The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 48 - Well Done (1)  

Chapter 48: Well Done (1)

The next day, Mo Yang brought Mo Chu to the Deep Sea Forest — one of the nine regions’ largest Magical Regions.

As the name implied, the Deep Sea Forest was next to an endless ocean. The light blue seawater reflected the blue sky, making it look quite leisurely. If this was the 21st century, it was probably a world-famous tourist attraction.

However, now that Mo Chu was walking in it, she did not dare to relax at all. The moment she entered the Deep Sea Forest, a sense of caution arose in her heart.

Looking at Mo Chu’s alert state, Mo Yang, who was a few steps behind, could not help but nod slightly in approval. The two of them quietly observed their surroundings.

“Awooo–” Only the Blood Luminescent Beast was an exception. The moment they walked into the forest, it started to have fun. It could not stay in Mo Chu’s arms any longer and jumped down. The familiar aura of a Magical Region made the Blood Luminescent Beast quite excited. Sometimes, it rolled on the ground, and sometimes, it would tease those low-level magical plants. It was having a lot of fun.

“Roundy, come here.” Mo Chu instructed in a low voice, “Go and play by yourself. Later, when the sky turns dark, gather with us here. Understand?”

The Blood Luminescent Beast nodded obediently, turned around, and hopped a few times before disappearing.

Mo Yang and Mo Chu also continued to walk forward. Without the pressure of the Blood Luminescent Beast, the two of them soon welcomed their first attack. To be more precise, it was Mo Chu who welcomed the attack.

Although the magical plants and magical beasts in the Magical Regions did not have super high intelligence like humans, they all had an instinct to recognize strength. Most of them would only attack humans who were lower or of the same level as them. They would not foolishly send themselves in front of high-level special ability users.

Right at this moment, a pitch-black magical beast set its sights on Mo Chu and immediately launched an attack on her. The two sharp fangs at the side of its mouth were raised as it fiercely charged toward her body. This magical beast was about several inches taller than her, and its body was huge. Because of this, its movements were relatively slow.

Mo Chu turned her body sideways and dodged this attack. Following that, a few water blades flew out from her hand.

She originally thought that this magical beast would be injured by the water blades, but surprisingly, it did not even bother to dodge her attack. It charged toward Mo Chu once again, and the water blades landed on its body like a drop of water in the ocean. It did not even cause the slightest ripple.

Seeing this, Mo Chu could not help but gasp!

What kind of magical beast was this? Its skin was so thick! When the water blade hit its body, there was no reaction at all, let alone wounding it.

Mo Chu was stunned, and the magical beast had already rushed in front of her, its two bright and sharp fangs pointing straight at her.

Mo Chu’s heart trembled. She might not be able to react in time. If she dodged backward, she would definitely be hit by its attack. As this thought flashed through her mind, Mo Chu simply used all her strength to kick the ground and pounce forward.

Seeing this, the magical beast was even more delighted. This person was probably scared silly and walked right into its trap. Hence, it charged even more energetically.

Just as the magical beast’s fangs were about to touch Mo Chu, Mo Chu swiftly grabbed a branch on top of it and vaulted herself upward. She landed behind the magical beast, and the charging beast almost flipped over!

“Whew–” Mo Chu stood at the back and her breathing became rapid. Her two slender, tender hands trembled slightly. When she gripped the branch, several parts of her hands had been scratched, and some of them were even bleeding.

Mo Yang watched from behind and felt a heartache, but he stopped himself from interrupting.

Before they came here, Mo Chu had taken the initiative to suggest that she wanted to try acting alone. Mo Yang thought about it for most of the night and finally agreed. However, he also proposed an additional condition. He would always be watching from behind, once Little Chu’s life was in danger, he would immediately take action.

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