The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 312 - It Was Actually Her!

Chapter 312: It Was Actually Her!

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“It’s true, everything I said is true! Marshal Ning, believe me.” Ning Yiyuan’s expression relaxed a little. Ning Qian could not care less about her disheveled appearance and sobbed as she explained, “I, I did look down on Mo Chu before, but I really, really didn’t have the guts to send someone to kidnap her!”

To be honest, Mo Chu, that country bumpkin, was nothing to them. However, they did not expect that she had actually hooked up with Ning Yiyuan, turning from a sparrow to a phoenix in one go. Her status was even much higher than those of their collateral family members, and this invoked their jealousy and envy. Naturally, they did not feel good. It was precisely because of this that they would secretly trip her up! However, this was completely different from sending people to kidnap Mo Chu!

“Then where did you go on Lovers’ Day?” Ning Yiyuan bowed slightly and asked in a deep voice. His gaze was fixed on Ning Qian and did not allow her to dodge.

“I, I…” When she met Ning Yiyuan’s sparkling gaze, Ning Qian could not help but lower her head and reveal a hesitant expression.

“You are indeed quibbling!” Ning Yiyuan’s eyes turned cold when he saw Ning Qian’s expression!

“No, I really didn’t…” Ning Qian kept crying, but she did not tell him where she had gone that night. Wasn’t that suspicious?

“Okay, if you have anything to say, just say it!” Ning Deguo could not stand people whining and glared at her. “Otherwise, if Yiyuan really sends you to the court, I won’t care!”

“I, I’ll say it!” Hearing this, Ning Qian was also frightened. She could care about anything else and stammered out the story, “On the day of Lovers’ Day, I, I was with my cousin from the Xia Family. He, he… can testify for me!”

Since there was a witness, then what was she stuttering about?

“What are we doing together?” Ning Yiyuan frowned, not understanding why it was hard to talk about this. However, Elder Ning had seen a lot of things and his eyes showed some understanding. “Could it be that you and he… ?”

When she met Elder Ning’s gaze, Ning Qian’s face turned red. She bit her lips and nodded. She was almost a year away from becoming an adult. If someone were to reveal that she was having an affair with the Xia Family’s cousin at this time, both of them might be sentenced. It was no wonder that Ning Qian did not say anything at the beginning.

Seeing her bashful appearance, Ning Yiyuan finally understood a little. He could not help but frown. “Xia Family’s cousin? which cousin?”

“It’s… It’s Xia Chaoxi.”Ning Qian lowered her head and said in a low voice.

Xia Chaoxi?

After secretly memorizing this name, ning Yiyuan glanced at Ning Qian indifferently. He would not just listen to one side of the story. He decided to hand this matter over to Zuo Lin and Zhong Wen and investigate further.

The old man could also be considered to have sharp eyes. From his point of view, Ning Qian should not be lying. In other words, she was not the one who sent people to kidnap Mo Chu…

Thinking of this, the old man could not help but sigh. His furrowed brows relaxed slightly as he glared at Ning Yiyuan, “Enough. You’re already in such a hurry before the matter is clear. Don’t you look like a Marshal?”

Ning Yiyuan glanced at Ning Qian and said calmly, “Whether this has anything to do with her or not hasn’t been decided yet!”

“No, I…” Hearing this, Ning Qian immediately raised her head and prepared to explain herself.

“Shut up!” Ning Yiyuan was already impatient to talk to her, and his face was slightly cold. “Alright, you can go back first. Don’t contact anyone else during this period of time, or else…”

There was no need to say more threatening words, Ning Qian was already scared out of her wits. She quickly nodded and agreed.

“Grandfather, I still have something to do.” Ning Yiyuan nodded slightly at the old man. His previously cold and hard face finally relaxed a lot. “I’ll be leaving first.”

By the time the old man returned to his senses, Ning Yiyuan’s figure was already far away!

“Hey! This brat!” The old man glared at him. “You’ve only been back for a short while, and you’re in a hurry to leave again!”

When Zuo Lin and Zhong Wen received the news from Ning Yiyuan, they could not help but be overjoyed. They never thought that there would be such a turn of events, so they immediately launched an investigation.

In their excitement, both of their efficiency increased.

In less than half a day, they figured out the matter.

“Boss, Ning Qian didn’t lie!” Zuo Lin’s face was full of joy as he said loudly, “She was indeed with Xia Chaoxi that day. Some passers-by saw it, so it can’t be fake.”

