The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 765 - 765 Extra. Ning Chen (20)

765 Extra. Ning Chen (20)

The test was not over yet.

After a short rest, the two of them returned to the living room.

He glanced coldly at Ning Chen. next to Ning Yiyuan’s slender right hand was a stack of wine bottles that he had just taken out.


After the martial arts competition, they immediately started competing in drinking?

Looking at the rows and rows of wine bottles, Mo Chu and Leran, who were watching from the side could not help but suck in a breath of cold air!


There were at least dozens of bottles of wine on the table!

Furthermore, this was not the kind of fruit wine with a lower alcohol content. It was a hard liquor that Mo Chu had recently developed.

As he gulped it down, the strong and spicy taste directly rushed up from his throat. If he drank a few mouthfuls in the winter, it would not take more than a few minutes for his whole body to warm up from head to toe.

However, this kind of strong wine was not very popular with women, but it unexpectedly gained the favor of many male consumers.

According to what they said, when men drink, they need this kind of wine to be strong and flavorful!

Therefore, not long after these strong wines were launched, they were enthusiastically sought after by the majority of men. In addition, the number of male consumers was huge. In a short period of time, the business of Mo Chu Spirit Wine had reached a small peak!

However, as she looked at the table full of wine bottles, Mo Chu could not help but worry.

Ning Yiyuan was not serious, was he?

If they really drank this wine, who knew how drunk they would be!

Not noticing Mo Chu’s worry, Ning Yiyuan focused all his attention on Ning Chen. Seeing that the kid had not spoken for a long time, the corners of his mouth curled up and he asked condescendingly, “What’s wrong? You don’t dare?”

This provocative tone was so obvious that it was about to overflow!

Since he had already said this, did Ning Chen still have the right to refuse?

Don’t be scared, just do it!

Thus, the silent contest between the two men began again.

They picked up the bottles of wine that were neatly placed on the table at the same time, removed the caps, and drank to their hearts ‘content without using wine glasses.

gulp, gulp, gulp … with the constant movement of his throat, the full bottle of hard liquor was gradually emptied. One bottle, two bottles, three bottles…

Mo Chu and Leran stood at the side and silently counted. From the worry at the beginning, it gradually turned into numbness.

Only the two parties involved were still staring at each other with red eyes. Their auras were piercingly cold, like two extremely aggressive lions actively defending their territory, not giving in at all.

It did not take long for them to empty half the bottles on the table.


Ning Yiyuan’s hand shook slightly, and the bottle in his hand tilted to one side. It fell on the table with a crisp sound, and the bright wine flowed out of the bottle.

It was obvious that alcohol tolerance was not something that could be trained by the day after.

Even after drinking for so many years, Ning Yiyuan’s alcohol tolerance had not improved by much. This half a table of hard liquor was already his limit.

His originally clear eyes had become unfocused, and his straight body swayed from time to time, completely unlike his usual stern posture.

When he looked at the other side, the difference was instantly reflected!

Not to mention being drunk, Ning Chen’s face was not even red. He was completely sober.

This contrasting scene caused Mo Chu and Leran to be dumbfounded.

Could it be that all these years, they had been silently hiding such a powerful person who could not get drunk?

This was simply too unexpected!

“Come on, let’s drink some more.” Ning Yiyuan stammered as he held the bottle of wine askew. He was clearly very drunk.

Mo Chu held back the smile on her lips.

Tell me, what’s all this about?

The person who wanted to get others drunk would get himself drunk first!

Speaking of which, Ning Yiyuan had a purpose. There was a popular saying in the men’s circle:

A person’s character could be determined by his alcohol tolerance.

What did that mean?

In other words, once a person was drunk, their nature would be released to the greatest extent, and the camouflage clothes on the body would be torn apart. After getting drunk, one would be able to see most of a person’s final appearance clearly.

It was precisely because of this that the current situation occurred.

She had to admit that Ning Yiyuan had put in a lot of effort for her daughter.

The only thing she did not expect was that he did not get Ning Chen drunk in the end. Instead, he was drunk like a dog.

As a matter of fact, Ning Yiyuan probably felt really aggrieved and in front of everyone, he grabbed Mo Chu’s little tender hand and started to cry,

Aiya! He felt terrible in his heart!

