The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 313 - The Beast Tide erupted!

Chapter 313: The Beast Tide erupted!

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“Hurry up!” Ning Yiyuan sat in the passenger seat. The cold air around him made Zuo Lin, who was driving, break out in a cold sweat.

“This… is already very fast!” Glancing at his Boss, Zuo Lin explained in a low voice.At the same time, he glanced at Mo Yang, who was sitting upright behind him. He was slightly worried. This person had not even opened his mouth yet. What were you going to say first?!

When Ning Yiyuan rushed to Mo Chu’s house, he happened to catch them leaving. So, they simply sat in a Drive Machine.

“Too slow.” Ning Yiyuan’s gaze swept across the Drive machine. He frowned and gave the order, “Activate the highest speed!”

Normally, the Drive Machine would have a maximum speed, but it would cause damage to the device itself. Usually, if the maximum speed was used more than three times, the Drive Machine would be directly destroyed. However, Zuo Lin had been specially modified, and the performance was much better than other Drive Machine. Naturally, he did not need to worry about this problem.

“Enough, shut up!” Hearing this, Mo Yang glared coldly at Ning Yiyuan. After learning the whole story, it was difficult for him not to vent his anger on Ning Yiyuan! Now that he heard what he said, his anger rushed straight to his head!

Damn! Zuo Lin blinked his eyes. He was just complaining that this guy was too quiet, but now he had said something so impolite! If this was in the past, who would dare to be so impolite to Ning Yiyuan? They would have been dragged down long ago, but now…

Looking at Mo Yang’s angry eyes, Ning Yiyuan’s eyes narrowed slightly. In the end, he did not say anything. He just tilted his head slightly and looked out of the window.

The atmosphere instantly turned cold. Only the sound of the wind blowing could be heard.

“That… It’s so quiet…” Unable to adapt to the atmosphere, Zuo Lin cleared his throat and raised his voice slightly. Unfortunately, no one responded to him. The Drive Machine remained silent. Zuo Lin licked his lips, the atmosphere became even more awkward. “Then, why don’t we listen to the program’s information?”

As he said that, Zuo Lin opened the internet connection on his Drive Machine.

The standard female voice was broadcasting the latest news. “It is reported that the Magical Region of Yinan of District 5…”

“Sigh, this isn’t interesting.” Zuo Lin smiled. With a slight twist of his hand, he switched to a program that specialized in entertainment jokes to adjust the strange atmosphere. “Welcome, everyone, to listen to more entertainment highlights. Now…”

“Wait!” Ning Yiyuan suddenly turned his head, his gaze slightly focused. “Switch it back!”

“What?” Zuo Lin was stunned for a moment, unable to react.

“Switch it back to that channel!” Ning Yiyuan frowned suddenly and shouted sternly.

“Oh.” Seeing the serious look in his Boss’s eyes, Zuo Lin nodded and hurriedly switched it back.

The clear female voice rang out once again, “Important news, I repeat it again! It was reported that a Beast Tide had occurred in the Magical Region of Yinan of District 3. The scale of the Beast Tide was unclear at the moment. However, those special ability users who heard the news should head to that Magical Region in time and contribute a part of their strength to stop the magical beasts from wreaking havoc! Important news, I repeat it again…”

“The place where Little Chu is… is that Magical Region of Yinan!” When he heard the content of the news clearly, Mo Yang’s face instantly turned pale!

When he was in District 12, he had also experienced a small-scale Beast Tide. He had personally witnessed the surging waves of magical beasts coming towards them like an unstoppable tide. If they wanted to rely on manpower to stop them, it would be extremely difficult!

Although the Beast Tide had only lasted for a day, there were still quite a number of federation citizens who had been crushed into meat paste! Not to mention, all sorts of facilities and houses had been destroyed beyond recognition. It took almost a year of reconstruction before they could return to their usual peaceful lives!

As for Little Chu, she should still be inside!

Ning Yiyuan also furrowed his brows tightly and subconsciously looked at his terminal.

When he saw it, he could not help but be shocked!

Out of a dozen or so video messages, half of them were sent by Elder Ning. There were still dozens of messages below.

Only now did he realize that he had set the terminal to silent mode. In addition, he had been worried about Mo Chu’s situation, so he did not notice the changes on the terminal.

Ning Yiyuan skimmed through the messages. Most of them were urging him to go to the Magical Region of Yinan. He picked a few important replies before he called the old man back.