“That’s good!” Although Ning Yiyuan had already made some guesses, when he heard the results of the investigation, he was happy, and his gaze softened a lot.

“Hey, what’s wrong with you?” Zhong Wen, who was at the side, frowned slightly. Zuo Lin could not help but feel strange and hit him hard on the shoulder. “It’s such a good thing, why are you still putting on a bitter face?”

“It’s naturally a good thing that the one who sent people to kidnap Mo Chu wasn’t a member of the Ning Family,” Zhong Wen sighed. “But then, who could the culprit be?”

Obviously, the clues were cut off at this point!

“I’ve thought about this problem before.” Hearing that, the smile on Ning Yiyuan’s face faded a little. “Could it be that we made a mistake in the direction before, such as Qiao Hongmei dropping the badge she bought, or giving it to someone else?”

Previously, he had already asked Ning Qian. Her badge was still in the terminal and had never been used. So, the biggest possibility was still Qiao Hongmei!

“That’s right!” Hearing this, Zhong Wen’s eyes could not help but light up. “How did we forget about this back then?”

Qiao Hongmei had indeed bought the badge, but that didn’t mean that the person wearing the badge in the photo was her!

“Boss, let’s go and ask again.” Zuo Lin looked excited. Since this was not done by the Ning Family, they would have nothing to worry about when they investigated.

“Okay.” Ning Yiyuan nodded.

In the Military Academy, Zhong Wen and Zuo Lin brought Qiao hongmei out with a tough attitude, attracting a lot of attention.

“What are you doing!” Qiao Hongmei’s charming face was full of anger as she stared at the two of them.

These two people relied on Ning Yiyuan’s support to directly inform the school and bring her out of the classroom! They did not even think about what kind of bad association this scene would have in the eyes of others!

“We have something to talk to you about.” Zhong Wen and Zuo Lin had a business-like appearance at this moment, and their tone was slightly cold. “I hope you can cooperate.”

“Tell me, what is it?” Qiao Hongmei bit her lip and asked in a low voice. She had no choice but to accept the situation!

“You bought this badge, didn’t you?” Zuo Lin showed the photo of the badge on the terminal and stared at Qiao Hongmei.

“That’s right.” Qiao hongmei tilted her head and glanced at the screen. “I bought this badge half a month ago. You came to me with such a big show just for this?”

Zhong Wen and Zuo Lin looked at each other and took out another photo. Their tone was slightly cold, “The woman in this photo is the real culprit who sent people to abduct and sell Mo Chu. We found that she was wearing the badge you bought!”

“What?” Hearing that, Qiao Hongmei’s expression changed and anger rose. “From what you said, you’re suspecting that I’m the real culprit?”

“Are you kidding me?” Qiao Hongmei glared at the two of them with disdain, “There are many similar designs for this badge. How can it prove that I’m related? Besides, I didn’t leave that street on Lovers’ Day, so how could I have kidnapped Mo Chu?”

“So!” Zhong Wen’s expression changed as he shouted sternly, “We’re asking for the direction of this badge. If you can’t cooperate, then we will have no choice but to report you!”

The matter of Mo Chu had already attracted a lot of attention in the Federation. Under the fury of the crowd, as long as the name Qiao Hongmei was linked to this matter, she would be drowned in saliva the next day!

“Don’t think of threatening me.” Qiao Hongmei raised her eyes. Even though she said that, the fear on her face was obvious. “That’s right, I did buy this badge, but I gave it to someone else.”

“Who did you give it to?” Zuo Lin leaned forward slightly and asked hurriedly.

“Qiao Shan!” Qiao hongmei glanced at the two of them. “I gave this badge to Qiao Shan. Oh right, don’t you guys still know each other?”

Hearing that, Zuo Lin and Zhong Wen’s expressions could not help but change drastically!

Qiao Shan?

How could it be her?

After Qiao Hongmei left, the two of them were still a little dizzy. Could there be some misunderstanding?

How could it be Qiao Shan? They had been together for some time before, but they didn ot realize that Qiao Shan was such a person!

“Boss,” no matter how shocked they were, Zuo Lin still did not forget to report this matter to Ning Yiyuan. “We asked Qiao Hongmei, and she said that she transferred the badge… to Qiao Shan!”

On the other end of the terminal, Ning Yiyuan froze…

Qiao Shan?

As if he suddenly remembered something, Ning Yiyuan’s expression changed drastically. He said sternly, “Hurry up and find Mo Chu!”


