The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 2 - Waking Up (2)

Chapter 2: Waking Up (2)

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“How dare you hurt me!” No matter what happened, a woman would always care about her appearance the most. Mo Yang actually hurt her face.

Hu Qing’s face suddenly darkened, and hatred and humiliation grew in her heart.

She raised her hand, and she stabbed the sharp dagger fiercely towards Mo Yang. However, Mo Yang had already noticed it, and he held Hu Qing’s hand tightly.

“If it wasn’t for Captain Hu’s sake, I wouldn’t have let you off so easily today!” Mo Yang’s tone was slightly gloomy. He raised his slender left hand slightly, and a ball of purple-black lightning appeared out of thin air in his palm. The lightning emitted a sizzling sound, and it was truly terrifying.

“Ah!” Seeing this, the women in the background boards could not help but scream again. Their faces turned pale, and they wished they could leave immediately.

Mo Yang was already a tier 5 expert, and he could be considered a top talent in the whole Wild Wolf Team. Just the small ball of elemental energy in his hand was enough to kill all of them!

“So, so what? Are you going to kill me?” Hu Qing was the closest to Mo Yang, and she could clearly feel the power of the lightning element in his hand. However, even so, she did not want to lose face. She resisted and retorted, “That girl was a waste of space in the first place. No, she can’t even be compared to a waste of space.”

“Shut up!” Mo Yang’s eyes became darker and darker. There was a hint of flirtatious redness in his deep gaze. He held Hu Qing’s large palm and was about to break her wrist.

“Ah– it hurts, it hurts so much. Let go of me!”

A painful cry resounded throughout the entire room. Everyone could feel her frightening pain through her sharp and trembling voice.

Hu Qing’s tears immediately flowed out. Snot flowed down her nose, staining her meticulously painted makeup. Her entire body seemed to be curled up on the ground. Only one of her wrists was tightly held by Mo Yang, and she appeared to be in a sorry state.

“Brother Mo, these are the resources allocated for this mission. Please count them.” The door was pulled open with a ‘swoosh’. Wei Yuan held his storage bag in his hand. Before he could finish his sentence, he was already stunned by the scene before him.

The women behind him seemed to have woken up from their shock as they screamed and ran out one after another.

The Federation’s medical equipment was very advanced.

It only took half an hour to treat Hu Qing’s little injury with the medical equipment before she came out. Her face was as clean as new, without a trace.

“Mo Yang, what happened this time was indeed Qingqing’s fault.” In the room, Hu Tian glared fiercely at his daughter. This insensible girl! “Don’t worry, I will definitely teach her a good lesson. Just for my sake, will you spare her this time?”

Hu Tian was the leader of the Wild Wolf Team. He had sharp and rough facial features. However, he could not hide the vicissitudes of life between his brows.

He was a righteous person. His personality was upright, and he had always been admired by others. However, he could not be ruthless towards his only daughter, which was why Hu Qing had developed such an arrogant and indulgent personality.

“Dad, what did I do wrong?” Hu Qing was a classic case of forgetting about the pain after the scar was healed. Now that she had her father’s support, she immediately felt confident again. “What I said was the truth, to begin with.”

The rest of her words were silenced under Mo Yang’s sharp gaze, and she did not dare to continue.

She was really frightened. If it was not for Wei Yuan coincidentally coming in just now and putting a stop to Mo Yang, she really felt like she would have been killed by Mo Yang.

Mo Yang sat on the sofa quietly, his figure upright.

After a while, he said, “Let’s forget about this matter.”

Before Hu Tian and the rest could let out a sigh of relief, Mo Yang’s next words sounded like thunder in their ears. “Also, I want to leave the team.”

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