The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 30 - Eat or Die (1)

Chapter 30: Eat or Die (1)

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Hey, stop playing!

I’m begging you, alright?

Mo Chu, who was trapped in an endless loop, could not help but cry. Her hands and feet were already starting to go numb, and her head was dizzy. Her entire body was weak. If it continued to play with her like this, she would be crippled!

Finally, when the Blood Luminescent Beast was having fun, it realized that something was wrong.

“Awoo–” Its chubby little claws gently pushed Mo Chu.

‘Eh, why is there no reaction at all? Could it be that it was frightened earlier?’

Thinking of this, the Blood Luminescent Beast immediately turned its head. With a ferocious expression, it roared twice at the Gale Beast. “Ao! Ao–!”

‘Look at what you’ve done. I only asked you to bring my gourmet food provider here as soon as you see her. How could you do this to her? How could she cook something delicious for me now that she’s frightened?’

The cries from the Blood Luminescent Beast frightened the Gale Beast greatly. Its huge body subconsciously shrank a little. It cried out a few times like a little wife, “Awooo– Awooo!”

‘I was just afraid that she would run away, so, I gently grabbed her. After the anesthetic effect wears off, she will be fine.’

Although Mo Chu did not understand what the Gale Beast was howling about, she saw that the Blood Luminescent Beast’s expression was gradually easing up. Its large palm even patted the Gale Beast’s head as if it was saying ‘Well done, you will be heavily rewarded later’. She could not help but be a little stunned.

She then turned his head to look at the Gale Beast. It did not seem to be offended at all, and even had a look of delight on its face, like a lackey.

So this Blood Luminescent Beast could be considered the boss in the Dense Wood Forest? Looking at its posture, it did not look like the silly foodie from before at all.

After the Gale Beast left with a satisfied look on its face, the Blood Luminescent Beast strolled back to Mo Chu’s side. It looked left and right and even rubbed its wet nose against her. It was as if it wanted to find out if she carried any delicious food on her like last time.

However, after sniffing for a long time, it still could not smell anything. It could not help but blink its eyes in grievance and left while shaking her butt.

Sigh! Did it leave just like that?

Please don’t do that!

Mo Chu was on the verge of tears. She did not have any fighting strength at the moment. If she was left here like that, she would probably be eaten by other magical plants and magical beasts in less than half an hour.

“Little Fatty, come back! Don’t go!” In comparison, she at least had a ‘shared relationship’ with this Blood Luminescent Beast. The safety factor was much higher.

This nimble little fatty beast had already run a few meters away. When it heard Mo Chu’s voice, its body paused. It turned around and gave Mo Chu a silly smile before skipping away.

“Big brother, can I not call you fatty? Come back!” At this moment, Mo Chu was lying limply on the ground. As she watched the Blood Luminescent Beast getting further and further away, the sadness in his heart was gushing like a river.

It’s over!

This time, it was like a boat capsized in the gutter.

Although Mo Chu’s limbs were weak, her eyes were still looking around cautiously. At this moment, she really wished that she could become invisible so that no one would be able to discover her.

At the thought of being discovered by other magical plants and magical beasts, not only would she not be able to resist, but she would also have to watch her flesh and blood being devoured bit by bit.

That pain! Just imagining it made Mo Chu’s hair stand on end!

Hiss hiss–

suddenly, a soft sound rang in Mo Chu’s ears. However, the surroundings were silent, and the sound was amplified several times.

Could she be so unlucky?

Mo Chu turned her head around, trembling. When she saw it clearly, she could not help but gasp!

Ha! A huge snake was staring at her from the side. Its pair of triangular green vertical pupils were filled with desire.

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