The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 38 - : Encountered Interstellar Pirates (2)

Chapter 38: Encountered Interstellar Pirates (2)

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These pirates were not famous only just because they were strong, they were known for their ruthlessness!

Generally speaking, the pirates robbed ships for the sake of money, but the Remnant Blood Pirates were unique. Not only did they rob money, but they would kill people every time, causing the entire ship to be drenched in blood. Only 1% of the people were able to escape these pirates.

With a swoosh, the two partitions in the cabin were opened. Looking around, everyone’s faces were filled with fear and despair. There were even people who were so scared that they fainted on the spot.

“Now, obediently cooperate with us.” As soon as the pirate finished speaking, the cabin control room’s door opened and a red-haired man walked out. His facial features were rough and domineering, and his entire body exuded an unruly and evil feeling. Just this aura alone was enough to make one shudder in fear.

“This is the captain of the Remnant Blood Interstellar Pirates, Remnant Lin.” Mo Yang whispered in Mo Chu’s ear. This bright red hair was his most prominent symbol.

A black-haired man walked towards them from behind. He held a Personal Terminal in his hand, and his tone was clear yet full of threats. “Now, transfer all the money in your terminal to me. If you don’t listen…”

The corner of Remnant Lin’s mouth twitched, and he pointed an exquisite energy gun at the head of a man sitting next to him. With a bang, blood splattered everywhere!

Everyone was shocked by his ruthlessness. Cries of shock, fear, and begging for mercy rose one after another.


There was another gunshot. Another man’s head was split open, and he fell down with a face full of fear.

“Tsk, you guys are really too noisy.” Remnant Lin lowered his head and twirled the gun in his hand as he lightly said this. Just this sentence caused the entire cabin to instantly become quiet.

Three minutes and five minutes passed.

The entire cabin was so quiet that it was somewhat unsettling. Even the sound of breathing had almost disappeared.

“Very good.” Finally, Remnant Lin stopped what he was doing. His pair of ruthless eyes swept across everyone and his thin lips slightly opened. “I like people who are obedient.”

The man holding the Personal Terminal behind him told everyone the terminal number. His meaning was very clear. No one dared to delay and quickly transferred the money to him. As long as they could keep their lives, what was money?

Mo Yang made the same choice.

He was very clear that with his current strength, he could not defeat these people. Under the circumstances, he could only compromise and not fight them head-on.

The man holding the terminal glanced at it and reported the results this time. “Big Brother, we have earned a total of 350 million this time.”

This huge amount of money definitely made people jealous in the past, but now, no one dared to think about anything else but survival. They were worried that their head would be blown to pieces.

“Not bad,” Remnant Lin said lightly as if he did not care about this money at all. He waved his hand, and the man behind him retreated. Remnant Lin stood up straight, and a trace of an unspeakable evil smile hung on the corner of his mouth. “Since the money has already been received, then we…”

Hearing this, everyone could not help but heave a sigh of relief. From the tone of his voice, he should be preparing to let them leave.

Mo Yang’s expression darkened even more. How could Remnant Lin be so kind?

As expected, the man continued, “Let’s start playing the game, shall we?”

Game? What game?

For a moment, everyone was a little flustered, but due to the man’s cruelty, they did not dare to show it.

“Looks like everyone is very curious?” Remnant Lin touched his chin, his eyes brightened, and his deep voice carried a hint of temptation, “Don’t worry, it’s very simple. We’re playing — the murder game!”

“Now, all the ladies present, please step forward.” As soon as he finished speaking, Mo Chu’s heart suddenly trembled!

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