“Where are you, Kid? Didn’t you see the video?” The old man was furious. “My terminal is about to explode, and you didn’t even have one…”

“I’m on my way to the Magical Region of Yinan,” Ning Yiyuan interrupted the old man and looked at the Drive Machine. “I should be there in ten minutes.”

Ten minutes?

Hearing this, the anger on the old man’s face dissipated a little. “Well, if that’s the case, then you should go and deal with it. I’ll be there soon.”

Ning Yiyuan nodded. “Okay, I got it.”

On the other side, the old man who had hung up suddenly raised his head and asked, “How long do we have before we reach the Magical Region?”

“Report! There should be about 25 minutes left!” the adjutant sitting in the front passenger seat replied respectfully.

“25 minutes? That’s not right!” Elder Ning frowned. He had set off immediately after receiving the news. How could he be slower than Ning Yiyuan and the others? Could it be that this kid had the ability to predict the future?

“What’s wrong?” the adjutant hurriedly turned his head and asked when he heard Elder Ning’s mumble.

“Nothing.” Elder Ning waved his hand and put aside the doubt in his heart. He stared straight ahead. “Try to speed up. I wonder how the situation in the Magical Region is!”

Relatively speaking, it was easier for a Beast Tide to break out at the edge of District 12. The Magical Region at the center of District 3 was small in number and scale. Generally speaking, the possibility of a Beast Tide breaking out was not very high.

However, once it broke out, the losses and casualties would be even greater! After all, the population here was denser, and the total number was not small either!

Before long, the news of the ‘Beast Tide coming’ spread throughout District 3 through various channels, and everyone started to get busy.

Some people were flustered and did not know what to do when they encountered a Beast Tide for the first time in their lives, while others reacted very quickly. They immediately stored their precious items into their terminals and found a hidden place to hide… Of course, this was what ordinary Federation citizens did.

Meanwhile, special ability users had already swarmed towards the Magical Region of Yinan. Why were they usually able to enjoy better resources? It was because they had to do their best at this time. Even the rarely seen disciples of the aristocratic families of the Federation had appeared quite a few times.

Of course, among them, the Qiao Family was an exception.

Although most of their family members cultivated elemental abilities, only a very small number of them had the talent in this area. Most of the others had chosen to join their families after completing their studies and were engaged in the field of pharmaceuticals.

Compared to the worry and anxiety on other people’s faces, the Qiao Family members were slightly excited at this moment!

It was true that during this great calamity, the Qiao Family’s medicinal pills would be in huge demand. It was estimated that once this Beast Tide passed, the Qiao Family’s reputation would rise significantly! It was as if they could already see countless Federation Coins surging towards their family, and their eyes began to shine!

When they reached the Magical Region of Yinan, Zuo Lin immediately stopped.

“How’s the situation?” Ning Yiyuan took large strides down the Drive Machine and walked straight towards the inner circle of the Magical Region. With a glance, he saw the captain of the garrison troops standing at the forefront.

“Marshal!” The captain’s dark green military uniform was already dyed red by fresh blood. Some parts of his uniform had even been lumped together, emitting a thick stench. At this moment, when he heard the sound, he turned around and saw Ning Yiyuan’s figure, his gaze could not help but be delighted as he replied in a deep voice, “Reporting to Marshal! We have already blocked off a small wave of the Beast Tide just now. There aren’t any major problems now.”

“Very good, I understand.” Ning Yiyuan nodded. His expression was slightly focused. The calmness and calmness in his gaze caused the soldiers who had been slightly flustered earlier to all quieten down, “I have already contacted the garrisons of other places. They should arrive in 30 minutes, so… don’t worry.”

Ning Yiyuan did not say anything to boost the morale of the troops. His simple words made all the soldiers calm down, their eyes filled with determination.

“Now, divide the soldiers into three teams and arrange them in order. Once the troops at the front can’t take it anymore, retreat immediately and replace them with the second team.”

“All the injured soldiers must retreat and immediately enter the Treatment Device. Don’t try to be brave!” When he said this, Ning Yiyuan’s gaze was especially cautious.

“You must remember that stopping the Beast Tide is your responsibility.” Sweeping a glance at all the soldiers who were standing at attention, Ning Yiyuan’s tone suddenly rose, “But at the same time, you are also the Federation’s most precious property. You are the most elite troops under me, so don’t fight it head-on. Understand?”

“Understood!” A uniform voice rang out. The soldiers who had looked exhausted a moment ago were now in high spirits. They looked as if they had been injected with stimulants as they stared at Ning Yiyuan with sparkling eyes.

