The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 50 - Taken Away

Chapter 50: Taken Away

Seeing the doubt on Mo Yang’s face, Mo Chu explained with a smile, “Brother, you saw me throwing out quite a few water blades, right?”

“That’s right.” Recalling the situation at that time, Mo Yang nodded. At that time, he was still worried about this girl, afraid that she would use up all her elemental energy. Could it be that the mystery was contained within her actions?

“Those water blades weren’t for nothing.” Mo Chu took out some french fries from the terminal and stuffed them into her mouth. Her eyes were curved like the moon as she smiled. The taste of the newly added salt was really good!

“I deliberately stabbed at different parts of the magical beast’s body. Although these water blades can not hurt it, any living creature has a normal reflex to avoid harm. Therefore, when the water blades hit the magical beast’s back and chest, it did not care. However, it seemed to avoid the water blades when they flew close to its neck because it knew that the throat area was its weak spot. Therefore, it would subconsciously protect it. This was its downfall, and its fatal weakness was exposed.”

“So that’s how it is.” Upon hearing this, Mo Yang finally understood. At that time, Little Chu was not panicking and randomly firing water blades. On the contrary, even under such circumstances, she was still able to remain calm and collected. On one hand, she was able to avoid the attacks of the magical beasts, on the other hand, she had to focus on observing its reaction.

“However, just what kind of magical beast is this? Its skin is so thick!” Mo Chu had already read through the entire ‘Encyclopedia of Magical Beasts of the Federation’, however, there was no information on this magical beast. That was why her battle was so difficult.

However, it was not without benefits. At this moment, Mo Chu could clearly feel that she was becoming more and more adept at using her elemental ability. Even the speed at which she absorbed the elements had increased by a few times compared to usual.

“Silly girl.” Mo Yang stretched out his hand and rubbed Little Chu’s head, “There are a lot of magical beasts in the Federation. How can we remember all of them? Magical beasts that are recorded in the data are usually more common. However, there are still a large number of magical beasts that have yet to be officially recorded, and we don’t even have names for them yet.”

“As for this one…” Mo Yang glanced at the magical beast that was lying on the ground. “This is a wild boar. Other than its rough skin and thick flesh, there is nothing special about it.”

Wild boar?

Upon hearing this, Mo Chu became excited. Wild boar? That was delicious meat in her previous life!

“Brother, let’s quickly put it away so that the smell of blood won’t attract other magical beasts.” Thinking that this magical beast might be a wild boar and that she could eat pork soon, Mo Chu immediately jumped with excitement. She did not care about the fresh blood on the magical beast’s body and immediately put it into her Personal Terminal.

Mo Chu’s small face was beaming with joy.

“Brother, shall we continue forward?” Since she could get vegetables from magical plants, she could naturally get meat from the magical beast!

When he thought of the huge pile of meat waiting for her, Mo Chu instantly felt energized. The tiredness from earlier disappeared.

“Alright, let’s go.” Mo Yang did not know what his sister was planning. However, since Little Chu had won the first battle, he naturally had to go all out.

After walking for a short distance, Mo Yang suddenly stopped and jumped to the side.

Before Mo Chu could react, she turned her head to look to the side. Only then did she realize that a few branches as thin as hair had appeared where Mo Yang was standing just now!

If not for Mo Yang’s quick reaction, he would have been entangled by now.

Looking at the almost invisible branches on the ground, Mo Yang was shocked! These were branches of the Ghost Tree. Normally, they only lived in the Second Ring. Why would they suddenly appear here?

The Deep Sea Forest had been artificially divided into three rings. The Outer Ring had the highest safety factor, which was just suitable for rookies like Mo Chu to practice. The Second Ring was much more dangerous. As for the Central Ring, Mo Yang had never heard of anyone who could enter and come back alive.

Mo Yang did not have time to think about it. His hands started to gather power, and terrifying lightning bolts shot down one after another. However, the branches of the ghost tree were very thin and long. They easily dodged Mo Yang’s attack.

Seeing this, Mo Yang’s eyes turned solemn. He became more and more cautious, not letting the branches of the Ghost Tree get close to him. Otherwise, once he got entangled in the branches, it would be very difficult for him to get rid of them.

The Ghost Tree was one of the more powerful magical plants, and naturally, it was picky about its targets. If it was not a high-level special ability user, it would not even bother to attack it!

He reckoned that it had treated him as its prey today!

Thinking of this, Mo Yang became even more cautious and kept scanning his surroundings with his eyes.

As expected, the branches just now were only there to scout. Now, the ones that were swarming towards him were the bigger branches.

“Little Chu, step back a little first.” In terms of class, this Ghost Tree should be considered a tier 7 human special ability user. Mo Chu had no way to deal with it at all.

Hearing that, although Mo Chu was worried about Mo Yang, she was also afraid of dragging him down. Therefore, she took a few steps back and launch sneak attacks from time to time.

On the other hand, Mo Yang was struggling to fight off the branches of the Ghost Tree!

The lightning in his hand shot down, and it looked like a large area had been blasted. However, upon closer inspection, not a single branch was damaged. On the contrary, it was his elemental ability that had been greatly consumed.

However, if he did not use elemental energy, this branch would be able to immediately entangle him tightly, making it impossible for him to save himself.

Mo Chu was extremely anxious from behind. She threw out water blades one after another. However, it was as if these branches had a mind of their own. With a flash, they dodged Mo Chu’s attack.

“Ah–” While Mo Chu trying to help with these troublesome branches, she did not notice that many branches of the Ghost Tree had appeared behind her. They shot forward and wrapped around her firmly!

Upon hearing this, Mo Yang immediately turned his head. However, he discovered that the branches of the Ghost Tree had already bound Mo Chu and were rapidly dragging her deeper into the forest!

“Little Chu!” Mo Yang cried out in surprise. He wanted to go and save her but was entangled by a large branch. Hence, he was even more ruthless. Lightning flashed, and even a faint red light appeared!

Not again! Mo Yang gritted his teeth. Little Chu was once again abducted right in front of him.

Just as Mo Chu was about to disappear, these branches immediately stopped their attacks and retreated at lightning speed.

Mo Yang really wanted to destroy these branches, but he needed to rely on them to chase after Little Chu. He could only suppress the anger in his heart.

As he rushed forward, Mo Yang was thinking about how he could save Mo Chu.

He originally thought that the Ghost Tree was just there to deal with him, but he did not expect it to use a diversion and take Little Chu away.

However, this did not make sense. Little Chu’s energy level was too low, so the Ghost Tree should not have bothered to take action. Why would it go through so much trouble to take her away? Could it be that Little Chu had something it wanted?

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