The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 3 - Waking Up (3)

Chapter 3: Waking Up (3)

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Hu Tian’s eyes widened and he asked sternly, “Kid, what did you say just now?”

The other members also stared at Mo Yang in disbelief. They had been on missions together for almost five years and they had worked well together. Now, just because of such a small matter, Mo Yang said that he wanted to leave?

“I said, I want to leave the team.” Mo Yang looked straight at Leader Hu, his tone firm.

With a smack, Hu Tian slammed the table with all his strength, his face filled with anger. “What are you talking about! All these years, we’ve been going through so much trouble together. Just because of this, you want to leave the team?”

“Yeah.” The other members also spoke up to persuade him to stay. “Mo Yang, if you leave, a crucial piece will be missing in our Wild Wolf Team, right?”

“That’s right. Are you willing to leave just like that?”

However, Mo Yang remained unmoved.

“Enough.” Captain Hu knew that his daughter was in the wrong. He sighed and said, “Qing Qing is indeed not decent. If you want to punish her, I won’t say anything more. That should be enough, right?”

Hu Tian also couldn’t bear to see his daughter suffer. However, Mo Yang was already a tier 5 lightning attribute expert at such a young age. His potential was immeasurable. It wasn’t worth letting him leave just for such a trivial matter.

Moreover, on account of him being the leader, Mo Yang would not be so harsh on Hu Qing.

“Dad, what are you talking about!” Hu Qing did not understand her father’s painstaking efforts. Upon hearing these words, she immediately flew into a rage. He wanted her to apologize to Mo Yang? She would rather crawl directly into the bloodthirsty tiger’s mouth!

“Captain, I believe that I have already made myself clear.” Mo Yang remained seated on the sofa, his expression unwavering.

Heh! This kid does not listen!

Hu Tian frowned and tried to persuade him to stay. “Aren’t we brothers by now? Are you really willing to leave?”

“Captain,” Mo Yang’s tone finally changed. He turned his head to look at the sealed cabin in the room and his expression softened. “You should know how important Little Chu is to me.”

“I didn’t know about Hu Qing and the others’ attitude towards Little Chu before, but now that I know, I can’t turn a blind eye to it. I can’t live in the same space as someone who hates Little Chu.”

Hearing that, Hu Tian’s expression suddenly stiffened. It was only now that he remembered how much Mo Yang treasured his sister.

This fellow did not keep any of the spiritual treasures he usually obtained from missions. He used them all on Mo Chu. The Federation Coins allocated to him were also used to purchase the Spirit Tonic that Mo Chu needed. It could be said that Mo Yang valued Mo Chu more than himself!

“Then Hu Qing and the others can change as well!” Wei Yuan had always worshipped Mo Yang the most. How could he just watch his idol leave?

Mo Yang did not make a sound. He only glanced at Hu Qing with his eyes. The meaning behind it was self-evident.

Hu Tian, who was at the side, was too embarrassed to speak. After all, Hu Qing was his daughter. Of course, he knew his daughter’s habits very well.

“That’s all for now. I’ll pack my things later.” Before Mo Yang could finish his sentence, he was interrupted by a short and loud whistle.

Ding ding– Ding ding–

The expression on Mo Yang’s face suddenly froze. He suddenly turned his head to look at the sealed cabin in the middle of the room.

The sealed cabin, which had been silent for fifteen years, was now emitting a loud sound. An obvious green light beside the cabin suddenly lit up — it was connected to the brainwaves of the people in the sealed cabin. In other words, the people in the cabin had already woken up!

Everyone was in a daze. Leaving them behind, Mo Yang Strode towards the sealed cabin. His eyes were astonishingly bright as he looked straight at the girl in the cabin.

“Little Chu, Little Chu.” Although his heart was surging with emotions, Mo Yang’s voice was extremely gentle. This was his biological sister who had fallen into a deep sleep since she was born. Now, she was finally… finally going to wake up.

Under his fiery gaze, the young girl in the sealed cabin was still sleeping peacefully. There was not the slightest movement.

The honking of the horn continued to sing as though it wanted the whole world to hear it.

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