Before Zuo Lin could react, Zhong Wen suddenly understood. He grabbed Zuo Lin and ran outside. If Qiao Shan was really the culprit, she could have sent people to kidnap and sell Mo Chu. How could she let her off now?

After hanging up, Ning Yiyuan immediately called Mo Chu, but he could not get through… His heart tightened! He grabbed his clothes and ran outside!

Before he could catch his breath, Zhong Wen and Zuo Lin knocked on Mo Chu’s door.

It was Mo Yang who opened the door. Seeing the two of them in such a sorry state, he was stunned and asked curiously, “What… happened to you?”

“No time to talk.” Zuo Lin waved his hand vigorously and stared at Mo Yang expectantly. “Where’s Little Chu? Is Little Chu at home?”

“No.” However, to the disappointment of the two of them, Mo Yang shook his head and pointed outside. “Little Chu just went out for a while. Why, are you looking for her?”

“Where did she go?” Before he could explain to Mo Yang, Zhong Wen’s tone was filled with anxiety.

“It seems like… someone asked her out.” Mo Yang frowned as he could tell that something was wrong from their strange behavior. He asked anxiously, “Why? Did something happen?”

“It’s over!” Zuo Lin clenched his fists. They were a step too late!

On the other side, in a small house in the demon region.

“Isn’t this place nice?” Qiao Shan asked coldly. Her stern expression was exactly the same as before.

“Yes, it’s very beautiful!” Mo Chu glanced to the side with surprise in his eyes. She had never thought that there would be someone who would be so creative. They had built such a small room in the Magical Region. It was exquisite and moving, and the scenery was also very good.

“Awoo –” After sitting here for a short while, Roundy was already impatient. In addition to being attracted by the scenery outside, she was now rushing out with all her might. If it was not for Mo Chu dragging her along, this little guy would have run out to have fun long ago.

“I’m sorry.” Mo Chu smiled apologetically at Qiao Shan. “This guy is very persistent. I had no choice but to bring it out.”

“It’s okay.” Qiao Shan shook her head and glanced at Roundy. “Why don’t you let it go out to play? Don’t worry, the safety of the recent Magical Region is guaranteed.”

Mmm… staring at Roundy who was making a fuss in her arms, Mo Chu rubbed her forehead helplessly. She was not worried about Roundy. On the contrary, she was afraid that it would get high and destroy the house!

“Alright.” Mo Chu patted Roundy’s little head lightly. She could not be too explicit outside, so she could only remind it softly, “You’ll come back after playing for a while, understand?”

Mo Chu loosened her grip, and Roundy hopped out.

Not long after, the fair and tender figure disappeared without a trace.

“Miss Mo is really caring.” Qiao Shan could not help but sigh when she saw this scene, but Mo Chu could not see her expression on her lowered head.

“It’s alright.” Mo Chu smiled. Her curved brows and eyes were really likable. “However, why did you ask me out?”

When he received Qiao Shan’s message, Mo Chu was still a little surprised, but in the end, she still came out.

“Yes.” Qiao Shan nodded. “I’m here to talk to you about the kidnapping case previously.”

Hearing this, Mo Chu furrowed her brows. Didn’t they say that this case was no longer under her control? Why would she bring this up now?

“Don’t mind me.” Qiao Shan smiled faintly, as if she wanted to show some kindness towards Mo Chu. “I’m a stubborn person. I always have the desire to find out things that I don’t understand. That’s why I contacted you.”

Seeing the smile on Qiao Shan’s face, Mo Chu could not relax. Instead, she felt some goosebumps on her back. After all, she had finally put on a serious face, and now she suddenly had a smile on her face, she felt that something was wrong!

“Okay, sure, please ask.” Mo Chu raised her head and subconsciously touched the terminal.

“You’re really sharp!” Suddenly, Qiao Shan laughed lightly. Her eyes changed instantly, with a hint of arrogance and disdain. “No wonder that guy Ning Yiyuan fell in love with you! Tsk tsk!”

Mo Chu’s hands stopped moving! It was only now that he realized that her terminal signal was blocked and could not be used. Not only that, her body also began to become numb and stiff.

This woman, Qiao Shan…

“However, looking at it this way, I feel that you’re actually quite stupid!” Qiao Shan blinked, her expression strange. “You’ve already fallen for it once before, and now you’ve fallen into the same trap again!”

She had already said it so clearly, what else did Mo Chu not understand?

She glanced down slightly, and a pair of familiar white high heels entered his eyes. His blurry memory seemed to have been pulled away from the white veil in front of him, and it suddenly became clear! This pair of shoes, this figure…

“The person who sent people to kidnap me was you!”

