The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 4 - Fainting Again (1)

Chapter 4: Fainting Again (1)

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So noisy!

Mo Chu felt that she had slept for a very, very long time until she heard a series of noises. The voices were getting higher and higher before she slowly woke up.

Her slender eyelashes trembled slightly, and the young girl in the sealed cabin finally opened her eyes in anticipation. Her pair of black pupils were like a vast constellation, and her facial features were exquisite. However, because she had stayed in the sealed cabin for too long, her face was slightly pale and emaciated.

“Little Chu, you’re awake? Little Chu…” A gentle and slightly trembling voice sounded by her ear.

Mo Chu turned her head slightly. A handsome youth was leaning over and staring at her. His eyes were slightly red, but the smile at the corner of his mouth was enough to light up the entire room.

Looking at the young girl who had woken up in the sealed cabin, Mo Yang almost did not dare to blink. The joy that gushed out from his heart almost drowned him!

“She’s awake! She’s really awake!” The members beside him also widened their eyes as they muttered in disbelief.

The medical technology of the Federation was very advanced. As long as it was not a complete mental breakdown, even a brain death could be salvaged. However, Mo Chu’s brain waves had already sunk into silence for a total of 15 years. If it was any other person, they would have long lost all hope. Only Mo Yang was able to persevere.

However, even so, nobody had much hope that Mo Chu would be able to wake up. Who would have thought that this young lady would actually wake up?

Hence, everyone looked at Mo Chu as though they were looking at a legendary level 20 Star Beast. If it was not because of Mo Yang’s deterrence, they would have posted this news on the Starnet. The number of views would surely be off the charts!

“Hmph! So what if she’s awake?” Hu Qing looked at their excited looks and felt a sense of discomfort in her heart. “After lying down for so many years, who knows if it’s true or not?”

“You shut up!” Looking at Mo Yang’s gloomy expression, Hu Tian hurriedly shouted and stopped Hu Qing from talking. Why did this girl have to provoke Mo Yang all the time? Is she even thinking about what she could achieve by doing so?

“Alright, it’s great news that Mo Chu woke up. Let’s go out first and let the two siblings have a good talk.”

Captain Hu quickly changed the topic. He had no choice. If he did not take his daughter away, who knew how much he would offend Mo Yang!

Hearing this, everyone put away their curiosity and left one after another.

Only the siblings were left in the room.

“Little Chu, how are you? Are you feeling unwell?” Mo Yang, who had always been calm and collected, was trembling as he spoke. His movements were gentle as he helped Mo Chu out of the sealed cabin. It was as if he was holding a fragile glass doll in his hand.

Mo Chu did not speak. She only shook her head slightly to indicate that she was fine.

Her mind was in a mess.

She clearly remembered that she had died in a car accident. Was this considered a rebirth?

Perhaps it was because she had slept for too long, Mo Chu felt as if her brain had sunk into a swamp. Even the slightest movement was faintly painful.

Mo Yang, who was constantly paying attention to his sister, naturally noticed her discomfort. “Little Chu, you’ve just woken up. Don’t use your brain too much. Why don’t you sleep for a while more?”

Mo Chu hurriedly shook her head. Her entire body was currently soft. If she were to sleep again, she would probably collapse onto the bed.

“Then why don’t I accompany you to chat?”

Upon hearing this, Mo Chu’s eyes lit up.

Mo Yang could not help but smile and asked softly, “Do you still remember what happened when you were young?”

Mo Chu shook her head guiltily.

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