The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 311 - I Didn’t Do It!

Chapter 311: I Didn’t Do It!

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Ning Family’s old mansion.

“What? You Little Bastard, you’re finally willing to come back?”

Elder Ning put down the cup in his hand and glared at Ning Yiyuan who was striding in. His tone was filled with resentment and dissatisfaction.

In the past, although this grandson was busy, he would return to the old mansion at least once a week. Now, he had not set foot in the house for almost a month. If he had not called him several times this time, this brat would probably still be outside!

Ning Yiyuan did not reply. He only nodded slightly at Elder Ning.

Looking at Ning Yiyuan from top to bottom, Elder Ning suddenly frowned and said with disdain, “What are you wearing? You’re all wrinkled and the color isn’t good. Hurry up and change.”

Although Ning Yiyuan did not live in the old mansion for a long time, there was a fixed room upstairs that belonged to him. There were all kinds of things inside, including clothes, shoes, and hats.

Ning Yiyuan lowered his head and covered the deep look in his eyes. He asked softly, “Grandpa, why did you… ask me to come back?”

“Enough, cut the crap! Why do you ask so many questions?” Elder Ning glared at him and said vaguely, “Hurry up and change your clothes. Don’t waste time!”

Seeing Ning Yiyuan standing still in the living room, Elder Ning’s anger burst out again. “What? You don’t even listen to me now?”

“No.” Ning Yiyuan shook his head slightly.

“No? What do you mean no? You’re a tough kid now. During the meeting, I tried my best to signal you with my eyes, but you still dared to make a bet with Song Tiancheng.” Elder Ning was furious. The veins on his neck popped out. “Don’t you know what kind of person he is?”

“Just watch! He will definitely trip you up. You better think about what you should do! Don’t let others make you fool and become the joke of the entire Federation. I won’t care about you!”

After he finished shouting, Elder Ning did not even take a break.

He had shouted until his face was red and his neck was thick. However, when he looked up and saw Ning Yiyuan’s expressionless face, he could not help but feel angry. What was wrong with him? I’ve said so much, but you did not listen to a single word?

“Grandfather, I have something…” Ning Yiyuan took a deep breath and was about to speak, but was mercilessly interrupted by Elder Ning. He waved his hand at him. “Alright, if there’s anything, change your clothes first!”

Seeing the stubborn expression on Elder Ning’s face, Ning Yiyuan could only pause and turn around to walk upstairs.

After a long while, when Ning Yiyuan changed his clothes and came down, the old man nodded in satisfaction.

Yes! Not bad. After changing his clothes, he immediately became much more energetic!

Exactly! Ning Yiyuan was wearing a black suit. The simple style fully displayed the advantages of his strong waist and long legs. Coupled with his handsome face, he was definitely a handsome man!

“Let’s go.” Elder Ning stood up, tidied up his clothes, and strode out.

“Grandpa, I have something to do…” Ning Yiyuan’s voice became deeper and deeper as he followed behind the old man. It was like the ice and snow on the surface of a volcano. It would only take a little time for them to break through the ice and explode!

Sitting on the Drive Machine, the old man turned his head and stared at Ning Yiyuan. “Now, you better focus. As for other things, we’ll talk about it when we come back.” As soon as he said that, Elder Ning turned his head away, he looked like he was resting peacefully.

Ning Yiyuan opened his mouth a few times, but in the end, he swallowed his words. However, he could not help but feel a little confused. What was the old man planning to do with such a big show?

When the Drive Machine stopped and followed the old man into the reception hall, Ning Yiyuan’s expression could not help but change slightly. He finally understood what his grandfather was planning!

In the bright reception hall, the elegant and beautiful men and women all had hypocritical smiles on their faces. As they toasted each other, a faint fragrance floated.

“What, you were also forced by your old man to come here?” Seeing Ning Yiyuan’s figure, Qin Shang took a few steps forward. Under the illumination of the lights, his exquisite and flawless face looked even more attractive. However, the malicious smile on the corner of his mouth revealed his schadenfreude.

“What… What’s going on?” Ning Yiyuan’s face turned cold as he asked coldly. Then, he turned his head and used a cold gaze to force a woman who was trying to get close to him away.

“What else could be going on?” Qin Shang laughed softly and reached out to pat Ning Yiyuan’s shoulder. “Isn’t it just a gathering of aristocratic families?”