As the order was issued, the soldiers who had been blocking the inner circle of the Magical Region a moment ago were quickly divided into three teams. The laser guns and elemental abilities in their hands were even more ready.

As soon as Ning Yiyuan arrived, the chaotic situation was instantly stabilized.

Mo Yang, who was watching from the side, could not help but be stunned…

Previously, when he and Mo Chu were together, his aura had been completely restrained. It was until now that Mo Yang finally recognized Ning Yiyuan’s identity — he was still the Federation’s most brilliant Marshal. He was a great figure with both wisdom and courage!

Right at this moment, a wave of exclamations came from the front. “Not good, the second wave of Beast Tide is coming!”

As expected, in just a few breaths’time, a black mass of magical beasts had appeared in front of them, surging forward like dark clouds. Their momentum was massive! Even the ground seemed to tremble slightly as they ran!

“Everyone, get ready!” Ning Yiyuan leaped forward, his eyes resolute as he stood at the front of the group. His tall and straight body gave off the aura of one man against ten thousand men!

As Ning Yiyuan made a hand gesture, the soldiers who had long been in sync with each other immediately went into battle preparation mode, forming a stark contrast with the scattered soldiers at the side.

This wave of beasts came menacingly. When they approached, everyone could not help but exclaim in surprise. This group of magical beasts was much stronger than before, and there were even a few tier 8 magical beasts. In an instant, the atmosphere tensed up!

“Charge!” The figure of the magical beasts was already in front of them. Ning Yiyuan’s gaze was slightly cold. The wind blades in his hands shot out one after another, like sharp blades piercing straight into the heart. In the blink of an eye, several magical beasts fell like this! Then, they were mercilessly trampled by the magical beasts behind them, instantly turning into meat paste!

“Charge!” When the soldiers behind saw Marshal Ning’s heroic bearing, their morale was also boosted. The elemental abilities in their hands seemed to be dancing in the sky as they flashed in unison. Coupled with the sound of the laser guns, the scene was truly spectacular, it made people’s hearts surge, and their blood spurted out!

Zuo Lin, Mo Yang, and the others at the back were not idle either. The special abilities in their hands flashed one after another, and they stared at the magical beasts in front of them without blinking, vowing to kill them!

The army was the first line of defense, while they, the special ability users, were the second line of defense. This heavy defense was to prevent those magical beasts that escaped from the net from entering the residential area of District 3!

The battle was still going on!

Both sides were killing with bloodshot eyes!

Smelling the bloody scent of humans, the magical beasts became even more violent. They stared at them greedily, wishing that they could swallow them whole and chew out the taste of their bones, blood, and flesh!

Meanwhile, Ning Yiyuan and the others were killing with bloodshot eyes. They kept throwing out the superpowered abilities in their hands! A long trail of blood spurted out!

Facing this Beast Tide, they could not retreat! They could only face it head-on, and could only fight!

Behind them was the residential area of District 3, where millions of people lived. Once the magical beasts broke through this opening, the consequences would be unimaginable!

“Ah!” One after another, miserable screams sounded in their ears, and blood sprayed all over the ground!

Countless magical beasts swarmed towards the humans, their eyes filled with greed as they stared at them. Their mouths were wide open, ready to gnaw on their fragrant bodies. However, just as they pounced on one of them, they were immediately hit by another human!

One magical beast fell down, and another wave came after another. It was as if there was no end to it, and only slaughter remained! No one turned back, and no one retreated. In their current situation, there was no way out!

“Hold on!” Amidst the wails of slaughter, Ning Yiyuan’s deep voice seemed to enter everyone’s ears, “This wave of beasts won’t last for long!”

Hearing this, everyone could not help but be shocked! After a long battle, Ning Yiyuan’s tired face instantly became energetic!

That’s right, the Beast Tide was not attacking in one go. On the contrary, it was attacking in small waves!

It was just the beginning, so the attack formation would ot be too big, and it would not last for long. In the end, the number of magical beasts would increase, and the strength of the attack would be stronger! However, at that time, they were fully prepared. The deployment of personnel was already in place, so they naturally would not be as helpless as they were now.

Just as Ning Yiyuan had expected, after 20 minutes, the magical beasts began to gradually retreat, and the pressure on them was greatly reduced. “Take a look at the condition of the wounded and calculate the specific situation.”

Ning Yiyuan’s status was the highest, and the strength of the people present was also the strongest. The few high-level magical beasts just now were all dealt with by him, and at this moment, his body was also stained with blood.

