The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 49 - Well Done (2)  

Chapter 49: Well Done (2)

This magical beast’s cultivation level was about the same as Mo Chu’s. However, its tough skin was a little troublesome, and she did not know if she could handle it.

Watching the fight from Mo Yang behind, he felt a little worried. Mo Chu’s mind was also spinning non-stop.

Her current energy level was not high enough, and the only things she could unleash were water balls and water blades. Even the sharp water blades could not do anything to this magical beast, let alone the water balls. If she threw it at the beast, she might be giving it a nice bath!

Before Mo Chu could come up with a solution, the magical beast that almost fell over had already turned back in anger and embarrassment. It continued to charge at her with increased vigor!

Mo Chu hurriedly jumped to the side and dodged once again.

The magical beast could not hurt Mo Chu at all, but Mo Chu could not do anything to it either. In this way, the woman and the beast were in a stalemate.

On the surface, the two of them were tied, but how could Mo Chu’s physical strength compare to the magical beast?

After some time, Mo Chu was already panting, her face pale, and even her body was a little sluggish. On the other hand, the magical beast was still full of energy, as if what happened just now was just a simple warm-up exercise for it.

Mo Chu was also well aware of this. If she continued to fight, she would definitely lose. However, if she were to give up now and turn to Mo Yang for help, she would never be able to stand up for herself!

Mo Chu stood up straight again. As she dodged every attack of the magical beast, she carefully observed it. She did not believe that this magical beast was impervious.

However, after looking at it for so long, Mo Chu could not find any weaknesses. The more anxious she was, the more chaotic it became. There were a few times when she was almost pierced by its fangs.

The longer it took, the more sluggish Mo Chu became. She understood that if she still did not move, she would have no choice but to surrender!

With a cry, she threw a few more water blades at the magical beast. However, the magical beast did not care at all. It was impossible to hurt it with just this little thing! Mo Chu continued to throw out water blades, trying to use slow down the magical beast.

This silly girl! Mo Yang watched anxiously from behind. How could this elemental energy be wasted like this? In this Magical Region, the more elemental energy one had, the more chances one had to survive. One had to know that once the elemental energy in Little Chu’s body ran out, not to mention this magical beast, even other magical beasts and magical plants would come and take a share of the pie. At that time, she would not be able to escape.

Mo Chu had no way of knowing what Mo Yang was thinking. The water blades in her hand continued to hit the magical beast’s body.

The magical beast did not mind. It continued to glare at Mo Chu like a tiger eyeing its prey. However, it did not expect that this time, the water blade that Mo Chu released was actually aimed straight at its throat.

With a slicing sound, the water blade pierced through the magical beast’s skin, penetrating its neck ruthlessly, and fresh blood instantly splattered out!

Even so, Mo Chu did not dare to relax. She jumped on the opportunity and sent out a few more water blades at the magical beast’s throat! In a short while, the magical beast collapsed on the ground, fresh blood flowing all over its body.

“Huff… Huff–” Mo Chu sat on the ground. Her face was full of sweat, and his breathing was extremely rapid. She had finally killed it!

It was only at this moment that Mo Yang walked out from behind. When he saw Mo Chu’s exhausted appearance, he felt both heartache and pride. He praised, “Well done!”

“Of course.” Mo Chu panted and replied with a smile, “I’m your sister after all!”

“Alright, you were amazing!” Mo Yang’s lips curled into a smile and he was a little curious. “However, how did you know that the magic beast’s weak spot was at its throat?”

Mo Yang could see it clearly from behind. The water blades that stabbed the magic beast were aimed straight at its throat. It was unlikely that Little Chu had accidentally hit its throat. However, he was sure that she did not know about this magic beast at all, so how did she suddenly discover its weak spot?

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