The people here were all from the Federation’s top family connections. Everyone had the idea of keeping the benefits to themselves. Looking around, Qin Shang raised his eyebrows and a mocking smile appeared on his lips. If there were no accidents, his future wife should also be one of them…

Hearing this, Ning Yiyuan clenched his fists!

Aristocratic family social gathering?

What was Grandfather thinking? He actually brought him here!

“I’m sorry, I still have something to do, so I’ll go first…” Ning Yiyuan’s expression turned cold. Just as he was about to turn around and leave, he was stopped by Elder Ning. “Yiyuan, come over.”

Ning Yiyuan stopped in his tracks and glanced at Elder Ning. His brows creased and he walked towards them.

“Grandfather, what’s the matter?” Ning Yiyuan raised his eyes slightly. The aura that he exuded made these old men’s eyes light up! Especially the Qin Family’s Patriarch, Qin Dafeng, who directly stretched out his hand and slapped him fiercely. He praised, “Not bad, you’re a good little fellow!”

“Thank you.” Hearing this, Ning Yiyuan could not help but put on a smile, slightly bowing to Qin Dafeng. Towards this cheerful elder of the Qin Family, he was still very respectful.

As expected, seeing Ning Yiyuan’s action, Patriarch Qin’s expression became much more cheerful. He laughed a few times at his old friend, Ning Deguo, and said with appreciation, “Look, this grandson of yours is much stronger than you!”

“That’s enough!” Elder Ning rolled his eyes at him and turned to look at Qiao Shan, who was standing quietly at the side. His face could not help but soften, “This is the first time you’ve attended such an event, Young Lady! Don’t be afraid. Let Ning Yiyuan take care of you!”

After saying that, he gave his grandson a look. “I heard that you and Qiao Shan are students from the same Military Academy batch. Well… take care of her!”

This was probably the first time Elder Ning had acted as a matchmaker for someone. His words and actions were filled with strangeness, and everyone could see his intentions at a glance.

Hearing that, Ning Yiyuan’s expression froze. Then, he took a huge step back and distanced himself from Qiao Shan, “I’m sorry, I already have someone I like. However, there are still many outstanding men present. I can introduce them to you.”

Hearing this, Elder Ning immediately frowned! Just as he was about to open his mouth, he noticed Qin Dafeng winking at him. He endured it for a while, but in the end, he did not say anything. He just smiled at Qiao Shan and said, “Well, this grandson of mine has a stubborn temper. Alright, you guys go and play first!”

Qiao Shan had changed from her usual gloomy attire. Her light yellow gown instantly revealed her curvaceous figure. In addition to her exquisite face, only a little makeup was applied, her beauty was enough to suppress the allure of many women present.

This appearance really made many men in the venue restless. However, when they saw Ning Yiyuan’s figure, they could not help but sigh and hide their little plans.

“Let’s go.” Qiao Shan stepped on a pair of high heels of the same color and said softly to Ning Yiyuan.

Ning Yiyuan did not reply and just walked silently in front. However, the rejection and indifference on his entire body was unmistakable.

“You should be very clear about their plans, right?” Qiao Shan’s beautiful face was still expressionless, and her words sounded a little shriveled, which made Ning Yiyuan feel a lot more at ease.

“Yes,” Ning Yiyuan replied in a low voice. He looked out of the window and could not help but think of that little girl, Mo Chu. He did not know what she was doing at this moment.

“Are you thinking about Miss Mo?” A sudden question rang out. Qiao Shan paused for a moment and tilted her head slightly. “You should be very clear that a family like ours will not allow you to marry someone else.”

“So?” Ning Yiyuan replied faintly.

“I’m not interested in you… either.” Qiao Shan looked at Ning Yiyuan’s figure. Talking about marriage was like talking about a business deal. “But, it’s impossible for me to remain unmarried, and it is the same for you. How about we make a couple?! As for Miss Mo, I don’t care about her existence. Of course, if I have someone I like, I hope you can turn a blind eye to it.”

Ning Yiyuan chuckled and turned his head. His eyes glistened so brightly that no one dared to look at him. “I’m sorry, my wife will only be Mo Chu!”

Qiao Shan was not angry that she was being looked down upon so blatantly. She just turned around and raised her eyebrows. “Do you think… You have the right to make the decision?”

