and had a unique ancient pattern on it.

Long Ao Zhen looked gorgeous in that mask, making his aura looking more like a mysterious rich young noble from a royal family or something.

Before he went out from the cave, Long Ao Zhen glance to his ’wife’ who was still sleeping in her bed. Long Ao Zhen walked slowly toward Li Shi Ying and stopped right beside her.

Long Ao Zhen looked silently at his ’wife’ face. Then he lowered his head to close the distance between him and her.

Long Ao Zhen kiss Li Shi Ying gently on her forehead. He said in a very faint voice "Look out for healthy soon...and..enjoy your life well"

Because there were nobody else inside the cave, Long Ao Zhen was brave enough to do that embarassing thing such as kissing his wife on her forehead as a good bye kiss.

Long Ao Zhen didn’t stay long after kissing Li Shi Ying. He immediately went out from the cave to met his guards outside.

Well he was definetely felt shy when he kiss Li Shi Ying like that so he quickly went out and act as if nothing happened.

So in less than half an hour, Long Ao Zhen and his group had departed from the grave forest. Jiu Wei and other divine beasts also sent off Long Ao Zhen personaly.

Meanwhile inside the cave, Li Shi Ying who was still sleeping up until a minute before, was awake.


Li Shi Ying rubbed her eyes and yawn while stretching her body. She felt like she had sleep for a long time. Also while she was asleep, somehow she could vaguely sense someone taking care of her.

Li Shi Ying opened her eyes slowly and the first thing she did was to examine her surrounding.

The first tip for a transmigrator is to examine your surrounding carefuly. No matter how weird it is, you have to keep calm.

Of course as a veteran in reading thousand transmigration novels, Li Shi Ying very quickly adapted herself according to her knowledge from those novels she had read.

Li Shi Ying saw that she was laying on top of a not too big stone bed. The furniture around her was also made with either stone or wood. From the wall, Li Shi Ying deducted that she was inside a big cave.

The wall was also made with stone but looked more natural. The cave wasn’t bright but wasn’t dark either.

Li Shi Ying touched her forehead. She didn’t have fever anymore? Well how did she recover? and why the hell she was in this cave?

Li Shi Ying was a smart girl. Even in her previous world she was considered as one of the top student in her generation and in her department. Li Shi Ying immediately understood that the one who brought her here must be no other than Mao Mao.

Hmmm but she didn’t see anyone including Mao Mao right now. Maybe they were outside hunting for food? It could be.

Li Shi Ying examine her body condition. Her fever had cooled down but she was still in her crippled state.

The hell?! In those popular light novel wasn’t it normal for the transmigrator which was a cripple to suddenly be cured when they have a mysterious fever or something??

Yeah heaven is definetely not fair. She wasn’t the female lead so even if she was also a transmigrator, heaven abandoned her!!

Li Shi Ying was disappointed but she didn’t feel down for a long time. Heh so it be.

"No cheat no power but as long as i live, there will be way!’

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