The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 764 - 764 Extra. Ning Chen (19)

764 Extra. Ning Chen (19)

“Alright, come here!”

“Follow me to the training ground!”

With a low grunt, Ning Yiyuan took the lead and walked towards the training ground in the backyard.

Ning Chen naturally followed closely behind.

Mo Chu, Leran, and the rest were left in the living room, looking at each other before they sneakily followed behind.

The backyard had been renovated.

Ning Yiyuan had spent a lot of money to build a Simulation Training Center here, and the facilities were no different from the military’s. Some of the equipment was even more advanced and sophisticated.

In fact, Ning Yiyuan’s original intention of building this training center was to let his precious daughter train at home, so that she would be less likely to be flirted with by other boys. He never thought that this move would end up benefiting Ning Chen!

Thinking of this, Ning Yiyuan felt like his heart was bleeding.

“I heard that you’re the keeper of a few of the highest records in the Army?” Ning Yiyuan asked as he threw Ning Chen a set of protective gear.

“Yes.” Ning Chen’s answer was straightforward.

Ning Yiyuan admired his self-confidence and arrogance. If he wanted to stand beside his daughter, at least he could not be a coward!

“Since that’s the case, let’s spar. I won’t take advantage of you. You can choose what you’re best at.”

As he spoke, he swiped the screen open.

This was a fully simulated training mode. As long as they chose a certain training content, the training hall would immediately simulate the most realistic state. In this, even pain could be reflected on the real human body through the sensing system on the armor.

Therefore, to a certain extent, there was not much difference between training here and field training.

“… Let’s go with a field mech then.” After a moment’s silence, Ning Chen made his choice.

Hearing this, Ning Yiyuan could not help but be surprised.

“Are you sure?”

One had to know that mecha had always been his forte. To put it bluntly, Ning Yiyuan could almost be called the number one person in the Federation with his current attainments in mecha.

Logically speaking, shouldn’t Ning Chen be actively showing off his ability at this time? Why did he choose this?

“Yes, I’m sure.” Facing Ning Yiyuan’s doubts, Ning Chen nodded seriously.

Of course he knew Uncle Ning’s ability in this area, or rather, Ning Yiyuan’s military power could easily crush him.

Hence, it was impossible to beat Ning Yiyuan in terms of martial strength.

But that was only for now.

Ning Chen’s blue eyes flashed. In another five or ten years, when he had grown a little more, he might be able to fight Ning Yiyuan!

Therefore, what he wanted to show at this moment was…

It was his potential.

The moment Ning Yiyuan and Ning Chen fought, he quickly realized the boy’s purpose.

He had to admit that Ning Chen’s learning ability and potential were really amazing!

Ning Yiyuan had only used the same difficult move once, and Ning Chen was able to learn it immediately and apply it. he would turn against Ning Yiyuan in the next battle, showing him the phrase ‘give him a taste of his own medicine’.

In the eyes of outsiders, this was a field mecha battle. Ning Yiyuan might have been one-sided in beating Ning Chen. After all, the difference in strength between the two sides was too great.

However, those who knew a little about the ways of the industry could be surprised at Ning Chen’s growth speed. He was like a dry sponge, crazily absorbing knowledge at this time, constantly enriching and strengthening himself.

No one would doubt that with a little training, Ning Chen would definitely be able to reach a height that others could not reach!

20 minutes later, the battle was over.

Ning Yiyuan won without a doubt.

However, at this moment, he was looking at Ning Chen with a strange gaze, and a touch of admiration flashed through his eyes.

This brat was bold and smart enough!

If he handed Leran to him, he might be a good person.

“That’s enough! It’s almost enough!” Ning Yiyuan was deep in thought when Mo Chu suddenly elbowed him, warning him with her clear black eyes.

Even if he wanted to test Ning Chen, he should look at the timing. Didn’t he see that the little guy was so tired that he had collapsed on the ground?

To be honest, with Ning Chen’s current level, it was already very impressive to be able to hold out with Ning Yiyuan for more than half an hour.

Meeting his wife’s warning eyes, Ning Yiyuan instantly recalled the feeling of being alone and unable to sleep last night. Looking again, Little Chu’s eyes were bright and her face was ruddy, unlike him, who was as haggard as a shriveled radish.

Who was to blame for this?

It was Ning Chen!

Ning Yiyuan glared at Ning Chen, who was obviously the one to blame. When he looked up, he saw Leran wiping Ning Chen’s sweat.

It was supposed to be a beautiful painting of childhood sweethearts, but in Ning Yiyuan’s eyes, it was a sorrowful scene of Ning Chen trying to get close to his daughter by hurting himrself.

Ning Yiyuan’s feelings were complicated. For so many years, Leran had never wiped her father’s sweat, but Ning Chen, this little brat, had got to experience it first!

All kinds of emotions tangled together, making Ning Yiyuan’s heart, which had just relaxed, instantly harden again.

So, don’t talk about women’s hearts being like needles at the bottom of the ocean. If you want to be serious, men won’t be inferior to you!

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