As far as their eyes could see, Elder Ning was pouring bitter water on his old friend.

Ning Yiyuan’s reputation in the circle had always been very good. Elder Ning naturally felt that he had a good reputation too. This grandson of his had been following him for most of the time. Elder Ning had definitely spent as much effort on him as his own son, Ning Zhenhai!

Initially, he thought that he was very outstanding in all areas and did not need to worry about him. He did not expect that this kid would actually do such a thing!

“What’s there to be angry about?” Qin Dafeng shook his head helplessly. “Who doesn’t know about this kid Yiyuan? It’s just that he fell in love with a little girl, do you have to be so angry?”

Turning his head to look at Qin Shang in the venue, and then thinking about Qin Yue who was still single, Qin Dafeng could not help but reveal a bitter expression and sigh in a low voice, “At least your grandson is enlightened. Look at those grandsons of mine. They aren’t in a hurry at all! I’m hoping that they can find a woman to marry as soon as possible, but none of them have made any moves!”

“If they are moved, I can accept even a child from an ordinary family.”Compared to Elder Ning, Qin Dafeng was much more open-minded.”

“It’s not the same!” Elder Ning glared at his old friend and said, “Your family has many grandchildren. It doesn’t matter if you have a granddaughter-in-law from an ordinary family. However, my family only has Yiyuan as a direct descendant. If the level of the wife he found is not high, the talent of this descendant will naturally not be high! Wouldn’t the future of the Qiao Family gradually fall?”

Hearing these words, Qin Dafeng also understood his difficulties and could not help but nod.

This was really a problem that every family had!

“However,” Qin Dafeng glanced at the two people standing by the window and frowned slightly. “Aren’t you not on good terms with that old man from the Qiao Family? Why do you still want to pair Qiao Shan with your grandson?”

“Sigh!” Elder Ning sighed softly. “There aren’t many girls in the circle. I’ve looked around and only this girl is suitable. Although she is a child of the Qiao Family, her character is completely different from theirs!”

“Moreover, the old man from the Qiao Family also came to look for me previously. What he told me also made sense,” Elder Ning added. He also knew a bit about the reason behind it.

As the Domineering Roundy’s Spirit Food became well-known in the Federation, the people of the Qiao Family began to worry. They even spent a high price to buy it several times at the auction house. They had originally planned to let their family’s pill master dissect the formula of the ingredients. However, after spending such a long time, they still could not find any clues!

They were also anxious in their hearts. They might as well take this opportunity to hug the Ning Family tightly and add another layer of insurance for themselves.

“Tsk tsk.” Staring at the situation where Ning Yiyuan and Qiao Shan were getting along in the corner, Qin Dafeng could not help but shake his head and sigh. “It’s probably very difficult for these two to get along and succeed in becoming a couple!”

“Let’s give it a try first!” Elder Ning was also helpless. This grandson of his was really strange. Previously, he was as unmoved as a machine and had no reaction to women at all. Now, he had fallen in love with a girl. He really couldn’t stop it no matter how hard he tried!

“Hey!” Qin Dafeng suddenly frowned. “Why did your kid leave first?”


Hearing the sound, Elder Ning’s face could not help but change!

What’s wrong with this kid? He just threw Qiao Shan aside and left?

“I have to go take a look!” Waving to his old friend, Elder Ning also hurried over.

Elder Ning could not Stop Ning Yiyuan from leaving, so they had to leave together in the end.

When the two grandfather and grandson sat on the Drive Machine, the atmosphere suddenly became tense.

It was not until they returned to the old house and saw Ning Yiyuan’s back as he turned around and left that the anger hidden in Elder Ning’s heart suddenly burst out! “What in the world are you trying to do? Huh?”

Ning Yiyuan shut his eyes fiercely and then replied in a deep voice, “I just want to be with Mo Chu. Is it so… difficult?”

“Difficult?” Hearing this, elder Ning became even angrier. “This is impossible. I will never agree to it! What’s so good about that little girl? Look at how she charmed you!”

Ever since he found out that Ning Yiyuan had fallen in love with a 16 or 17-year-old celebrity, Elder Ning had sent people to investigate.

Naturally, he also knew that Ning Yiyuan had put aside his official duties to become an instructor in the Military Academy. In order to please this girl, he had even gone to the end to purchase the precious Black Energy Stone. In the end, he had even gone to look for her. He had used his authority and power to seal off District 3 for four hours!