Mo Chu slumped on the chair, his eyes slightly focused.

“Yeah!” Qiao Shan nodded. “Thanks to the details you told me before, I have experience this time. I increased the content of the knockout drug by a quite a bit. How do you feel? The effect should be pretty good!”

Mo Chu’s expression changed! Thinking about how she had even told her the details, she suddenly felt a wave of frustration. “What… What are you trying to do?”

“What do you think?!” Qiao Shan smiled and took a few steps forward. The light in her eyes was strange and hard to distinguish. “I just think that you’re too annoying, so I want to get rid of you!”

“Annoying?” Mo Chu narrowed his eyes and asked softly, “Why?”

“Hehe!” Qiao Shan saw through Mo Chu’s trick at a glance. “Don’t think of stalling with me. I’m telling you, it’s useless!”

Hearing this, Mo Chu could not help but frown.

“But, you probably don’t know yet, right?” Qiao Shan took two steps closer and stretched out her hand to pinch Mo Chu’s chin, “Ning Yiyuan investigated for more than half a month, and in the end, he actually investigated his own family members! He used to be a wise person, but now that he met you, he was actually blinded!”

“However, he should be suspecting me now, right?” Qiao Shan’s lips curled up, and there was a hint of excitement in her tone. “But so what?”

As she said that, Qiao Shan jerked Mo Chu’s chin away, and there was a deep fingerprint on her fair skin, dark blue and purple!

“Tsk tsk, your skin is so tender. I only pinched it lightly, and it left such a deep imprint?” Qiao Shan chuckled softly, “But it’s fine. Once you’re swallowed by the magical beasts here, all your problems will be solved.”

“Even if Ning Yiyuan suspects me, he can’t produce any concrete evidence. In the end, he can only let it go.” Qiao Shan’s eyes lit up. “After a period of time, this matter will be forgotten. He will still need a wife, and that person can only be me!”

“Crazy woman!” After hearing her long list of words, Mo Chu could only give this two-word evaluation!

“What did you say?” Hearing this, the smile on Qiao Shan’s face was covered. Suddenly, she stretched out her hand and pulled Mo Chu’s hair tightly, slamming it into the table at the side!

Bang bang —

The sound rang out, but when it entered Qiao Shan’s ears, it was as moving as the sound of nature! Her exquisite face broke into a big smile, filled with blood and cruelty!

At this moment, Qiao Shan had already torn off her stern and rigid face, and the cruelty in her bones instantly burst out!

When she saw that Mo Chu’s forehead was covered in blood from the collision, she stopped and said with a smile, “Very good, such a strong smell of blood, it should be able to attract the magical beasts very soon.”

With a light laugh, Qiao Shan clapped her hands.

A man walked in from outside and lifted Mo Chu up with an expressionless face. He strode to the center of the Magical Region and threw her on the ground. Qiao Shan followed behind him slowly, when she saw the magical plants and magical beasts around her, she could not help but raise her eyebrows slightly. She gestured to the man and said, “Alright, let’s go.”

With Mo Chu’s current condition, it would not take long for her to be divided up by these magical plants and magical beasts that were eyeing her like a tiger eyeing its prey. There would probably not even be a little bit of meat left! There was no need for her to stay here anymore.

“Yes.” The man nodded in agreement.

When the two of them left, the magical beasts beside them immediately stared at Mo Chu with bloodshot eyes. Some of the magical beasts even licked up all the fresh blood that she had dripped along the way!

The thick blood covered most of Mo Chu’s field of vision. However, the heavy breathing sounds around her made her unable to help but feel apprehensive. What kind of state she was in now was already clear as day.

After a long while, there were finally a few magical beasts that could not resist Mo Chu’s oppressive fragrance. They rubbed against the ground and strode towards her. There were also a large portion that did not dare to act rashly because of the aura of the Blood Luminaries Beast that Roundy had left on her body.

Perhaps she had learned her lesson from the last time, Qiao Shan had used enough knockout powder this time. At this moment, other than breathing, Mo Chu could not even move an inch, let alone use the terminal to contact other people.

At this moment, a magical beast was staring at Mo Chu with its mouth wide open. At a glance, one could see its fangs that were filled with the scent of blood, sharp and threatening.

The closer she got to Mo Chu, the stronger the scent of spiritual essence on her body, tempting one’s soul! Finally, a magical beast could not hold back anymore. Its eyes flashed with a cruel and greedy light, and it suddenly bit towards Mo Chu!

