The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 36 - Oddity

Chapter 36: Oddity

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“Little fellow, let’s go!” Mo Chu gently patted the Blood Luminescent Beast in his arms and followed Mo Yang towards the interstellar ship.

The Federation was extremely large. If one wanted to cross regions, they would have to take an interstellar ship. For example, 21st-century planes were equipped with first class and economy class. Interstellar ships were also divided into upper, middle, and lower classes.

Between each class, there would be a partition. Through each person’s Personal Terminal, they would be able to successfully identify themselves, open the partition, and enter the cabin.

Sitting properly in the designated seat, Mo Chu tried to comfort the proud Blood Luminescent Beast. This little fellow was still unhappy about the naming!

“Roundy, Little Roundy, look, this name is so nice.” Mo Chu stretched out her hand and scratched the Blood Luminescent Beast’s small belly. That soft and fine fur felt extremely good.

Awooo awoo!

It was still not satisfied with this name, but Mo Chu’s scratching felt really good. Its chubby body simply flattened out and lay in Mo Chu’s embrace, enjoying this rare service.

Mo Yang watched from the side, his eyes filled with warmth.

“Hey, be careful!” Suddenly, a woman in the corridor tripped. Mo Chu reacted quickly and hurriedly went forward to help her up. “Are you alright?”


Mo Chu originally had good intentions, but she did not expect to be slapped by the woman. The woman raised hisher phoenix-like eyes and looked disdainfully at Mo Chu. “Lowly pauper, don’t touch me! Go away!”

Although the Federation advocated fairness, it was inevitable that due to their power and status, they would be divided into different classes.

The most obvious one was district discrimination. Those who were able to live in Districts 1 to 3 were all people with great power and authority. Naturally, they would think too highly of themselves and look down on the citizens of other districts, especially those from regions 9 to 12.

Fine! Mo Chu silently withdrew her hand. Kindness was rare these days, but this woman could not appreciate it.

Seeing Little Chu being humiliated like this, how could Mo Yang endure it? The anger on his handsome face was obvious. If Mo Chu had not raised her hand in time to stop Mo Yang, he would have exploded.

“Hmph, country bumpkin!” The woman snorted coldly. She stood up and was about to walk forward when she suddenly saw the Blood Luminescent Beast in Mo Chu’s arms. Her eyes suddenly lit up. “Hey, how much for this pet of yours?”

“I’ll give you 50,000 coins. You sell it to me.” It was a commanding tone.

Before Mo Chu could speak, the Blood Luminescent Beast in her arms was already unhappy and almost jumped up. 50,000 coins? It was a magnificent magical beast and it was only worth 50,000 coins? Was this woman blind?

“I don’t intend to sell it.” Mo Chu raised her head, staring straight at the woman. Her facial features were exquisite and her phoenix eyes were especially beautiful. However, that arrogant temperament ruined her good looks.

“Alright, I’ll give you 500,000 Federation Coins!” The woman looked like she was giving Mo Chu a handout. She looked at Mo Chu with disdain. “Aren’t you trying to take the opportunity to raise the price? Tsk!”

The people at the side looked at Mo Chu enviously. A small pet could be exchanged for 500,000 Federation Coins. This was simply a pie that fell from the sky!

Ordinary pets usually cost a few hundred Federation Coins. At the very most, it would only cost a few thousand Federation Coins. The price of 500,000 Federation Coins could be considered to be a huge sum of money!

That’s right. Mo Yang had been working hard for so many years, but he had only managed to save 300,000 coins. Now, this woman had offered to pay 500,000 coins. It seemed like she was a well-known nouveau riche!

“Hurry up and give me your Personal Terminal number.” The woman was getting impatient. She stomped her feet and said arrogantly, “If I miss this opportunity, I won’t offer such a high price again.”

Mo Chu was really a self-centered person. She shook her head and kept stroking the Blood Luminescent Beast in her hands. She may look relaxed, but the words he said were as piercing as frost. “You’re pretty, but are your ears for decoration? I’ve already made it very clear that I won’t sell my pet. Can’t you understand such simple words? Ha! I’m really worried about your IQ! Now, please move aside. I feel like the air is polluted while you’re here!”

Mo Chu’s words were not exaggerated. Compared to ordinary people, her sense of smell was more sensitive. The strong perfume smell from the woman’s body had all entered her nose, causing her to sneeze a few times.

“You, you…” The woman had probably never met someone as merciless as Mo Chu. Her face immediately turned red, and her phoenix-like eyes wanted to spew fire!

The aura in her hands condensed, and the bright red flames were faintly discernible. Just as she was about to use force, a staff member suddenly walked out from the side and stood between the two of them.

He looked at the woman with a hint of warning in his eyes, “I’m sorry, you are not allowed to use force without permission on the ship. Your seat is in the middle-class cabin. Please follow me.”

The Federation’s law clearly stated that once someone used force on the ship, they would be immediately arrested and sentenced to one to three years in prison.

The woman clearly knew this and did not dare to offend the authority. She could only glare at Mo Chu hatefully. Just you wait!

Mo Chu ignored her threat and turned around to tease the Blood Luminescent Beast. Speaking of which, this little fellow was really likable.

“Awoo, awoo!” The blood luminescent beast rubbed itself against Mo Chu a few times before turning around to look at the middle-class cabin. It rubbed its claws together. Hmph, I will remember you!

There was a distance of 15,000 kilometers to travel from District 12 to District 9, and it would take three hours.

At first, the Blood Luminescent Beast could still be obedient, but after a short while, it started to make a fuss. After all, it was accustomed to behaving atrociously in the Dense Wood Forest. Now that it was forced to stay in such a small area, it could not help but feel aggrieved and restless.

“Do you want to eat something?” As a fellow foodie, Mo Chu understood that delicacies were one of the most effective ways to relieve its emotions.

As expected, the eyes of the Blood Luminescent Beast, who was still in a sullen mood just a moment ago, lit up the moment it saw the food that Mo Chu had brought out.

In order to not be discovered by others, Mo Chu came up with a good idea. She stuffed small snacks such as french fries into the outer shell of the Federation’s food. This way, no one would be able to notice that the food they were eating was different from the others.

The Blood Luminescent Beast was currently enjoying its meal, causing even Mo Chu to feel hungry. Hence, she decided to start eating as well.

Watching from the side, Mo Yang could not help but laugh out loud.

Perhaps it was due to the tacit understanding between them as fellow foodies, that the actions of the man and beast had reached perfect synchronization. Not only were their chewing actions and lowering their heads at the same angle, but even their mouths were also moving in unison. Their faces were filled with happiness and intoxication.

Ning Yiyuan was sitting at an excellent angle, so he could see the entire ship. Naturally, he did not miss this comical scene.

The corner of his stubborn mouth rose slightly, which surprised the people beside him. They quickly turned their heads to look out of the window.

Eh? It was not raining, so why did this guy suddenly smile?

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