The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 46 - Stewed Snake Meat  

Chapter 46: Stewed Snake Meat

When Mo Chu got home, she could not wait to break the beads she had bought. She took out the powder from inside the beads and carefully placed it in a bottle.

“Is this thing so precious?” Mo Yang could not help but ask curiously. It was the first time he had seen Little Chu so cautious.

“Wait until I make some food for you. You’ll know the benefits of it!” Mo Chu smiled and kept him guessing. Then, she turned around and began to cook her delicacies.

She had not finished eating the snake meat before, and the rest was placed in Mo Chu’s Personal Terminal. She took out a portion of snake meat and cleaned it up, cutting it into small pieces. Then, she scattered some salt on the surface of the snake meat and rubbed it a few times. She wanted to let the taste permeate even more.

Mo Yang had also brought a set of kitchenware that he had specially made for her. Mo Chu skillfully heated the pot and put in some soybean oil. After the oil temperature rose, she put in Water Weed which was cut into pieces, and waited for the fragrance to come out. She then poured the snake meat into the pot and stir-fried it until the color changed. Then, she added a suitable amount of water and salt to season it. When the temperature was high, she turned it down.

The light from different ingredients interweaved together. It was sparkling and beautiful.

Mo Chu took a small pot lid and covered the pot with it. She let it simmer slowly.

Just one dish?

After thinking for a while, Mo Chu took out some potatoes from the terminal and prepared to make a shredded potato. One meat and one vegetable, what a perfect match.

The shredded potato was a simple dish, but it was not easy to make it well.

Firstly, the thickness of the shredded potato had to be the same, so that the taste would be even. Secondly, the heat had to be controlled well. If the heat was too low, and the cooking time was too short, the finished dish would taste raw. However, if the heat was too high and the cooking time too long, the shredded potato would become soft, and the texture would not be as crisp.

However, this was not a big problem for Mo Chu. After ten minutes, the shredded potatoes were ready.

The snake meat was just right at this moment. It was cooked until it was crisp and tender. The juice was thick and the taste was sweet. Mo Chu nodded her head in satisfaction before loading them onto the plate.

“Come, try it!” Mo Chu smiled as she brought two dishes onto the table. The Blood Luminescent Beast at the side could not hold it in any longer. It placed its meaty claws directly onto the plate, but it was slapped down by Mo Chu. “Wait for me to put it into the bowl for you.”

The Blood Luminescent Beast pursed its lips and turned its claws towards the bowl that was filled to the brim. It immediately stuffed a piece of snake meat into its mouth, and its face immediately lit up.

Mo Yang was not willing to be left behind. He picked up a pair of chopsticks and put a piece of meat into his mouth. After chewing a few mouthfuls, his eyes lit up slightly.

He had tasted quite a lot of the food that Mo Chu had prepared previously, but he felt like this one was different!

The taste was much better than before!

The freshness and tenderness of the snake meat and the fragrance of the potatoes were all present.

“Is this the effect of the powder?” Mo Yang turned his head, somewhat in disbelief. He had been watching from the side just now, and Little Chu had only added a little powder, but the effect had increased exponentially.

“Yes.” Mo Chu raised her little chin proudly. “Now you see my wisdom, right?”

Looking at Little Chu’s smug look, Mo Yang could not help but smile. “Of course.”

Hearing that, the smile on Mo Chu’s face widened. However, when she turned her head to look at the dining table, the smile immediately faded. “Roundy, stop!”

Oh my God! While she was chatting with Mo Yang, the gluttonous little Blood Luminescent Beast actually finished two-thirds of the food on the table!

Hearing Mo Chu’s scolding, the Blood Luminescent Beast put down its oily paws and stared at the food on the plate with reluctance — it was so delicious, more delicious than anything it had ever eaten before!

As for the food in its bowl, it had already been swallowed clean, and not even a trace of oil could be seen.

Mo Chu sighed lightly. Previously, she had been worried about Roundy’s big appetite, so she had specially made some more. Who knew that she had still underestimated this fellow’s explosive power! “Brother, hurry up and eat. Otherwise, it will get cold later.”

“Alright.” Mo Yang agreed and passed his empty bowl to Mo Chu. “You should hurry up and eat too.”

Hence, at the dining table, Mo Chu and Mo Yang were eating with relish. The Blood Luminescent Beast was watching from the side, its face filled with longing and grievance. If other people saw this pitiful little creature, it would attract their sympathy.

After eating, the two of them and the beast lay lazily on the sofa. Mo Yang suddenly recalled what Mo Chu had said earlier and could not help but ask. “Little Chu, you said earlier that you wanted to sell these meals?”

“Yes.” Mo Chu nodded. “I’m planning to open a shop on the Starnet that specializes in selling our meals. What do you think?”

Mo Yang was silent for a moment before his slender fingers tapped lightly on the table. “If you really want to open this shop, I’m not worried about the sales volume. However, people will discover that this meal can also replenish elemental energy. When the time comes…”

Mo Yang frowned. Right now, both his and Little Chu’s abilities were still too weak. Any strong expert would be able to crush them to death. If he were to reveal Mo Chu’s talent at this time, it would be a disaster instead of a blessing.

“Brother, you’re worried.” Mo Chu smiled and waved her hand. “I understand your concerns. I’m not opening this shop right away. It’s just a preliminary idea. I need to make some preparations too.”

Right now, Mo Chu only had a few ingredients on hand. There was still a long way to go before she could open the shop. “However, this salt is a necessary ingredient for cooking. We can buy some in bulk first.”

“That’s good too.” Mo Yang nodded. “In the future…”

Before he could finish speaking, the elemental energy in his body suddenly began to surge, as if it was restless. This feeling was quite familiar…

Mo Yang and Mo Chu’s eyes met for a second. They immediately understood that this snake stew was probably similar to the grilled fish from before. It could promote the growth of the elemental energy, and they could not help but feel delighted.

Enduring the rolling pain in his body, Mo Chu carefully recalled the process of cooking the snake meat. In the end, she remembered that she had used the lid to cover the pot of snake meat, and she busied herself making shredded potatoes. She forgot to see if the lights had fused with each other.

Damn it, I made a mistake!

Mo Chu bit her lip in annoyance.

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