The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 34 - Shrinking (2)

Chapter 34: Shrinking (2)

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Thinking of this, Mo Chu could not help but cast her gaze towards the Blood Luminescent Beast at the side. This fellow was currently engrossed in his meal. It simply sat down on the ground and directly lifted the pot with its two large palms, the snake soup was then poured into her mouth.

Oh my God!

Mo Chu was dumbfounded. This was an entire pot of snake soup, and this fellow actually finished it in one sitting. Its appetite was really good! Before Mo Chu could say anything, the Blood Luminescent Beast had already put down the pot. It was still staring at it with eyes full of reluctance. It was using all its strength to smack its mouth. Hmm… could it be that it was not full yet?

Mo Chu curiously looked at the Blood Luminescent Beast’s stomach. It was not bulging. Where did all the soup go?

The Blood Luminescent Beast did not know what Mo Chu was thinking. After eating and drinking, it became lazy. It lay on the grass with its eyes narrowed. It seemed like it was ready to take a nap.

Mo Chu was not as relaxed. Previously, when she was captured by the Gale Beast, her big brother was probably worried! Fortunately, she had recovered her elemental energy and could meet up with Mo Yang.

Following the route in her memory, Mo Chu saw a familiar figure after walking for a few hundred meters.


Mo Yang who was not far away looked up and his eyes were filled with surprise. Great! He had finally found his sister! He hurriedly ran and carefully looked at Mo Chu. “How is it? Are you hurt anywhere?”

“I’m fine.” Looking at Mo Yang’s concerned gaze, Mo Chu smiled and shook her head. “Don’t worry, I…”

Before he could finish his sentence, a series of howling sounds could be heard.

This time, the Blood Luminescent Beast had learned its lesson. The moment it heard the commotion from Mo Yang’s side, it immediately opened its eyes and ran over. It held tightly onto Mo Chu’s arm with its big meaty palm.

This time, it had to keep the gourmet food provider from leaving so that she could cook delicious food for it every day. When it thought about how it would be able to eat its fill every day in the future, the Blood Luminescent Beast laughed so hard that its eyes almost narrowed into slits!

When Mo Yang saw the Blood Luminescent Beast, he subconsciously assumed an attacking stance. When he saw the Blood Luminescent Beast and Mo Chu’s intimacy, he finally relaxed. “Little Chu, could this be the one we met last time…”

“Yes, it’s it.” Mo Chu nodded and patted the Blood Luminescent Beast’s head lightly. “Hey, little fellow, we’re leaving.”

The Blood Luminescent Beast turned a deaf ear and only stared at Mo Chu with a pair of big watery eyes. I’m so pitiful, can you bear to leave me behind?

Mo Yang, who was at the side, moved swiftly. He immediately went forward and prepared to make his move. He tried to pry the Blood Luminescent Beast’s iron palm that was wrapped around Little Chu. Unfortunately, not only did the beast not budge at all, it even rolled its eyes at him!

If it was not for the fact that the gourmet food provider paid attention to him, it would have slapped this fellow to death long ago. He actually dared to touch her? Hmph!

Mo Chu was really helpless and could only reason with it. “We have to leave first. How about this, I’ll bring you some delicious food when I come back?”

However, the Blood Luminescent Beast was not so easy to get rid of. It was not easy for it to find a gourmet food provider, so how could it let her go so easily? Hence, the claws that were hugging Mo Chu’s arm became even tighter.

Awoo! Awoo! You can’t leave. You’re not allowed to leave!

What should she do?

It was definitely impossible to stay here, but looking at the Blood Luminescent Beast’s unyielding attitude, she knew that it was definitely not willing to let her leave. For a moment, Mo Chu was in a dilemma.

Then the Blood Luminescent Beast looked at Mo Chu and slightly relaxed its claws and tilted its head. With a stomp of its feet, the huge Blood Luminescent Beast actually shrunk to the size of a doll!

Awooo–! It should be fine now, right?

The Blood Luminescent Beast leaped and jumped into Mo Chu’s embrace. This way, it could follow the gourmet food provider everywhere, and she could make delicious food for it!

It was really too smart!

The Blood Luminescent Beast happily nestled in Mo Chu’s arms and found a comfortable position to continue its nap. It did not pay attention to the two people who were stunned speechless.

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