The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 31 - Eat or Die (2)

Chapter 31: Eat or Die (2)

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With just a glance, she estimated this snake to be over ten meters long, and its body was nearly half a meter thick. The blood-red snake’s tongue was slightly split open, and it kept flicking out, sticky saliva dripping all over.

This was a Gluttonous Snake!

When Mo Chu was at home, she took the opportunity to cram in quite a bit of information about magical plants and magical beasts. Among them, the one that left the deepest impression was this Gluttonous Snake. At that time, she thought that the name of this magical beast was quite interesting, as it was the same as the name of the game she had played when she was young. Who would have thought that she would meet it now!

At that time, she had thought it was funny. Now, she wanted to cry.

How did the Gluttonous Snake get its name?

It was because it was gluttonous!

This Gluttonous Snake was not picky about anything that it came across. It swallowed everything in one gulp. Of course, this was also partly due to its extremely developed stomach. It was said that most of the Gluttonous Snakes were not killed by humans or other magical beasts. Instead, they ate so much that they stuffed themselves to death. This could be considered one of the great oddities of the magical beast world.

“Don’t come, don’t come…” Under normal circumstances, Mo Chu might have been able to fight it. However, she was currently in a damnable state of anesthesia. She did not have the strength to move. She could only pray that the Gluttonous Snake was blind and could not see her.

However, it was very obvious that Mo Chu’s prayers were in vain.

This Gluttonous Snake dragged its long body, but its movements were very fast. It was going straight towards Mo Chu. Its mouth was wide open, and it wished that it could swallow Mo Chu in one gulp.

Mo Chu lay on the ground. Her eyes were wide open, and her heart was like a drum, thumping loudly.

Could it be that she was going to die in the belly of this Gluttonous Snake today?

Just as a wave of despair appeared in Mo Chu’s heart, the Gluttonous Snake suddenly stopped when it was seven to eight meters away from her. It kept circling the area as if there was something in front of it that made it afraid.

“Whew–” Mo Chu gasped! Her heart was about to jump out of her throat!

Suddenly, an idea flashed through her mind. She remembered that animals would habitually leave marks on their territory or prey to prevent other animals from snatching it. Then, she compared it to what the Gluttonous Snake was doing. It must be that the Blood Luminescent Beast had done something to protect her.

Thinking of this, Mo Chu finally heaved a sigh of relief. The Blood Luminescent Beast was number one in this Dense Wood Forest. This Gluttonous Snake did not dare to find trouble with it, right?

It’s safe now!

Now that she was less anxious, she realized that her previously tense muscles were starting to feel a little sore.

Hiss hiss–

‘It smells so good!’ The gluttonous snake stared greedily at Mo Chu, its saliva dripping down, forming a large pool.

It had lived for so many years, but this was the first time it had encountered such a fragrant smell. Even though it was so far away, that alluring fragrance still penetrated its nostrils, as if it was tempting it. It wanted to swallow this prey in one gulp. Just thinking about it, that taste would be wonderful!

However, the Gluttonous Snake lowered its head in defeat and looked at the traces on the ground. This was the scent left behind by the Blood Luminescent Beast. Such fragrant food was surely the Blood Luminescent Beast’s prey.

If the Blood Luminescent Beast were to discover that it had snatched its prey, then it would suffer a miserable end.

For a moment, the Gluttonous Snake was in a dilemma. It was thinking so hard that even its snake tail had coiled into a circle. Choose to eat, and choose to die? This was a problem.

After some time, the hissing sound suddenly became louder!

Mo Chu’s heart trembled. Oh no…

Could it be that she had underestimated the Gluttonous Snake’s level of gluttony? Even the Blood Luminescent Beast’s brutal reputation could not suppress its gluttonous nature?

Mo Chu suddenly raised his head. As expected, this Gluttonous Snake was excitedly slithering towards her. Since the Blood Luminescent Beast was not here, it would just enjoy this delicacy. To hell with the consequences!

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