The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 37 - Encountered Interstellar Pirates (1)

Chapter 37: Encountered Interstellar Pirates (1)

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Was anyone looking at her?

Mo Chu frowned slightly and raised her head to look at the front of the cabin. However, she realized that it was blocked by the partition. She could not help but smile. She must have been thinking too much. When she turned her head back, she was suddenly attracted by the scenery outside the window. Her eyes were shining. “Wow, it’s really too beautiful!”

The windows of the ship were transparent, allowing her to see the scenery outside clearly.

A series of rays of light drifted past her like a meteor shower in the 21st century, or the aurora at the North Pole. The halo of light flickered before her eyes, and it was so beautiful that she held her breath!

“Roundy, look!” Mo Chu picked up the Blood Luminescent Beast that was still immersed in the food in its arms and pinched its little face. It did not have to focus on eating all the time, and it should cultivate a sense of appreciation for beauty from time to time. “Isn’t it very beautiful?”

The Blood Luminescent Beast turned its head and was annoyed by the interruption. I am in the middle of my meal, and you dare to disturb me? Besides, how could this dull scenery be attractive?

Fine! I shall not argue with this foodie.

Mo Chu put down the Blood Luminescent Beast helplessly and patted its head. “You’d better continue eating.”

“Awoo–” The blood luminescent beast cheered and buried its head into the food again.

Suddenly, the cabin shook violently.

The Blood Luminescent Beast was focused on eating and did not react in time. Following its inertia, it fell out of Mo Chu’s arms with a grunt. It rolled on the ground for a few rounds before finally stopping and sitting on the ground, the smooth hair on its body had become extremely messy. Its eyes were lost as it looked at Mo Chu innocently.

Mo Chu was very amused by this little fellow’s stupidity. She could not hide the smile on her face.

“Awoo, awooo–” The Blood Luminescent Beast was both embarrassed and furious. Its meaty body jumped into Mo Chu’s embrace. It opened its mouth wide, grabbed Mo Chu’s finger, and bit down viciously.

How dare you laugh at me? Hmph!

Mo Yang watched anxiously from the side, “Little Chu, quickly take out your finger!”

After being bitten by the Blood Luminescent Beast, Little Chu’s finger would probably bleed.

“It’s alright.” Mo Chu smiled lightly and stretched out her other hand to help the Blood Luminescent Beast tidy up its messy fur. She pointed at its moist nose. “Have you vented enough?”

Roar! The blood luminescent beast let out a low snort and only then did it release Mo Chu’s finger. There was not even a bite mark on her slender and fair fingers. This little fellow was just pretending to be fierce just now. In reality, it was just pretending to bike Mo Chu’s finger.

Seeing that you trust me so much, I’ll let you off this time! It turned its head and looked at Mo Yang with disdain. Then, it turned around and pointed its little butt at him.

Hey! This arrogant little guy!

“Hello, passengers.” At this moment, a male voice suddenly sounded from the ship. There was a hint of arrogance and mockery. “We are the Remnant Blood Interstellar Pirates. Now that the entire ship is under our control, I hope that everyone can cooperate obediently. Otherwise…”

Although he did not finish the rest of his words, the strong sense of threat was self-evident.

Upon hearing this, Mo Yang’s expression suddenly changed! Only then did he associate the shaking in the cabin with the fact that they had been attacked by the pirate gang.

Remnant Blood Interstellar Pirates?

Mo Chu had never heard of this name before. She took out the terminal to check, but she realized that she could not access the Starnet at all. It was probably because they had used a device to block it, right?

Mo Chu did not know how powerful they were, but Mo Yang was very clear about it.

The Remnant Blood Pirates were well-known throughout the entire Federation.

Out of a team of fewer than 20 people, half of them had actually passed tier 6. Moreover, their captain was even more astonishingly talented. It was said that he had already successfully entered tier 9. Such combat strength was truly shocking.

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