The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 25 - Slap in the Face (3)

Chapter 25: Slap in the Face (3)

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“What the f*ck do you know!” Xiao Yuan roared. A fireball appeared in his hand out of nowhere and headed straight for Mo Chu.

Things happened too quickly. No one expected Xiao Yuan to suddenly attack, so no one could react in time. Moreover, the distance between the two was too close. Seeing that the fireball was about to hit Mo Chu, even if they tried, they would not be able to make it in time.

Just when everyone thought that Mo Chu would be injured, she turned around at the last second and threw out a water ball in her hand, just in time to resist Xiao Yuan’s fireball.

“Eh? Wasn’t this little girl only at tier 1 before?” A puzzled voice came out of nowhere. “She can cast a water ball? This means that she is at least at tier 2!”

“Tier 2, 5th level!” Wang Li accurately reported Mo Chu’s elemental rank. His eyes narrowed slightly. He had been paying attention to Mo Yang, who had advanced to tier 6, but he did not expect his sister to be a cultivation genius as well!

Hearing this, Xiao Yuan’s expression became even more unsightly.

The little girl whom he had looked down on before had actually transformed. She was not much weaker than him! Looking at Mo Chu, he felt like he was looking at another Mo Yang. She had the same extraordinary talent as him. Perhaps, she would surpass him soon!

Thinking of this, Xiao Yuan could not help but squint his eyes!

He exerted more force on his hand, and the fireball instantly became a little hotter!

It was common sense that water could counter fire. However, it did not apply to special ability users.

Generally speaking, fire-type special ability users had stronger elemental attacks. Water-type users of the same level would not be able to resist fire-type users of the same level. It was impossible for water-type special ability users to subdue fire-type special ability users of the same level.

What’s more, he was at the 9th level of tier 2. His energy was a few times higher than Mo Chu, who was a special ability user at the 5th level of tier 2.

Humph! Taking advantage of this opportunity, he could teach this girl a lesson. She should not think that she could be arrogant just because she had some talent.

Just as Xiao Yuan was smiling, he suddenly realized that the Water Ball that Mo Chu had sent after him had swallowed his fireball in an instant! Not only that, the Water Ball even attacked him straight after it had destroyed the fireball. It was awe-inspiring!

“This is impossible!”

Xiao Yuan cried out in shock. Shock and fear had already occupied his entire mind. Before he could react, the Water Ball had already hit Xiao Yuan’s chest.

With a swoosh, Xiao Yuan was pushed a few meters away by the Water Ball. He spat out a mouthful of blood and his face was pale. It seemed that he was badly injured.

However, no one sympathized with him.

Before Mo Chu made her move, no one had noticed that she had already reached tier 2. Naturally, Xiao Yuan was no exception.

In other words, he deliberately tried to humiliate and ambush Mo Chu, who was at a lower level than him!

Before this, he had used this exact excuse to badmouth Mo Yang. It was a slap on his big mouth, right?

No matter what happened in private, at least on the surface, high-level special ability users were absolutely not allowed to harm low-level special ability users. However, not only did Xiao Yuan do it, he even did it in front of so many people. This time, his reputation had been completely tarnished!

Of course, not many people paid attention to him now.

Everyone turned their attention to Mo Chu.

Over the years, water-type abilities had been publicly acknowledged as ‘Useless elements’. Today, Mo Chu’s action had greatly shocked them!

It turned out that water-type special ability users could be so powerful. Not only could they restrain fire-type special ability users, but they could also even defeat opponents of higher levels! As such, the rest of the water attribute special ability users all went crazy. One after another, they all rushed towards Mo Chu, intending to ask her for some advice.

The most important thing was that Mo Chu was also feeling quite helpless at the moment. Even she did not know the reason behind this, so how was she going to explain it to others?

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