If it was in the past, he would never have believed that this was something his grandson would do. But now, the truth was right in front of him, and he had no choice but to believe it!

He did not have a good impression of this girl, Mo Chu!

“Ha!” Ning Yiyuan laughed softly and looked up at Elder Ning. “You still dislike Little Chu? She never accepted me! Did you change the order of priority?”

“What!” Hearing this, Elder Ning’s brows immediately rose. He had always thought that it was that girl, Mo Chu, who was pestering his grandson. Why did he suddenly feel that the situation was not right when he heard this?

“Does this stupid girl have good taste? You’re so good, and she still dares to reject you?” It had always been the Ning Family who picked on others, and no one else had picked on them! Moreover, his grandson was so outstanding, yet this girl was still unwilling to pick him? Was her brain damaged?

When the adjutant next to him grunted twice, Elder Ning realized that his thinking had gone astray. He could not help but cough twice and change the topic, “Since that girl doesn’t know what’s good for her, don’t get entangled with her! I think Qiao Shan is a good girl, so you should spend more time with her…”

“Enough!” Ning Yiyuan suddenly roared and interrupted the old man. When he saw the astonishment on his face, he stretched out his hand to wipe his face and said in a low voice, “I’m sorry, Grandfather.”

“There’s something I want to tell you… Forget it, you can read it yourself.” Ning Yiyuan passed a copy of the information on the terminal to the old man. “If the investigation is true, I’ll deal with it impartially.”

“What is this? You’re giving it to me…?” Ning Deguo paused and stared at the information in his hand.

“Grandfather!” Ning Yiyuan stood in front of the old man. His eyes were filled with pain. “I really like her. I want to give her all the beautiful things in this world, but I never thought that the person who hurt her like this would be someone from the Ning Family!”

When he heard this news, Ning Yiyuan felt as if his heart had been crushed into a ball. It was soaked in rotten water and was riddled with holes!

“This… have you investigated it clearly?” After reading the information in his hands, the old man could not help but frown, his hands slightly trembling. “Could it be a mistake?”

“I also hope it’s a mistake.” Ning Yiyuan sighed softly. “But, the facts are the facts!”

“Bring… bring this girl to me, I’ll ask her myself!” Elder Ning shouted sternly, his eyes shining brightly! Although he did not like Mo Chu, he never had any intention of hurting anyone, let alone abducting and selling her!

Zuo Lin and the others had already caught the girl’s identity. To be cautious, they had also investigated the girl’s whereabouts at that time, but no one could testify for her.

“Hurry up and go!” Elder Ning shouted at his adjutant, his brows raised. The adjutant had no idea what had happened and looked a little lost.

“Phew.” Elder Ning took a deep breath. “You, you go and bring Ning Qian here! Now!”

“Yes.”Although the adjutant didn’t understand, he quickly brought her over.

“Grandfather Ning, why are you looking for me?”

The Ning Family was not very fertile, and girls were even rarer. Although Ning Qian was only a collateral family member, she often saw Elder Ning and would play coquettishly in front of him to please him. At this moment, she still did not know why she was called here.

As soon as she arrived, she sat beside Ning Deguo. Her small, delicate face broke into a smile and she kept moving closer to Elder Ning.

When her gaze fell on Ning Yiyuan, her eyes lit up. “Brother Ning, you’re back!”

She did not notice that the atmosphere in the room was almost stagnant. Ning Qian still stood up and walked towards Ning Yiyuan, ready to use this opportunity to get closer to him.

“Get lost!” Ning Yiyuan glanced at her. The coldness in his eyes made Ning Qian feel cold. She stood there obediently and did not dare to move again.

“Grandpa… Grandpa Ning, look at Brother Ning’s attitude.” Ning Qian rolled her eyes and tried to curry favor with Elder Ning. “He almost scared me. As expected of the only Marshal in the Federation. He is so intimidating!”

“Tell me, did you do it?” Elder Ning turned his head and asked in a cold tone.

“What?” Ning Qian was confused by Elder Ning’s confusing question.

Ning Yiyuan raised his head and glanced at her. He could not help but frown!

This innocent expression was quite convincing! Either she had nothing to do with Mo Chu’s kidnapping, or she was extremely good at acting! Of course, Ning Yiyuan trusted the latter more.

