The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 47 - Tricks  

Chapter 47: Tricks

Thanks to the nourishing effects of the snake meat, the two of them were able to increase their energy levels further. Mo Yang had officially stepped into the middle level of tier 6 while Mo Chu had entered the upper level of tier 2.

Feeling the abundant elemental energy in his body, Mo Yang’s heart was filled with joy. He had some doubts about the grilled fish from before, but the snake meat stew today had allowed him to truly realize how powerful Little Chu was.

Although taking pills could also achieve the effect of increasing elemental energy, it was very rare to have such strong effects. Usually, such capable alchemists would be highly revered!

Moreover, Little Chu did not put in effort in the path of pills. Instead, she had opened up a new path and created a new type of resource. Mo Yang thought about all the materials that they had thrown away as if they were trash. However, in his sister’s hands, she turned the trash into magic, and they gained a new purpose. Mo Yang could not help but feel a little proud.

He turned his head and saw that Mo Chu was busy in the kitchen.

She had made food that increased elemental energy twice in a row, but she could not figure out the key to it. It was as if she had accidentally hit on the right result, but she could not deduce the process no matter how hard she tried. Mo Chu was feeling really anxious.

She simply took out all the remaining snake meat from before and experimented over and over again.

Mo Chu first followed the previous method and made another pot of snake meat. As expected, she saw the light interweaving and finally fusing into a milky white color. The effect was exactly the same as the grilled fish, but the milky white color was a little thicker.

After putting down the pot of snake meat, Mo Chu lit the fire again and added another ingredient on top of the original base. The final snake meat that was prepared had a similar taste, but it did not have the function of increasing elemental energy. She reduced another ingredient, the result was still the same.

After trying different permutations, Mo Chu finally figured out a few key points. It seemed that food that could increase elemental energy had a specific ratio. It was not something that could be made with just two or three ingredients.

“There’s no rush in making this. Why are you so anxious about it?” Mo Yang walked over. When he saw that Little Chu’s face was slightly pale, he reprimanded her in a low voice.

“Got it. I’ll definitely pay more attention next time.” Mo Chu agreed with a smile. She had probably cooked the snake meat more than ten times in a row. She was really tired, but it benefited that gluttonous little fellow, Roundy. All the food entered its stomach.

That’s right. The Blood Luminescent Beast looked at the more than ten plates of food on the table and was extremely excited!

Delicious food, all of these delicious food belonged to it, roar roar! It was blissful!

Like a whirlwind, the Blood Luminescent Beast cleared away all the food on the table. Even its meaty belly was now slightly protruding, but it did not pay much attention to it. Its plump face was filled with satisfaction.

Mo Chu brought the Blood Luminescent Beast over after it had eaten and drunk its fill. She touched its belly and felt like it protruded even more than before. “Roundy, you seemed to have gained a lot of weight compared to before, huh? Why don’t I give you a diet?”

Upon hearing this, the Blood Luminescent Beast immediately opened its eyes. Its gaze was filled with fear.

Diet? Why did it have to go on a diet? It was clearly mighty and majestic in its current state. How could you call it fat?

Looking at the Blood Luminescent Beast’s expression of ‘I don’t believe it. You must be lying to me!’, Mo Chu could not help but chuckle softly. She felt the fatigue leave her body. Haha, this little fellow was really too funny!

Looking at Mo Chu’s crafty smile, the Blood Luminescent Beast finally reacted. It had actually been deceived! The moment its little temper flared up. It pouted and jumped out of Mo Chu’s embrace, walking towards the door. Hmph, I won’t bother with you anymore!

“Don’t go.” Seeing that this arrogant little fellow was about to leave, Mo Chu hurriedly went forward and hugged it in her embrace. She said, “How about this? When I get new ingredients, you’ll be the first to eat my cooking.”

The temptation of these words was so great that the Blood Luminescent Beast paused mid-stride. It hesitated for a while, and in the end, it succumbed to the charm of delicacies and obediently lay down in Mo Chu’s arms.

Sigh! It was really easy to persuade this little foodie.

Mo Chu’s lips curled into a smile as she turned his head to look at Mo Yang. “Oh right, brother, is there a Magical Region like the Dense Wood Forest nearby?”

Since he had figured out some of the tricks to cook food that boosts elemental energy, Mo Chu naturally wanted to take advantage of the situation and try them out.

“Of course.” Mo Yang nodded. He had already done all his homework and was now very familiar with the terrain. “Let’s go together tomorrow. Don’t bring Roundy along.”

Mo Yang decided to increase his strength as soon as possible. This way, he would be able to help Little Chu.

When the Blood Luminescent Beast heard this, it immediately became unhappy. It glared at Mo Yang. Why don’t you want to bring me along? You’re discriminating against demonic beasts!

Seeing that the Blood Luminescent Beast wanted to bite him, Mo Yang hurriedly explained, “Your pressure is too great. If you walk beside us, who would dare to make a move against us?”

Naturally, this would go against their objective of training.

“Ao ao–” the Blood Luminescent Beast complained. It had always lived in the Magical Region. Now that he finally had the chance to go back and take a look, how could he miss it?

Mo Chu also thought of this point, “Why don’t we do it this way. We’ll bring Roundy with us. When we get there, we’ll split into two groups. When we come back, we’ll gather together. What do you think?”

Mo Yang and Roundy did not reject it, and it was settled.

The doorbell suddenly rang.

Mo Chu was slightly stunned. They had just moved in, so who could it be? Mo Yang had some guesses and immediately opened the door.

As expected, the person standing outside the door was the old man who had sold the beads to Mo Chu. There were also quite a few people behind him. “I’m sorry to disturb you. We still have quite a number of beads here, do you want to see them?”

Mo Chu also walked over. Seeing that they were all carrying baskets filled with beads, she could not help but feel delighted. “Come, come in.”

“No, there’s no need.” The old man looked at them and hurriedly waved his hand. Even if they worked for another 30 to 40 years, they would not be able to afford such a good house. It was better not to go in and cause trouble for others. “We’ll just stay here.”

Seeing this, Mo Chu did not say much. She paid for the beads from their respective houses. After thinking for a moment, he turned to look at the old man, “Big brother and I have other matters to attend to, so we can’t be at home all the time. How about this? If someone wants to sell their beads, they can bring them to you first. You can come back every ten days to settle the accounts. How about it?”

Seeing Mo Chu’s trusting gaze, even though the old man felt a little apprehensive, he still agreed. “Alright, I’ll go back and tell them!”

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