The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 310 - Unexpected (6)

Chapter 310: Unexpected (6)

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After grinding her teeth, Roundy was about to move its mouth to bit Ning Yiyuan’s legs when it met with Mo Chu’s disapproving gaze. Its mouth instantly shriveled. Sob sob, Mo Chu doesn’t love me anymore!

Feeling hurt, Roundy used its claws to rub its sad little heart before running into the room with a face full of despair. However, the moment it entered the room, its expression immediately changed. It immediately ran towards Mo Yang and howled loudly, it was actually preparing to look for its ally!

Indeed, this human and beast that usually did not like each other. However, they could maintain a high level of tacit understanding when facing the outside world in unison.

“Awooo –” Quick, quick, quickly get out! That damned human had come to pester Mo Chu again! Hmm… as for the embarrassing matter of him being forcefully pulled out by that man from Little Chu’s hands, it was better to forget about it!

Seeing the anxious look on Roundy’s face, Mo Yang could not help but be curious. What happened? Weren’t they going out for a stroll? Why did he come back so quickly?

After following behind Roundy, he raised his head and saw Ning Yiyuan carrying Little Chu. Mo Yang’s face instantly darkened! Damn it! Why did this fellow suddenly come here? He even dared to take advantage of my sister at the entrance. His guts are really getting bigger and bigger!

Mo Yang did not stand on ceremony and directly pulled Mo Chu out of Ning Yiyuan’s arms. He stared at him with a dark expression and did not say a word.

Roundy, who was behind him, was very happy now. You were so rude to me just now, but now you’re being treated so badly by Mo Yang that you don’t even dare to say a word.

At the door, other than the joyful Roundy, Mo Yang and Ning Yiyuan did not look too good. Mo Chu glanced at her big brother, then turned his head to look at Ning Yiyuan. Suddenly, she broke the silence, “Um… Ning Yiyuan, why don’t you come in and have a seat?”

Hearing this, Ning Yiyuan’s face relaxed.

On the other hand, Mo Yang’s face darkened even more!

“Little Chu, what did you say just now? The wind was too strong. I didn’t hear it clearly.” Mo Yang tilted his head and looked indifferent.

On the other hand, Mo Chu was amused by her big brother’s serious look while he lied. Where did the wind come from?

Seeing that Little Chu did not give him face and laughed softly, Mo Yang was not angry. He only reached out and patted her head gently. His face was gentle and modest, but when he turned to look at Ning Yiyuan, his face returned to the expression that said ‘get out, you’re not welcomed here’. He said stiffly, “What’s up?”

“Nothing, I just…” Before Ning Yiyuan could finish speaking, Mo Yang interrupted him. He rolled his eyes at Ning Yiyuan in disdain. “If there’s nothing, what are you doing here?”

You even came to take advantage of my Little Chu, you really have guts!

“You’re so good to Little Chu.” Ning Yiyuan exhaled lightly, his gaze gentle. “This, very good.”

Mo Yang was stunned by Ning Yiyuan’s words. What, was he trying to change the path of flattery because he was too thick-skinned? Let me tell you, I won’t fall for this!

“I’ll be good to Little Chu too.” His words were light, but Ning Yiyuan’s eyes were filled with determination.

When he saw Mo Chu’s fair face, the corner of Ning Yiyuan’s mouth curled up. He was about to reach out and touch her cheek, but Mo Yang slapped his hard! It turned out that those words of praise were just a foreshadowing. The most important thing was still to come!

Heh! She was taking a roundabout way to curry favor with Little Chu! This fellow, Ning Yiyuan, was indeed just a sinister wolf! He could not let his guard down for a moment.

“Then… I’ll take my leave first.” After giving Mo Chu a deep look, Ning Yiyuan turned around and left. However, his back seemed to be somewhat resolute.

“Umm…” Mo Chu frowned. Speaking of which, what exactly was Ning Yiyuan doing here today? It was completely baffling!

When Mo Chu told her elder brother about this, Mo Yang’s expression immediately changed, and he took the opportunity to educate her, “Little Chu, these are all common methods used by men to seduce women in the Federation. What do you mean by ‘distant’ and ‘passionate’? These are all tricks. Just remember one thing, don’t believe in any of these methods.”

Looking at her brother’s eloquent manner, Mo Chu could not help but be stunned. The corners of her mouth curled up into a smile. Then, she quickly picked up Roundy who was rubbing against her feet and strode into the room. Hmm… it was better to leave quickly, otherwise, her big brother was going to give her a long lecture!

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