The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 45 - 300 Federation Coins  

Chapter 45: 300 Federation Coins

Mo Chu stretched out her finger and lightly touched some of the powder before putting her finger into her mouth.

When the Blood Luminescent Beast saw this, it immediately became anxious.

You asked me to spit it out, and now you’re eating it yourself? Hmph!

It jumped up and licked the remaining white powder on Mo Chu’s finger with its rough tongue!

“Ao–” It had a smug expression on its face, but it immediately turned into a twisted and struggling face. Its two paws kept digging on the ground.

What was that thing? How could it be so bitter! The Blood Luminescent Beast had a sour look on its face. It kept spitting saliva, trying to get rid of the strange bitter taste in its mouth.

Mo Chu looked at it from the side and found it funny. This greedy little thing has finally suffered the consequences!

Mo Yang, on the other hand, looked at the Blood Luminescent Beast worriedly. “Little Chu, will Roundy be alright like this?”

“Don’t worry, it’ll be fine. I’ll just let it drink more water later.” Upon hearing Mo Chu’s words, the Blood Luminescent Beast could no longer hold back. With a leap, it jumped directly into the river. It drank its fill before coming out of the river, its fur soaking wet.

Ignoring this little kid who was playing around, Mo Chu once again tasted the white powder. A faint salty taste reverberated in her taste buds. This familiar taste made her happy. It was indeed salt!

In fact, when she first saw this fine white powder, Mo Chu had some guesses. Now that she tasted it, it really was salt!

Mo Chu had already collected quite a number of ingredients, but she had not found any salt. Because of this, she always felt that her cooking was lacking in flavor. For this reason, she even went online to look for it, but she still did not find anything. Who would have thought that she would actually run into it here today? It was such a coincidence!

“Grandpa, how much do you want for this bead?” It was not easy to finally see such a treasure, so Mo Chu naturally had to seize the opportunity.

“Hmm?” The old man did not understand what this little girl was doing, but her question was very clear. Even her tone was filled with surprise and excitement. “Little girl, are you preparing to buy it?”

“Yes.” Mo Chu smiled and nodded. “How much do you want?”

“Then, then I’ll pick out this basket of pearls for you first.”The old man’s hands were trembling. As if afraid that Mo Chu would regret it, he immediately took out the goods from the basket. “Young lady, please wait.”

“Okay.” Mo Chu did not refuse and said, “Please take your time. I’m not in a hurry.”

“Alright.” The old man agreed, but his hands did not stop. In less than ten minutes, the old man had picked out all the beads in the basket.

“For all these… 30 Federation Coins, alright?” The old man lowered his head slightly and immediately added, “If it doesn’t work, 25 Federation Coins will do.”

Mo Chu swept his gaze across the goods. There were about 70 to 80 pearls here. If she were to extract them for salt, there would be around two to three catties worth of salt. The exchange rate between Federation Coins and the currency from her previous life was about the same. If she were to compare to her previous life, then the price was a little expensive. However, this was the Federation. Once it was used properly, the price of salt would increase by more than 10 to 100 times.

“Young lady, do you think this price is feasible?” Seeing that Mo Chu did not speak for a long time, the old man asked in a soft voice. However, the more he spoke, the less confident he became.

“This price…” Mo Chu raised her eyebrows slightly and replied with a smile, “It’s a little too low!”

“Ah?” For a moment, the old man thought that he had heard wrongly.

“How about this, I will give you a total of 300 Federation Coins for these beads.” Mo Chu stated her own price. “In the future, if you still want to sell these beads, you can come to my house and look for me. I will buy them at the same price.”

Seeing the disbelief on the old man’s face, Mo Chu did not explain further.

These ordinary people without special abilities were worried about their daily meals, not to mention buying a Personal Terminal that was extremely expensive for them. Naturally, they were unable to receive money through the terminal system, so Mo Chu took 300 Federation Coins from Mo Yang and passed them to the old man. At the same time, she told him the address of the apartment they were currently renting.

“You’re really giving this to me?” The old man held the money in his hand, his voice trembling. Even if all the goods in his basket were included, they would at most be sold for 40 to 50 Federation Coins.

Now, these few beads could actually be sold for a sky-high price of 300 Federation Coins!

If it was in the past, the old man would definitely not believe it. But now that the facts were right in front of him, he had no choice but to believe it.

“Then, if it were someone else’s beads, would I be able to sell them to you?” The old man licked his lips, feeling a little embarrassed. “Many of my relatives and neighbors can pick these beads.”

“Of course,” Mo Chu agreed. “I’m prepared to buy a large number of them. The more the merrier.”

Upon hearing this, the old man’s face immediately broke into a smile. Even the deep wrinkles on his face seemed to have smoothed out quite a bit. “That’s great. Thank you. I have to hurry back and tell everyone about this.”

“Alright, Goodbye.” Mo Chu nodded with a smile. He watched the old man walk further and further away with the basket on his back. He kept repeating the address of her house, afraid that he would forget it.

Turning his head, the Blood Luminescent Beast was staring at her with a face full of anger.

“Ao ao–” What’s so good about buying this bitter thing? Hurry up and get rid of it! If it wasn’t for these damn beads, I wouldn’t have displayed such an embarrassing appearance and even ruined my image!

“That won’t do.” Mo Chu shook her head and carefully picked up the beads on the ground and put them into the terminal. “If you want to eat delicious food, you must have these things.”

How was that possible? The Blood Luminescent Beast looked at the beads in Mo Chu’s hand with disdain. How could such bitter things taste good? However, he knew that Mo Chu had never lied to it before, so it gave in.

Looking at Mo Yang beside her, Mo Chu felt a little guilty. She had used her big brother’s money. “Brother, you won’t blame me for acting so recklessly, right?”

“Silly girl!” Mo Yang gently rubbed her hair. “We’re brother and sister, so there’s no need to say things like that. Besides, you’re not a reckless person.”

Looking at the trust in Mo Yang’s eyes, Mo Chu’s heart warmed. She told him her plan. “Brother, how much money do you think I can earn if I sell the grilled fish on the Starnet?”

“I’ve already checked before. The expenses of Military Academy aren’t low. We can take this opportunity to earn some money. We should prepare for the living expenses.”

The Military Academy was located in the center of District 3. The cost of living there was ridiculously high, and goods were really expensive. Although Mo Yang had a lot of money in his terminal, it would deplete really quickly there. Therefore, they had to make preparations as soon as possible!

Hearing this, Mo Yang could not help but tear up slightly. However, the smile on her face was like a warm spring sun. “Alright, I shall depend on you for our future expenses, big brother.”

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