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44 Chapter 45 Talent

44 Chapter 45 “Talent“

With Li Shi Ying strong character, she felt more secure if she could protect herself.

Fortunately she had learnt karate for 3 years and got a black belt. With this experience maybe she could at least escape when she met a strong cultivator. wasn’t that bad to learn karate afterall....Li Shi Ying used to hate it though when her father forced her to learn karate.

Her mother... was an ambitious women. All her sister and brothers including herself was forced to learn many things since kindergarden!

She learn mandarin, english, piano, drawing, singing, swimming, and so on. In her family, Li Shi Ying was ordinary. She was was indeed true but her sister was smarter than her.

Li Shi Hui, Li Shi Ying sister was perfect. She was soo smart that she always got the first place in school. She was very talented in drawing. She had her father’s trust to manage the shop money. Basically she could do anything plus she was diligent unlike Li Shi Ying.

Because of it, Li Shi Ying was often neglected by her parents. Her first brother (same age as her) was a genius even if he was a computer addict.

Her third brother (same age as her) was a bussiness genius. Even if he wasn’t doing well in his study, he was good in term of bussiness.

So what could Li Shi Ying do for her family? Nothing. She was like an extra child in her family.

Li Shi Ying was actually talented. She could play piano well...she could sing well...she was a good novel writer and a good storyteller...she was also very talented in english but aish...her father didn’t think that her talent was useful.

By the way only for a small information. Li Shi Ying live in a small town in Indonesia when she was living in earth, her previous world. So she had to learn other languange beside her nation languange.

She learn her hometown languange which was sundanese. She also learn mandarin and english. Li Shi Ying talent was more in english while Li Shi Hui, her sister was good both in english or mandarin.

Until finally her father told her to study english education program in a normal university in her town. That’s how Shi Ying ended up in english education department.

Okay. Li Shi Ying snapped out from her reminiscence.

"Believe in yourself shi ying! even if you’re not that talented you still have a talent!" Li Shi Ying said in her heart to motivate herself.

Li Shi Ying knew that she should use anything she had to her advantage. Her strength including a useless one, she should use it to the fullest.

Li Shi Ying made a draft of the thing she could do and she couldn’t do in her mind. For the sake of survival.

She could write story...she could be a storyteller. She also could play piano but in this world maybe there wasn’t any piano exist.

Li Shi Ying was listing a possible job for her. After she gather enough force to protect herself, she also need to make money.

Hmm...she could spoke beast languange. Maybe she could swindle a few strong beasts to protect her? Yap Mao Mao was already included in the list of strong beasts to ’swindle’.

Nah she learnt karate. At least she could escape with her life if someday she met a mishap.

Hm hm...what other skills she had...she couldn’t be a maidservant anymore. She couldn’t even wash her own clothes how could she wash other people clothes.

Li Shi Ying was indeed a spoiled one. She had a housemaid to do all the house chores back in her world. The housemaid do everything related to a girl skill.

Soo as the result Li Shi Ying couldn’t wash her clothes, couldn’t do the ironing, couldn’t cook, couldn’t wrap a present, couldn’t sweep the floor, couldn’t clean the floor, couldn’t change her bed sheet, couldn’t sew etc.

When Li Shi Ying realized these fact, she really want to cry. Ahhhhh how useless she is!!!

Ok enough for analyzing her strength and weakness. Now she should take advantage of her being a reader of light novel "XXX" which was basically would be her greatest cheat.

With this cheat, Li Shi Ying planned to avoid offending a big power existed in this world.

One thing Li Shi Ying knew she should be aware of wasn’t the power in lower realm. In lower realm as long as she could swindle one scared beast and a few divine beasts then she would have nothing to be scared of.

The frightening power which she should take a carefull note to is first, the upper realm. That realm which was filled with mythological beast was undoubtly dangerous. But since she was a human then maybe she won’t go to the upper realm.

Li Shi Ying knew from the novel that the upper realm wouldn’t be involved with power struggle in lower realm so she could be relieved.

The second one which was more dangerous for her is...the middle realm.

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