The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 32 - Humans Are So Troublesome

Chapter 32: Humans Are So Troublesome

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At this moment, a familiar howl sounded.

Ah! The Blood Luminescent Beast is back!

Mo Chu swore that she had never been so happy to see the Blood Luminescent Beast’s chubby face.

As expected, the moment the Blood Luminescent Beast appeared, the Gluttonous Snake that was just about to swallow Mo Chu suddenly became dispirited. It looked at the delicacy in front of it, and then at the Blood Luminescent Beast not far away. It closed its eyes, and in the end, it reluctantly left Mo Chu behind and ran into the distance.

Unfortunately, this Gluttonous Snake met a very vengeful fellow.

Awoo! Awoo–

The Blood Luminescent Beast was filled with anger. It had stayed in this Dense Wood Forest for so long, but it had never met a fellow who dared to snatch its things. Ha! Today, it met a beast who did not care about its life. I am going to kill you!

Seeing the savage look on the Blood Luminescent Beast’s face, the Gluttonous Snake knew that it had encountered a tough opponent. It did not even bother to turn its head back as it continued to slither forward, hoping to escape this disaster.

Unfortunately, no matter hard it tried, it was quickly caught up by the Blood Luminescent Beast who had unleashed its full firepower. That pair of large, iron-like palms went straight for the Gluttonous Snake’s face.


Just this slap had made the Gluttonous Snake dizzy and disoriented.

This scene caused Mo Chu’s heart to skip a beat. The Blood Luminescent Beast was clearly restraining itself when playing with her previously. Otherwise, with her small body, she probably would not be able to withstand a few slaps before falling apart.

Of course, the Blood Luminescent Beast was very violent towards the Gluttonous Snake. After a few large slaps, it used brute force to make the Gluttonous Snake faint.


With such a low standard, you still dare to provoke me? Tsk!

The Blood Luminescent Beast rolled its eyes and held the Gluttonous Snake in one hand. It even flung it into the air and twined it around its hand like a hemp rope. At the same time, it hopped and ran towards Mo Chu. Its face was filled with naivety and cuteness.

When the Blood Luminescent Beast walked to Mo Chu’s side, it casually threw the Gluttonous Snake in its hand onto the ground and sat on its butt. It used this Gluttonous Snake as a chair and took out fruit from God knows where to pass it to Mo Chu.

What was this?

Although Mo Chu really wanted to ask, she could not communicate with the Blood Luminescent Beast. She could only accept the fruit silently. This fruit might be the size of a grape and was dark red in color. It looked quite beautiful.

Seeing that Mo Chu was staring at the fruit in her hand foolishly and did not move at all, the Blood Luminescent Beast was a little anxious. It quickly stretched out his palm and pushed the fruit towards Mo Chu’s mouth.


Hurry up and eat it!

Mo Chu raised her head and coincidentally met the Blood Luminescent Beast’s pair of big eyes that were filled with anticipation and sincerity. The last trace of hesitation in her heart also disappeared completely. If this fellow really wanted to harm her, why would it need to go through so much trouble?

Thinking of this, Mo Chu straightforwardly put the fruit into her mouth and started to chew. Needless to say, the taste was really not bad. It was sour and sweet, a little like a cherry.

Before Mo Chu could savor the taste, a surge of energy suddenly surged from her chest, flowing through her meridians and darting around her body.

“Argh–” Feeling that her entire body was about to explode, Mo Chu could not help but groan in pain. Her small face was pale, and she was rolling on the ground in pain.

Awooo! Awoo–

What happened?

The Blood Luminescent Beast squatted on the spot, tilted its head, and blinked its big eyes. At first, it was puzzled, but then it suddenly brightened up — was this a new game?

With excitement, the Blood Luminescent Beast imitated Mo Chu’s appearance. Its round body leaned back and began to roll on the grass.

After the large patch of grass had been ravaged by it, the Blood Luminescent Beast resentfully stopped and ran to Mo Chu’s side.

Poke! Poke again! The Blood Luminescent Beast playfully poked Mo Chu’s body, its small mouth pouting. Hey, get up quickly, this game isn’t fun at all!

After the pain gradually dissipated, Mo Chu finally opened her eyes. All of her clothes were drenched in sweat.

Before Mo Chu could let out a sigh of relief, her line of sight was completely covered by a chubby big face.

Awoo! Awoo!

You’re finally awake, get up quickly!

The Blood Luminescent Beast jumped happily at the side, and Mo Chu felt the ground tremble. It was so heavy!

Mo Chu’s legs trembled as she stood up. Just as she steadied himself, the Blood Luminescent Beast used its fleshy buttocks to poke her with all its might, almost causing her to fall down again.

This little fellow!

Mo Chu raised her head and realized that the Blood Luminescent Beast was holding the unconscious Gluttonous Snake high up. It seemed like it was going to pass it to Mo Chu.


Mo Chu blinked. She was not interested in collecting animals.

Seeing that Mo Chu did not understand what it meant, the Blood Luminescent Beast was so anxious that it scratched its cheeks. It did not even care about the Gluttonous Snake had fallen to the ground.

That’s right!

The corner of the Blood Luminescent Beast’s mouth suddenly curled up.

It lifted the Gluttonous Snake on the ground with one palm and raised its sharp claws with the other. It slashed at the Gluttonous Snake’s body and pulled down again. It peeled off the skin, leaving only bright red snake meat.

The Gluttonous Snake had been knocked unconscious previously, but it did not die. When the Blood Luminescent Beast did this, it awakened it from the pain. The snake opened its mouth wide and its body shook violently as it struggled, letting out waves of heart-wrenching howls! It scared Mo Chu so much that her little heart was beating wildly.

The Blood Luminescent Beast, on the other hand, did not seem to care at all. It casually threw the skin away and forcefully pulled out a large piece of meat from the Gluttonous Snake’s body. It passed it to Mo Chu with a look of anticipation and even gestured with its mouth.

At this moment, Mo Chu finally understood what it meant.

It turned out that this fellow was prepared to provide meat for her to make food?

Mo Chu did not object to becoming a chef for free. However, she could still hear the Gluttonous Snake wailing non-stop, and countless amounts of fresh blood were seeping out from its body.

When she looked at the bloody piece of snake meat on the Blood Luminescent Beast’s large palm, Mo Chu no longer had the slightest desire to cook.

It was only at this moment that Mo Chu understood that the information was not wrong. Just looking at the Blood Luminescent Beast’s skilled skin-peeling and flesh-carving actions was enough to show how ferocious and brutal it was. No wonder everyone was so fearful of it.

Seeing Mo Chu’s expression of resistance, and then turning his head to look at the Gluttonous Snake that was struggling in pain, the Blood shimmering beast was stunned at first. Very quickly, as if it had understood something, it hopped towards the Gluttonous Snake. With its large palm, it accurately the snake’s vital point, ending its life.

Awooo awooo–

The Blood Luminescent Beast howled impatiently twice. Humans are so troublesome… Now can you make me delicious food?

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