The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 33 - Shrinking (1)

Chapter 33: Shrinking (1)

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How fragrant!

The Blood Luminescent Beast sat at the side, sniffing the fragrance in the air. Its large eyes stared blankly at the snake meat in the pot, wishing that it could scoop it up and eat it clean right now.

“Wait!” Mo Chu rolled his eyes at it.

In the end, she could not resist the beast’s pestering and became a free cook.

However, she had only managed to cook a little of the snake meat before the Blood Luminescent Beast was unable to restrain itself any longer. It repeatedly tried to rub itself against the side of the pot. If it was not for the fact that she was keeping a close watch on it, she reckoned that it would have already gulped down the entire pot.

It was not that Mo Chu was stingy, but it was just that she did not know much about the ingredients of the Federation. If something were to happen to this half-cooked snake meat, it would be a waste!

There was not much she could do in the Dense Wood Forest, so she could only use simple ingredients. Mo Chu simply took out the portion of edible Gluttonous Snake meat and used a small knife to cut it into pieces. After that, he took out the pot and Water Weed from the terminal and took out the ingredients on the spot. She made a simplified version of the snake soup.

Awooo! Is it not done yet?

The Blood Luminescent Beast was really anxious from waiting, and it could not sit still? It rushed to the side of the pot to stand guard.

“Soon, soon.” Mo Chu gently stirred the snake meat in the pot to prevent it from sticking to the pot. However, this way, the fragrance became even stronger. The stupid look of the Blood Luminescent Beast whose saliva was about to drip into the pot was simply impossible to watch.

Finally, after countless times of harassment from the Blood Luminescent Beast, the snake soup was finally ready.

Mo Chu was very self-aware. She took a bowl from the terminal and filled it with a whole bowl of snake soup. The rest of the pot was left for the Blood Luminescent Beast.

The little fella was quite smart. It looked at the amount of snake soup in Mo Chu’s bowl and then looked at the pot. It was obviously much more than Mo Chu’s. Its meaty face was beaming with joy. It looked very satisfied and plunged its head into the pot.

Seeing the Blood Luminescent Beast’s wild and unrestrained action, Mo Chu could not help but smile. She looked at the bowl she was holding and felt that she had good foresight. Otherwise, she would not even be able to taste her own soup.

Lowering her head to take a sip, Mo Chu’s eyes lit up. Snake meat was not easy to manage. At first, she did not have high expectations. After all, the conditions here were too simple and the ingredients were not enough.

However, now that she tasted it, it turned out to be delicious. The simple ingredients highlighted the most essential tender fragrance of the snake meat.

After experiencing so many things in a day, Mo Chu was really hungry. After a few big gulps, she saw the bottom of the bowl. In a short while, she finished the entire bowl of snake soup. At the same time, she condensed the Water Ball in her hand and prepared to rinse the bowl clean, she placed it into the terminal.

However, Mo Chu’s movements suddenly stopped.

Looking at the Water Ball that had subconsciously condensed in her hand, Mo Chu was pleasantly surprised to find that she could actually use her elemental ability smoothly!

Normally, people who were scratched by the Gale Beast would not be able to use their elemental ability within 48 hours. However, only after five to six hours, she could already move freely.

Clearly, this did not make any sense. However, Mo Chu quickly recalled the fruit that the Blood Luminescent Beast had given her. Could it be that it had some effect?

At this moment, Mo Chu did not know that the fruit was a rare treasure. After consuming it, it could expand the width of a special ability user’s meridians. Once the width was expanded, the amount of elemental energy that could be stored would increase, therefore, this fruit was also known as a divine tonic that could increase a special ability user’s innate talent. It was priceless.

It was because of this that Mo Chu had been rolling on the ground due to the pain caused by the swelling of her meridians.

In order for Mo Chu to quickly cook something delicious for the Blood Luminescent Beast, it had actually given such an important fruit to Mo Chu. If the people outside were to find out about this, they would probably die of jealousy and envy!

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