The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 5 - Fainting Again (2)

Chapter 5: Fainting Again (2)

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“That’s true. How old were you at that time? You were just born not too long ago!” Mo Yang muttered.

He explained to Mo Chu, “An accident happened not too long after you were born. That’s why you were placed in the sealed cabin ever since. You only just woke up.”

With just a few words, Mo Yang had skipped over all the years of his persistence and pain.

Sealed cabin? What is this thing?

Looking at his sister’s pure and curious gaze, Mo Yang’s heart could not help but ache.

In these 15 years, Little Chu had been lying in the sealed cabin. She had not come into contact with anyone and had not gained a single bit of knowledge. It could be said that her current situation was no different from a newborn baby. Even a two or three-year-old child did not know much about common sense.

“This is the sealed cabin.” Mo Yang hid the bitterness in his heart. He pointed at the round cabin where Mo Chu had just woken up and explained softly, “It’s completely sealed. The energy inside has reached a saturation state. As long as the occupant is not brain-dead, he or she can passively absorb energy under such circumstances to maintain their lives.”

Mo Chu did not understand half of it, but he also realized that this was not the 21st century that she had lived in.

“Also…” Mo Yang turned his head, and the corners of his mouth curled up into a smile, like a warm sun that had melted the ice and snow. “Little Chu, my name is Mo Yang. I’m your brother.”

“Brother?” Mo Chu opened her mouth and spoke like a parrot.

Perhaps it had been too long since she had used her vocal cords, but her voice was still a little hoarse.

Even so, these two simple words made Mo Yang’s eyes turn red, and his chest shook violently a few times.

“Little Chu!” Unable to suppress the excitement in his heart, Mo Yang stretched out his hand and pulled Mo Chu into his embrace. He muttered, “You’re awake, you’re really awake…”

Mo Chu was stunned and a surge of warmth suddenly welled up in her heart.

In the 21st century, she was just an orphan. Now that she had an elder brother who was related by blood, she could not help but raise her hand and place it on Mo Yang’s body, hugging him slightly.

No one said anything else. The room was silent and filled with warmth.


Suddenly, a stomach growl could be heard. Mo Chu touched her small belly in embarrassment.

Looking at Little Chu’s shy look, the warmth in Mo Yang’s eyes grew. “How careless of me. Come, let’s eat something first.”

“There are nutrition capsules, Spirit Tonic, and Qi Replenishing Powder here.”

Nutrition capsules?

Mo Chu looked at it curiously. It was no different from the capsules of the 21st century, except that the model was a size smaller. Not knowing how it would taste, Mo Chu, who was full of anticipation, picked up a capsule and stuffed it into her mouth.

With a bite of her teeth, she broke through the plastic shell on the outside.

An indescribable strange taste filled her entire mouth, as if it was sour and bitter at the same time. Her entire tongue went slightly numb. With great difficulty, she forcefully swallowed the capsule, and she almost burst into tears.

Oh My God! This thing is so disgusting!

“What’s wrong, Little Chu?” Mo Yang asked doubtfully. He could see that that something was wrong with Mo Chu.

“This taste… it’s a little strange.”

Could it be that it had expired?

“Is that so?” Mo Yang shook his head with a smile. “I’ve eaten this since I was young. It’s not really good or bad.”

Eating something like this since he was young? Hmm… How tragic!

Before she could express her sympathy for Mo Yang, a wave of intense nausea suddenly surged up from Mo Chu’s stomach. She could not stop it at all.

With a “Wah” sound, Mo Chu spat out the entire content of the capsule that she had just eaten!

Her delicate little face turned pale in an instant. As nausea dissipated, a wave of intense pain began to spread from her abdomen. It was as if someone had picked up a steel fork and kept stirring it inside.

“It hurts, it hurts!”

In a trance, Mo Chu seemed to hear Mo Yang’s panicked cries.

However, a sharp pain struck her and her vision blacked out…

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