The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 767 - 767 Extra. Second Child (1)

767 Extra. Second Child (1)

In this world, only food and love can not be disappointed.

This sentence, which carried a slightly classical poetic tone, had miraculously spread like wildfire ever since Mo Chu’s Spirit Food Restaurant had opened all over the country, causing many netizens to bow down and mock him.

Well said!

It was simply what they were thinking.

What’s the difference between a life without good food and a salted fish?

Smelling the fragrance and looking at the boiling soup base in the pot, the netizens revealed a fanatical smile from time to time as they plausibly commented on the Starnet.

Mo Chu Spirit Food Restaurant’s business had always been booming over the years.

However, it had been particularly terrifying in the past few days.

From a dozen meters away, they could see a long queue.

A curious person came forward to ask, and the result was that the other party undoubtedly rolled his eyes at him. Was there a need to ask?

Who did not know that the Spirit Food Restaurant had launched several new products in succession in the past few days? Moreover, it was a big discount, giving out free meals. Because of this, diners from several nearby star systems rushed over, afraid of missing this event.


Upon hearing this, the person could not help but be stunned, and his eyes widened.

Free meals?

Wouldn’t that be doing a losing business?

With just a glance, the dark masses of diners came in wave after wave. Just like that, what they ate was not Spirit Food, it was clearly a large amount of silver!

Fortunately, Mo Chu’s family and business were big. If it were anyone else, who knew how much pain they would feel? Tsk tsk!

However, Mo Chu suddenly threw out such a huge sum of money. Could it be that something great had happened to the Ning Family?

After thinking for a long time, he still could not think of a reason, so the person simply threw these thoughts out of the clouds. He flicked his clothes and walked out a few steps as if nothing had happened. Then, he turned around and silently stood on the tip of the team’s tail.

Hehe, not taking advantage when there’s an opportunity, it’s completely not in line with his simple lifestyle, okay?

At the same time.

In the Ning Family’s living room.

Zuo Lin was half-lying on the sofa like a dove occupying a magpie’s nest. His slender legs were slightly crossed, and he was holding a sweet fruit in his hand. He would take a bite from time to time, shaking his head and squinting.

Aiyo… Life is so carefree and happy, like a God.

No wonder Boss skipped work for an entire week.

That was why people said that bosses were capricious. They did not go to work when they said so. They were not like their subordinates who were as busy as dogs every day.

At the thought of this, Zuo Lin stretched his legs slightly and sighed pretentiously.

Before the sigh ended, Zuo Lin’s right ear could not help but move slightly.

Not far away, the familiar sound of footsteps gradually approached.

He’s here!

in the blink of an eye, Zuo Lin, who was originally as limp as a worm, quickly sat up straight. his back was straight, and all kinds of small expressions on his face were suddenly retracted, and he sat up straight.

It would be a waste of talent if he did not inherit the ancient essence of ‘Sichuan Opera face-changing’ with his talent of changing faces in minutes!

“Boss, you’re here?” As soon as he saw Ning Yiyuan’s figure, Zuo Lin immediately sat up from the sofa and spoke with a slightly flattering look.

He couldn’t be blamed for having no backbone.

After all these years, Boss’s imposing aura had become more and more terrifying. If it was an ordinary person, they would not be able to withstand it at all.

Only he, this considerate adjutant, could barely get close to his Boss.

“Why did you come all of a sudden? is there something wrong?”


Zuo Lin could not keep his cool after hearing what Ning Yiyuan said.

Could it be that the thickness of a person’s skin was really proportional to the flow of time?

Otherwise, why would their Boss become more and more shameless over the years?

You’ve been absent from work for a whole week for no reason, and you still dare to act as if nothing happened.

You’re the Boss, so what?

Zuo Lin could not be blamed for complaining.

All these years, Ning Yiyuan had relied on his iron-blooded methods to slowly nibble away at the Federation’s territory. A few days ago, he’d finally finished the recruitment work with great difficulty, and it was time for a lot of things to be done. In the blink of an eye, the head of the decision-making team had slipped away, leaving only his adjutant to support the overall situation. Zuo Lin was really worried!

His little friend, Zhong Wen, had gone to participate in the interstellar Doctor Exchange Meet again, leaving him alone. Even if he wanted to push the blame, no one would take it. Sigh, when this matter was brought up, Zuo Lin’s eyes welled up with tears.

After a week of suffering, he finally could not take it anymore, so he came here.

“Boss, I’m telling you, don’t think that just because you are handsome, you can do whatever you want. I’m a straight man, I won’t fall for your tricks!”

Before he could finish, Zuo Lin looked up and was stunned by the guy in front of him.


Who was this person who was smiling like a fool in front of him?

Was he still their smart and heroic Boss?

How was that possible?

“By the way, you’re here because of the federation’s reorganization, right?” Ning Yiyuan sat down on the sofa and handed Zuo Lin a cup of hot tea.

I’m finished!

Looking at Ning Yiyuan, who had a gentle expression and a smile on his face, Zuo Lin’s heart was beating like a drum. Something had definitely happened to his Boss, and it was a big one.

Otherwise, how could it be so abnormal?

“I’ve already sent the details of the acquisition to your terminal. You just have to follow them.”

Wait a minute!

Upon hearing this, the messy thoughts in Zuo Lin’s mind came to an abrupt end.

Did the Boss mean that he was going to continue to skip work?


where’s your face?

Where’s that handsome face of yours?

Should he just throw it on the ground and step on it?

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