The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 766 - 766 Extra. Little Flying Fox

766 Extra. Little Flying Fox

As the saying goes, heaven is fair. It gives you a door, but usually it will not open a window for you.

This saying also applied to the magical beasts in the Magical Regions.

As the saying goes, beauty and talent can’t be both at the same time. Thus, most of the powerful magical beasts looked a little ugly.

Take the Bone-eating Beast for example. Although it was famous for its outstanding abilities, its appearance was not pleasing to the eye. It had gray fur, its limbs were covered with protruding flesh spots, and its eyeballs were bulging outwards. At first glance, it looked no different from the style of human horror movies.

Of course, there were also exceptions.

For example, the Flying Fox race could clearly rely on their looks to make a living, but they occupied a place in the infernal domain with their strong strength.

The snow-white and flawless fur, the eyes as pure as the blue sky, and a pair of almost transparent wings. Without a doubt, the agile flying fox was outstanding in the generally ugly infernal domain!

And it was such a rare species that had fallen to the temptation of delicious food. In the end, they were unable to resist at all.

Otherwise, why would the Flying Fox deign to be a deliveryman?

At least, before it met Mo Chu and his group, the Little Flying Fox would never have had such a ridiculous thought.

However, after it tasted the taste of delicious food for the first time, all the dignity of a magical beast and the insignificance of a human were thrown out of the window in minutes. Its azure blue eyes were so bright that they were practically glowing!

Boohoo, this is too yummy and too delicious!

In an instant, the Little Flying Fox suddenly felt that it had wasted its hundreds of years of beast life.

one had to know that compared to humans, the diet of magical beasts was much more monotonous.

At the very least, humans still had a variety of nutrition capsules and supplements to choose from. However, it was different for them. The only food they had was flesh and blood.

The variety was the same, and the taste was light.

Of course, the number of magical beasts that had gained intelligence and could distinguish smells could be counted on one hand.

Obviously, the Little Flying Fox was at the top of the food chain. It did not expect that at this moment, it would be bullied by the Blood Luminescent Beast!

It’s really hard!

That’s right.

Although the Little Flying Fox was also powerful, it also depended on who it was compared to. Even in the Magical Region, the Blood Luminescent Beast was synonymous with cruelty and horror.

Therefore, when it first met Roundy, the Flying Fox had to admit defeat. When it’s time to admit defeat, you still have to!

However, this little fatty Roundy was insatiable. When it saw that the Little Flying Fox was easy to bully, it became even more aggressive.

In the beginning, it just rolled his eyes, but as things developed, Roundy directly attacked it.

At the dining table, each person clearly had a plate of crayfish. Logically speaking, the distribution was fair and there was no contradiction.

In the end, after Roundy finished its own bowl, it began to covet the Little Flying Fox’s bowl. Just thinking about it was not enough. It even squeezed its big head in, opened its mouth and began to snatch the portion in the Little Flying Fox’s bowl.

If this was in the Magical Region, it would be beaten up in minutes!

Snatching food from the tiger’s mouth, this was blatant provocation!

The Little Flying Fox was not without integrity, and immediately started arguing with the Blood Luminescent Beast.

Unfortunately, the result was defeat after defeat, defeat after battle, return in defeat every time, and finally admitting defeat helplessly.

Thinking about it, the little guy really felt a little sad. Those blue eyes seemed to be mixed with a pool of water, and its slightly quivering nose was wet. At first glance, it looked very pitiful.

However, in sharp contrast to its pitiful posture, the Little Flying Fox’s eating skills were not at all inferior.

Just like Roundy, this little guy was also gifted. The spicy and fragrant crayfish did not need to be peeled at all. It just stuffed a few into its mouth, chewed with its sharp teeth, licked with its tongue, and sucked. The tender meat of the crayfish was all out.

Mo Chu and the others were simply in awe at this powerful operation.

In just a few blinks of the eye, the two pots of fragrant crayfish had been robbed clean!

Wasn’t this combat power too f*cking strong?

“Hu Lu…”

After a sumptuous meal, the Little Flying Fox lay comfortably on the cushion of the sofa and squinted its eyes. It was so happy.

Aiya, this is what life should be like!

The Little Flying Fox was happy, but Roundy was unhappy.

Its blood-red eyes narrowed slightly, and its eyeballs rolled around.

When the Little Flying Fox was not paying attention, the short, fat, and powerful claw suddenly pushed, and with lightning speed, the Little Flying Fox was sent flying.

If it was not for the Little Flying Fox’s quick reaction and the fact that it quickly flapped its transparent wings to control its body, there was no telling what would have happened!

There were simply too many such cases. Just when Mo Chu was suspecting that these two little fellows were not compatible, the Blood Luminescent Beast suddenly acted out of the ordinary and defended its archenemy. Its pair of sharp claws made a loud noise and it looked extremely angry, as if saying ‘Who are you? He even wanted to hug the Little Flying Fox without permission, was he qualified enough?’

Qin Yue, who thought that he was already ‘family’, was full of bitterness.



He was actually despised.

And he was even despised by a magical beast!

Life was really just too range….

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