Mo Chu’s eyes widened, and his heartbeat seemed to have stopped at this moment!

“Ao ——!”

Suddenly, a fierce roar sounded!

A beast’s howl resounded throughout the entire Magical Region!

When all the magical beasts heard this sound, they could not help but stop their actions. They looked behind with a humble attitude. The magical beast that was about to bite Mo Chu was even more frightened. All the fur on its body trembled violently!

“Blood Luminescent Beast!” Qiao Shan, who had already walked far away, could not help but pause her footsteps when she heard this sound. She raised her brows slightly. Why would the Blood Luminescent Beast appear here?

After thinking about it, the smile on her lips became even wider. “Didn’t the internet say that she was a ‘Lucky Star’? Encountering a Blood Luminescent Beast is much worse than other magical beasts. She would be tortured to death!”

The man standing next to her was like a shadow. He was silent.

However, at this moment, Mo Chu, who Qiao Shan had imagined should have died a miserable death, was being carried by the enlarged version of Roundy. When it looked at her, its eyes were filled with heartache. Little Chu was already bleeding. It should be very painful, right? Who was it? Even I could not bear to hurt Little Chu, yet someone actually made her so miserable!

Roundy’s gaze was exceptionally cold! It swept a cold glance to the side, and the magical beasts that were seen by Roundy shuddered. Their necks shrunk back, afraid that they would be targeted by Roundy. As for the magical beast that had previously tried to eat Mo Chu, it was already badly beaten up by Roundy. At this moment, it was leaning to the side, crying out in pain!

That’s right! Seeing Mo Chu’s miserable state, Roundy’s eyes suddenly flashed. It took out a few fruits from its two pockets, broke them and fed them to Mo Chu.

The effects of these fruits were obvious. Very soon, Mo Chu could move. The first thing she did was to contact Mo Yang.

“Little Chu, where did you run off to? You scared me to death… What happened to you?” When he saw the bloodstains on Mo Chu’s face, Mo Yang’s expression changed, and his voice trembled slightly.

Mo Chu did not explain further. She just told him the coordinates of this place and turned off the video call. She half leaned against Roundy’s back and closed his eyes to rest. No matter how good the effect of this fruit was, it still needed time. She was still extremely weak!

In the end, not long after, a series of rumbling sounds could be heard.

“What happened?” Mo Chu opened her eyes and her gaze was slightly focused.

“Ao ao –” Roundy’s large palm slapped the ground, his expression was indifferent. It was nothing, it was just a small Beast Tide!

On the other hand, the magical beasts at the side could not help but reveal some shock on their faces. As the sound approached, they were already trembling. However, when they looked at Roundy, Roundy did not seem to care.

A Beast Tide?

Roundy, on the other hand, acted as if it did not matter! This gave Mo Chu a huge shock! No matter how lacking her common sense was, she would not be unaware of this.

The frequency of the Beast Tide was uncertain, and the region was uncertain. However, every time a Beast Tide appeared, it would cause a large number of casualties and equipment damage!

During the Beast Tide, groups of magical beasts would swarm towards the human settlements, gnawing, damaging, and destroying! It could be said that once they heard these two words, everyone’s expression would change!

At this moment, Roundy had a carefree expression. Seeing that Mo Chu had already recovered quite a bit, his expression also relaxed a little. With a wave of his tail, a thick and heavy slap landed on the body of the magical beast that had attempted to swallow Mo Chu.

Mo Chu turned her head to take a look. Aiyo! That small appearance was really pitiful! The magical beast from before had completely become a doll in Roundy’s hand. Roundy played around with it and ravaged it.

The rumbling sounds were getting closer and closer. Looking around, one could already see a black mass of magical beasts rushing over!

Roundy pulled Mo Chu into its embrace and stood quietly in the middle of the road.

Then, Mo Chu saw that when the group of unstoppable magical beasts approached Roundy. They swiftly slowed down, then obediently avoided it, taking a detour and sprinting forward! Thus, the two of them became an eye-catching vacuum zone!

“Hmm…” Mo Chu blinked.

Roundy used to be a foodie acting cute, she had almost forgotten that it had such a domineering scene! Looking at it today, its power did not decrease at all!

Meeting Mo Chu’s astonished gaze, Roundy instantly raised its head and proudly stretched its neck. Hmph! That’s right! I am such a wild and powerful! However, that short and thick tail that swayed revealed its proud nature!

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