The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 35 - None of You Are Good With Names

Chapter 35: None of You Are Good With Names

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“Aiya, what kind of pet is this? It’s so cute!”

“Oh right, where did you buy this pet? Can you send me the link on the Starnet?”

On the way back from the Dense Wood Forest, the Blood Luminescent Beast in Mo Chu’s arms successfully attracted the attention of most of the women.

It was not strange. This little fellow was originally cute and charming. After its body shrunk, its cute and silly temperament was magnified. Naturally, it attracted the attention of the women.

Hmph! The Blood Luminescent Beast proudly puffed up its chest. I am so powerful, you mortals will definitely bow down to me!

Its fleshy body twisted and turned as it snuggled into Mo Chu’s embrace.

“Little Chu, why don’t I carry him for a while?” Mo Yang asked softly from the side. The Blood Luminescent Beast should be quite heavy. If Little Chu carried it all the way, she would probably be extremely tired.

To be honest, when he first saw the Blood Luminescent Beast transform into the size of a doll, Mo Yang was really surprised. All these years, he had never heard of a magical beast that could transform. However, he had no choice but to believe it. After all, the truth was right before his eyes.

After being surprised, Mo Yang quickly accepted this matter. With a Blood Luminescent Beast that was extremely powerful following behind, he was less worried about Little Chu’s safety. From this aspect, the advantages outweighed the disadvantages.

“There’s no need.” Mo Chu smiled and shook her head. “It’s not that heavy.”

The key point was that this little fellow was very xenophobic. Other than Mo Chu, if anyone touched it, it would immediately explode in anger. Its little claws would make whooshing sounds. It did not show any mercy at all.

“Alright then.” Mo Yang had also thought of this and could only give up. Fortunately, they would soon be able to walk out of the Magical Region. When that time came, they would be able to use the Drive Machine. Little Chu would not have to work so hard.


Just as they were speaking, the Blood Luminescent Beast in her arms suddenly patted Mo Chu’s shoulder, and its pair of big eyes blinked as it looked at her.

Mo Chu was already very clear about what this meant. This bear was hungry again. It was asking for food from her!

“No way.” Mo Chu looked around and shook her head as she refused. At this moment, they were almost at the border of the Dense Wood Forest. There were people everywhere, and if they were accidentally discovered by others that she had made new food, that would really be troublesome. “We’ll make some food for you once we get on the Drive Machine.”

Although Mo Chu appeared calm and indifferent when she said this, her heart was bleeding from the pain!

This little fellow was simply too gluttonous!

Previously, she had already fed the Blood Luminescent Beast a few times in succession but she discovered that this fellow was a bottomless pit. This fellow had already cleared out most of the stocks with her. When she thought of this, she wanted to cry.

Looking at Little Chu’s predicament, Mo Yang thought of something. He handed over some self-made food such as nutrition capsules to the Blood Luminescent Beast. The Blood Luminescent Beast came forward and sniffed them, before immediately pushing them away with a look of disgust. It could not even bother to look at them, let alone eat them. What a picky mouth!

Awoo! Awoo–

Seeing the determination on Mo Chu’s face, the Blood Luminescent Beast had no choice but to rest. Its chubby body curled up into a ball as it carefully nestled in Mo Chu’s embrace. This appearance aroused the sympathy of many women beside it.

“What’s wrong with it? Is it sick?”

“Look at it. How pitiful!”

However, it was clear that this move was of no use to Mo Chu. She had long seen through this guilt trip tactic, alright?

On the other hand, the faint reproachful gaze of the women beside her made her feel uncomfortable.

After a long journey of suffering, they finally walked out of the Magical Region.

Mo Yang swiftly took out the Drive Machine from the terminal and opened it.

The appearance of this new thing aroused the Blood Luminaries Beast’s great interest. It was as if it had eaten stimulants. It instantly recovered from its previous state of listlessness and stretched its body outwards with all its might, wanting to see what was going on.

Mo Chu used all her strength, not letting it get close to the Drive Machine.

This little fellow’s destructive power was astonishingly high. If it were to slap the Drive Machine with its claws, they would really have to walk…

“Let’s go.” Mo Yang set up the route, and they boarded the Drive Machine, heading towards the space station.

They had already made a plan beforehand. After coming out of the Dense Wood Forest, they were prepared to directly board an interstellar ship at the space station. They would first go to District 9 before turning to District 3, and the Military Academy would be at the center of District Three. Now, they had an extra passenger, a miniature version of a magical beast.


The Blood Luminescent Beast remembered Mo Chu’s words. As soon as it sat on this metal lump, it immediately turned its head to ask for food from her.

“What a little foodie!” Seeing the Blood Luminescent Beast’s nervous look, Mo Chu could not help but laugh. She took out a plate of french fries from the terminal and handed it to it.

The Blood Luminescent Beast immediately received it happily. Its face was full of satisfaction. With Mo Chu as its gourmet food provider, it did not have to worry about not being able to eat good food in the future.

Looking at it, Mo Chu suddenly thought of something. “Little Fatty, let me give you a name!”

If she did not pay attention one day, she would just call out ‘Blood Luminescent Beast’, and it would be over.


Hearing that, the Blood Luminescent Beast’s eyes lit up, and it even stopped eating the french fries.

Looking at the Blood Luminescent Beast’s expectant gaze, Mo Chu could not help but lower her head in deep thought. Suddenly, she caught a glimpse of its round figure, and an idea flashed through his mind. “Why don’t I call you Roundy or Fatty?”

Before Mo Yang could give his opinion, the Blood Luminescent Beast was already unhappy. It was so mighty and majestic, how could she come up with such a childish name? No, absolutely not!

“Do you think it doesn’t sound good?” Mo Chu asked.

Awooo! Of course, it did not sound good!

When it came to its own personal interests, the Blood Luminescent Beast immediately became active. You have to choose a domineering one for me, otherwise, how can it match my imposing appearance?

Thinking of this, the Blood Luminescent Beast even puffed out its small chest as if it was a matter of fact. However, other than its exposed round belly, there was really nothing to see.

“Then why don’t we call it Cooly?” It sounded cool and domineering, how was that? Mo Yang set the Drive Machine to auto mode and joined in the conversation.


What the hell was this?

The Blood Luminescent Beast was even more dissatisfied. Could it be that no one in this family knew how to come up with a name?

“Enough!” Mo Chu knocked on its big head, “It’s already good enough that I didn’t name you Rolly. You’re still being picky here.”

Since the Blood Luminescent Beast was unable to speak, Mo Chu ignored its opinion. “There’s nothing else to say. I can only choose between two. Do you want to be called Roundy or Fatty?”

The Blood Luminescent Beast’s face was wrinkled like a bitter gourd. It did not like both names, but it did not dare to offend Mo Chu. What if Mo Chu did not cook food for it in the future?

It was Mo Yang who made the decision. “Then I’ll just be called Roundy. At least it sounded much better than Fatty.”

In the end, the Blood Luminescent Beast had no choice but to accept the name. However, its chubby round face looked a little aggrieved…

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