“Yes, I’ll go right away!” The army captain nodded and stared at Ning Yiyuan with a face full of admiration. After bathing in blood, the Marshal became even more imposing. It was as if just one breath and one look was enough to make people not dare to stare at him casually!

Very soon, the results of the statistics were out.

Although the intensity of this attack was much stronger than before, because of Ning Yiyuan’s proper arrangements, the casualty rate was actually reduced by half compared to before!

When he heard this number, not only did Ning Yiyuan’s tightly knitted brows not loosen, they were even more tightly knitted! Looking into the distance, this was just the beginning, and the number of casualties was already quite high..

“How are you? Are you alright?” Patting Mo Yang’s shoulder, Zuo Lin’s eyes could not help but reveal a bit of surprise!

Compared to his previous combat strength in District 9, Mo Yang had improved by a lot! Moreover, his elemental ability was the lightning element, so it was extremely powerful. Just now, he had swept through the entire area!

“I’m fine.” Mo Yang shook his head, and his eyes darkened.

He had personally witnessed the power of the Beast Tide just now. Although Roundy was by Little Chu’s side, her situation was still uncertain. As for what the situation was like, it was still unknown…After thinking for a while, Mo Yang raised his head, and with a determined look in his eyes, he strode into the Magical Region!

“Hey, what are you doing?” A soldier in the innermost circle suddenly blocked his way. With a puzzled look in his eyes, he shouted sternly, “There’s a Beast Tide inside now. Why are you still running in? Are you courting death?”

After the attack of the Beast Tide just now, Zhong Wen and Zuo Lin had started to work together to deal with the injured patients. For a moment, they did not look at Mo Yang. When they heard this, they noticed his actions and ran over hurriedly, they grabbed his shoulder. “Mo Yang, what… What are you planning to do?!”

“What else can I do?” Mo Yang pursed his lips and stared at the Magical Region with burning eyes. “I want to go in!”

Little Chu was still inside. He could only breathe a sigh of relief if he could see that she was unharmed.

“Are you crazy?!” Zuo Lin glared at him with pain in his eyes. “Didn’t you see the blood on the ground? Mo Chu is inside. It’s very likely that…”

In the face of such a large-scale natural and man-made disaster, a person’s life and death seemed to have become as insignificant as a grain of sand. When the wind blew, there was no trace of him.

He also hoped that Little Chu could survive, although… the possibility was pitifully small! The most important thing now was the living person. If Mo Yang barged in now, he would definitely die!

“Besides, if Little Chu escaped and successfully avoided this disaster, and you barged in again, wouldn’t the two of them just miss each other?” Zuo Lin’s words caused Mo yang to be slightly stunned.

After thinking for a moment, Mo Yang shook his head and said in a tired tone, “The time difference is too short. Little Chu is also injured, so the chances of her escaping are too small…”

After wiping his face with all his might, Mo Yang raised his head and looked at the Magical Region with a determined gaze. “As long as Little Chu is still inside, I will definitely go look for her! I will definitely not leave her alone!”

As he said that, Mo Yang pushed Zuo Lin away fiercely, his footsteps firm and persistent!

The conversation between the two was not loud, but Ning Yiyuan, who was standing at the very front, could still hear it clearly. His tall and sturdy body shook violently, as if his spine was suddenly bent by something! Turning his head to look at the Magical Regionhis deep eyes could not help but reveal a hint of pain!

“Marshal! Marshal!” The captain at the side called out to him a few times, only then did Ning Yiyuan come to his senses. Looking at the corpses and injuries lying on the ground beside him, he had no choice but to suppress the anxiety in his heart. Turning his face coldly, he skillfully and calmly handled the matter.

That’s right, other than being Mo Chu’s admirer, he was also the Marshal of the entire Federation! The responsibility shouldered by his shoulders did not allow him to have the slightest bit of hesitation and retreat!

“Leave the casualties to Zhong Wen. He will handle it.” Ning Yiyuan raised his head and covered the pain in his heart as he said in a deep voice, “In addition, the other garrisons should arrive soon. You should pay attention to adjusting their personnel distribution.”

“Okay, I understand.” After receiving Ning Yiyuan’s orders, the captain instantly looked as if he had found his backbone. His expression changed as he saluted him, then quickly turned around and walked to the back.