Look, the precious daughter that he had doted on for so many years had been coaxed away by Ning Chen, this little brat with unfathomable motives, before she was even mature!

He had always been on his guard, but he had never expected that in the end, he would not be able to defend against a thief!

As he cried, Ning Yiyuan gritted his teeth and mumbled.

Hmph! This brat was quite capable. He had been lying in ambush for so many years and had numbed all of them!

Who would have thought that Ning Chen, the calm and steady big brother, would suddenly rise up like a hungry wolf and put Leran into his mouth at lightning speed?

It was also because of this that Ning Yiyuan was caught off guard!

Ning Yiyuan held Mo Chu’s slender waist and nagged for an hour without stopping.

The topic changed from Leran’s grievance and sadness of being taken away by Little Chu to the loneliness and sadness of being ignored by Little Chu last night. Ning Chen and the others were dumbfounded and stunned when they heard this.

To be honest, they had never seen Ning Yiyuan drunk before. They had mixed feelings when they saw him now!

Who would be able to connect the famous Ning Yiyuan with this drunkard in front of them?

Even the most melodramatic fantasy novel would not be written in this way!

Mo Chu wanted to save Ning Yiyuan some face and half-supported and half-persuaded him to bring him back to his room, but this person did not give in and even shouted at Ning Chen to drink with him.

What are you saying?

If you continue drinking, you’ll lose all your dignity as a father!

Mo Chu sighed helplessly.

On the other hand, Ning Chen’s expression changed slightly, and he pulled Leran to stand in front of Ning Yiyuan.

Upon seeing this, Mo Chu’s heart was also tired. Oh my God, what kind of situation is this? Why are you still here to cause trouble?

Unexpectedly, before Mo Chu could even open her mouth, Ning Chen’s words had stunned all of them!

“Uncle Ning, you said that you’d give me a chance to prove myself, right? Now that I’ve proven myself, shouldn’t you agree to hand Leran over to me?”

Hehe… What is looting a burning house?

This was it!

It was obvious that Ning Chen only dared to say this because he saw that Ning Yiyuan was drunk. If it was Ning Yiyuan when he was sober, he would probably break Ning Chen’s legs. This kid wouldn’t dare to say this so rashly, right?

“Did I ever say that?” Ning Yiyuan tilted his head and furrowed his brows. He was trying to recall if he had said those words.

“Of course!” Ning Chen nodded firmly, but he could not help but look suspicious. “Could it be that you’re drunk and don’t remember?”

What was the last thing a drunk person should listen to?

It was when others said he was drunk.

Ning Yiyuan could not resist shaking his head like a rattle. “I’m not drunk, I remember!”

“That’s right… I said that before!”

Mo Chu, who was standing at the side, could not bear to watch any longer. Ning Chen was clearly setting a trap for Ning Yiyuan!

“Since you’ve said so, you’ll naturally fulfill your promise and let Leran be with me, right?” Ning Chen continued to guide him patiently and asked softly.

… Is this the case?

Ning Yiyuan’s head was spinning. Although he felt that his words sounded weird, he did not think much about it and just nodded. “That’s right. Since I’ve promised, I’ll definitely keep my promise.”


Upon hearing this, Ning Chen could not help but clench his fists in excitement!

He finally heard Uncle Ning relent!

Although the method of obtaining these words was not so ethical, if it was really a straightforward method, it might take a few years, or even decades, to get back a single word from Uncle Ning!

Therefore, as long as he could achieve his goal, it did not matter what means he used.

At this moment, Ning Chen deeply agreed with the combat experience he had learned from the army.

After that.

When Ning Yiyuan sobered up and recalled what he had promised yesterday, he was filled with regret!

He did not want to admit it, but Ning Chen, this little brat, had secretly recorded it, and this was enough evidence that he could not deny.

In the end, Ning Yiyuan had no choice but to swallow the blood in his heart and acquiesce to this matter. However, from then on, he would never touch a single drop of wine.

To the outside world, the reason why Ning Yiyuan, who had always supported Mo Chu’s Spirit Food business, suddenly stopped drinking had become a historical mystery that could not be solved for thousands of years.

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