“What is it?” Ning Yiyuan stared at her coldly, as if she was looking at a dead person. “What else can it be other than Mo Chu?”

Ning Qian panicked for a second when she heard this, but she quickly composed herself and forced a smile on her face. “Brother Ning, what… What are you talking about? I don’t understand!”

Ning Qian’s expression changed quite quickly. If it was anyone else, they might have been fooled by her appearance. However, she was facing Ning Yiyuan and Elder Ning now. which one of them did not have burning eyes, how could they be fooled by her little trick?

“You don’t have to quibble anymore!” Ning Yiyuan could not even be bothered to give her a look. His tone was cold. “I have evidence of you sending people to kidnap Little Chu. Just wait for a few days before you go to the Federation Court!”

Federation… Federation Court? Hearing this, Ning Qian was scared silly and fell to the ground!

“Ning Yiyuan, shut up!” Hearing this, Elder Ning frowned. “Do you really want to send Ning Qian to the Court?”

“Or what?” Ning Yiyuan chuckled. “Do I still want to keep this crazy woman here?”

“I’ll deal with her.” Elder Ning could not stand this kind of thing, so he naturally would not tolerate it. However, he looked further into the future, “But once she’s brought to court, the nature of this matter will be completely different!”

Initially, Ning Qian did this because it was her personal problem. However, now that Mo Chu’s matter had become too big, once the identity of the murderer at the center of the storm was revealed, this matter would become a stain on the Ning Family. It could even be used as an opportunity to smear the Ning Family!

“I am very clear about the consequences.” Ning Yiyuan nodded and raised his brows. “Even so, I will let her receive the punishment she deserves!”

“You! For that woman, you don’t even care about your entire family and your own career?” Elder Ning was infuriated by Ning Yiyuan’s words and his entire face turned red.

“These aren’t good enough reasons for me to stop.” Ning Yiyuan glanced at Elder Ning and said indifferently.

“Hmph! That little girl is really an evil spirit!” His grandson from before was so obedient, but now he had become like this! It must be that little girl Mo Chu’s doing! Thinking of this, Elder Ning was so angry that he did not know what to say.

Evil spirit?

Ning Yiyuan raised his eyes and showed some pain. Little Chu did not do anything, but he was called evil spirit? “Grandfather, why don’t you think about why Ning Qian attacked Little Chu? Why does she have the confidence to send people to kidnap her?”

Hearing this, Elder Ning could not help but be stunned. Previously, he was so angry that he completely forgot to investigate the reason. Now that he thought about it, he understood the reason.

“It’s because you don’t like Little Chu, Ning Qian had the courage to hurt Mo Chu just to please you!” Ning Yiyuan chuckled. “Isn’t this too ridiculous?”

Seeing the rare fragility and sadness on Ning Yiyuan’s face, Elder Ning could not say anything. Since he was young, he had never seen his grandson like this..

“No! No!” Ning Qian, who was lying on the ground, was scared silly before. It was only now that she understood what had happened. “I didn’t do it. I didn’t do it!”

The matter was already set in stone. Was Ning Qian still going to deny it?

Ning Yiyuan glanced at her coldly and said in a mocking tone, “Then why did you feel guilty just now?”

“I, cough, cough…” Ning Qian explained nervously, but she choked on her own words because her actions were too hasty. However, it looked extremely guilty to Elder Ning and Ning Yiyuan.

“Enough! If you have something to say, leave it to the court and the judge!” Ning Yiyuan strode out. If it were not for Elder Ning’s face, he would have personally dealt with this woman. When he thought of how she had hurt Little Chu, Ning Yiyuan’s anger and hatred surged in waves.

“It’s really not true! Marshal Ning!” Ning Qian was terrified, she dragged her body forward a few steps and hugged Ning Yiyuan’s ankles tightly as she cried out in pain, “That’s right, previously… previously, in order to please Grandfather Ning, I did find someone to spread rumors at the Military Academy and speak ill of Mo Chu, but… but I definitely don’t dare to kidnap her!”

She was so scared that she cried miserably. Ning Qian’s exquisite makeup from before had been ruined beyond recognition! Seeing her like this, Ning Yiyuan could not help but pause in his footsteps as he walked out. His eyes narrowed slightly… from the looks of it, her words had some credibility!

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