Zhong Wen was busy dealing with the patients next to him. As they were close to the Magical Region, the effect of the treatment equipment was disrupted. Other than sending the patients with more serious injuries to the nearby treatment equipment, the rest of the injured soldiers could only use the most primitive treatment method. After a series of work arrangements, he was really exhausted!

“Zhong Wen.” Ning Yiyuan walked a few steps towards him and whispered a few words into his ear.

“Hmm…” hearing this, Zhong Wen could not help but show some surprise and hesitation on his face. After pondering for a while, he asked, “Boss, are we really going to do this?”

“Yes.” Ning Yiyuan looked behind him and nodded heavily.

“Alright, I got it .”Seeing the persistence on his Boss’s face, Zhong Wen could only nod and agree in the end.

On the other side, Zuo Lin was pestering Mo Yang. He never thought that this gentle-looking guy would be so persistent. Moreover, once he became determined, he would be even harder to change his mind than an ordinary person. This momentum… It was as if he was going crazy!

Just like that, the two of them almost fought!

“You guys, what’s going on?”Wiping the filth off his face, Zhong Wen walked towards the two of them in large strides.

“What else can we do?”Zuo Lin held onto Mo Yang tightly, not allowing him to leave. “The second wave of the Beast Tide has just passed. Who knows what’s going on in the Magical Region! This guy is actually thinking of jumping in!”

Hearing this, Zhong Wen could not help but frown. He also took two steps forward, wanting to help stop Mo Yang’s actions. However, just as he approached, he was separated by a palm strike!

“What can you do if you go in now?” Zhong Wen frowned and advised in a low voice, “Whether Mo Chu is in there or not is still uncertain! If yo just barged in, I reckon that you would have thrown yourself in there before you found Mo Chu!”

“Enough.” Zuo Lin shook his head at him and sighed helplessly, “I’ve said a lot of similar things just now. This fellow is just completely ignoring us. It’s as if he didn’t hear anything!”

If his current position was different from Mo Yang’s and his beloved sister was trapped in the Beast Tide, he would probably rush in too! However, as a bystander and Mo Yang’s friend, they had no choice but to do their best to stop him!

“Phew–” Zhong Wen did not continue to persuade him after hearing Zuo Lin’s words. When he saw the determination and madness in Mo Yang’s eyes, he could not help but take a deep breath and circled behind him. When he was not paying attention, he inserted a syringe of medicine into Mo Yang’s arm and pushed it in.

“What are you doing?” Zuo Lin was shocked by this scene and quickly turned his head to ask.

The effect of this medicine was extremely strong. It only took a few breaths for it to take effect. Mo Yang was still resisting with a strong attitude just a moment ago, but now his entire body had gone soft and his limbs were weak. If Zuo Lin had not supported him, he would have already collapsed on the ground.

“You… What are you doing!” Mo Yang glared at Zuo Lin, his eyes filled with anger!

“I’m sorry.” Zhong Wen sighed softly and helped Mo Yang up to walk to the side, “Don’t worry, the effects of this medicine won’t last long, at most 20 minutes. I’ll send someone to send you back to the Military Academy. When we reach the destination, the effects of the medicine on your body should be more or less resolved.”

“Untie me!” If looks could kill, Zhong Wen’s body would probably be riddled with holes by now.

“No!” The one who said this was not Zhong Wen, but Ning Yiyuan who was walking over.

Seeing him nod at Zhong Wen, Mo Yang instantly reacted. “You made him do this?”

Ning Yiyuan did not deny it and nodded slightly. “That’s right, it was me.”

“What the Hell are you thinking?!” Mo Yang glared at him angrily and said hurtful words, “You can’t go in to look for Little Chu because of your status. Are you going to stop me?”

As soon as he said those words, Mo Yang knew that he had said something wrong.

He had clearly seen the scene of Ning Yiyuan being the vanguard and being drenched in blood. At this moment, the struggle and grief on his face could not be faked! What he had just said was indeed a little too much..

Lowering his head slightly, Mo Yang let out a soft cry and did not say another word.

The atmosphere instantly fell silent. All that could be heard was the continuous wails of the injured and the smell of blood that kept rising up from his nose.

After a long while, Ning Yiyuan finally squatted down. His deep eyes stared intently at Mo Yang. His tone was extremely firm. “You are Little Chu’s brother. No matter what the situation is, I must protect you!”

As for Little Chu, he would never give up! If something happened to Little Chu… He would never live in vain!

“You…” Mo Yang raised his head and saw the determination on Ning Yiyuan’s face. He could not help but be stunned.

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