The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 24 - Slap in the Face (2)

Chapter 24: Slap in the Face (2)

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Xiao Yuan’s plan had completely backfired, right? Everyone present probably had the same thought.

He had wanted to use this opportunity to humiliate Mo Yang, but in the end, he was the one who was slapped in the face!

“Tier 6?” Xiao Yuan murmured. He looked up at Mo Yang, who was not far away, and his heart was racing. That was a goal that he could never achieve in his life, but this person in front of him had easily achieved it!

“Why?!” Xiao Yuan suddenly roared!

The people around him were pointing at him. Their disdainful and contemptuous eyes made him feel indignant and humiliated. At this moment, he burst into anger!

“Why do you think you can get everything we want without any effort? The status, power, and wealth that only high-tier special ability users have?”

“Is it because you’re talented?” Xiao Yuan laughed a few times, but it was even more twisted than crying. “I’ve tried my best! I’ve tried my best! But it’s still useless. I’ve been at tier 2 for 20 to 30 years, and I still can’t get over this hurdle!”

“But look at you. It’s so easy for you. Every time you level up is as easy as drinking a mouthful of water. What about us? It’s useless even if we try our best!”

“What the f*ck is this? Tell me, what right do you have!”

After a series of angry roars, the entire Mission Centre quieted down, leaving only the sound of Xiao Yuan’s ragged breathing reverberating in the air.

These words actually resonated with the hearts of the majority of the people present.

The level of one’s innate talent determined a person’s future direction and length to a large extent. This point was magnified several times in the Federation.

“Why?” No one spoke, but Mo Chu suddenly stood out, her delicate little face carrying a slight coldness. “Let me tell you!”

“That’s because this world is inherently unfair!”

“Your talent is low, but my brother’s talent is high. This is unfair.” Mo Chu took two steps forward. Meeting Xiao Yuan’s eyes, she said slowly, “You and I can have special abilities, but others don’t. This is also unfair!”

Xiao Yuan was instantly dumbfounded!

That’s right, he could still shout out his unwillingness when facing Mo Yang. However, those who did not have special abilities, those who lived at the bottom of the Federation, who should they cry to?

“The greater the ability, the greater the responsibility.” Mo Chu narrowed her eyes and said in a forceful tone, “Since we’re lucky enough to become special ability users, we should strive for our own advancement. As for you? Other than complaining about the injustice of the world, what else have you done?”

“Just like that, you still dare to shout at my brother?” This last sentence was the real reason why Mo Chu opened her mouth.

In her previous life, she was an orphan. In terms of human relationships, no one knew better than her about the harshness and coldness of the world! It was because of this that she cherished this hard-earned kinship.

Mo Chu had to admit that she was protective of her own shortcomings. If Xiao Yuan had not deliberately targeted Mo Yang, she would not have been in the limelight and made such a remark.

“What do you know!” After being humiliated by a little girl, Xiao Yuan’s face turned red and his eyes were filled with hatred. “Under Mo Yang’s protection, you have no worries. Of course, you can say these words easily. When you step into the rain of blood, come and teach me a lesson!”

“Ignorant, arrogant!” Mo Chu snorted and turned to walk towards Mo Yang. At this time, Xiao Yuan was still concerned about his face. He was really stupid.

If Xiao Yuan had just reached the peak of his fury, Mo Chu’s words were the last straw that broke the camel’s back!

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