The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 23 - : Slap in the Face (1)

Chapter 23: Slap in the Face (1)

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At the Mission Center.

“Hey guys, take a guess. Will Mo Yang and the rest be able to complete the mission this time?” The previous bet had caused quite a stir, attracting quite a lot of attention.

“Of course! Mo Yang is a tier 5 expert. A mere A-rank mission is definitely not a problem!” This person should be Mo Yang’s hardcore fan. One could tell from the tone of his words that he really looked up to ‘Boss Mo Yang’.

“What?” Someone beside him immediately retorted, “The mission is to take the Blood Luminescent Beast’s mane. Do you think it’s as easy as eating a nutrient capsule?”

“Actually, with Mo Yang’s ability, it’s not impossible for him to take the Blood Luminescent Beast’s mane.” This person was sensible. He said, “However, the difficulty of this bet lies in the fact that he has to complete the mission and at the same time ensure that he and his tier 1 sister are not injured. This is not easy.”

“Sigh, I’ve also heard that there are even people in the casino who are seriously setting up a gambling game. The odds are two to one! Look, even the people in the casino are not optimistic about Mo Yang. This time, they are probably in danger!”

Xiao Yuan stood in the corner and listened to the discussions of the crowd. He was very happy.

That’s right, this time, Mo Yang would definitely suffer a big setback!

When he thought of Mo Yang’s sister apologizing and bowing in front of him, Xiao Yuan felt an indescribable sense of pleasure.

Suddenly, there was a commotion at the door.

When the crowd heard the noise, they looked over, and their eyes widened in disbelief. The crowd dispersed to both sides. The people who came were Mo Yang and Mo Chu!

“Oh my God, it’s only been one day. Why are they back already? Could it be that the mission is too difficult, so they gave up?”

“That must be the case. I’ve said before that Mo Yang’s sister is only at tier 1. Once she enters Dense Wood Forest, she’ll probably be so scared that she’ll cry. How are they going to do the mission?”

“It can’t be, right?”

All the special ability users had sharp ears and sharp eyes. Even though the discussion was relatively quiet, their voices were still clearly transmitted into their ears.

Hearing these words, Xiao Yuan’s anxiety from seeing Mo Yang and Mo Chu suddenly relaxed a little. That’s right, it had only been one day. How could they possibly complete the mission so quickly?

That was absolutely impossible!

However, when he saw Mo Yang and Mo Chu walking straight toward the mission counter, the uneasiness in Xiao Yuan’s heart suddenly grew stronger.

Mo Chu’s gaze swept over slightly and saw Xiao Yuan in the middle of the crowd. The corners of her mouth could not help but curl up into a faint smile. Ha!

Under the puzzled or curious gazes of the crowd, Mo Chu calmly took out the Blood Luminescent Beast’s mane from the terminal and handed it over to the staff at the counter.

The Mission Center instantly quieted down. The people who were still engaged in a heated discussion just a moment ago had their mouths agape in shock. One word was written all over their faces — ‘Impossible’!

Even the service staff was stunned for quite a while. It was only due to his strong work ethic that he quickly recovered and took the mane from Mo Chu with trembling hands.

“This must be fake! Yes, they must have found this mane from somewhere to make up the numbers!” Xiao Yuan muttered. He could not believe it. In such a short time, Mo Yang and the others had actually completed the mission. If it were someone else, they probably would not even be able to see the shadow of the Blood Luminescent Beast in such a short amount of time!

However, when the staff member placed the mane hair into a special testing instrument and confirmed that there were no errors in the inspection, the crowd immediately burst into an uproar.

“Wow, as expected of my idol!”

“Mo Yang and his sister have set the latest record for the shortest time for completing an A-rank mission!”

“Forget about an A-rank mission, I reckon that they have even broken the time records for C and D rank missions this time around.”

“Congratulations.” The staff member carefully put the mane away before turning to look at them. “May I know what materials you’re going to exchange for?”

As he said that, a small light screen appeared in front of Mo Chu and Mo Yang out of thin air. All the materials that could be exchanged for were on it.

“Wow!” A few of the special ability users who were close to them could not help but let out a few low cries of envy. The materials on the light screen were abnormally abundant, far exceeding the rewards of ordinary A-rank missions. “There are even Energy-enhancing Pills and Qi-condensing Pills!”

This time, the Mission Center was really generous. After all, to special ability users, these pills that could strengthen their elemental abilities were priceless treasures.

Seeing everyone’s doubts, the staff member took the initiative to explain. “As the amount of mane hair that Mo Yang and Mo Chu brought back is three times more than the requirements, it can be said that they have completed three A-rank missions. Naturally, the rewards are more generous.”

No wonder!

Hearing this, everyone finally understood. Looking at the pile of mane, they could not help but tremble. How many Blood Luminescent Beast did Mo Yang and his sister rob from?

Mo Chu was not very clear about the concept of these resources, so she naturally left this task to her big brother.

When she turned around and saw Xiao Yuan, the corners of her mouth could not help but curl up, smiling like a little fox. “However, shouldn’t we fulfill our bet?”

In public, Xiao Yuan could not deny it. His face was twisted as if he had swallowed a toad.

“Yes, fulfill the bet!”


The heckling was like a flu virus, spreading one after another.

In the blink of an eye, the whole hall of the mission center echoed with a unified voice — “Apologize! Apologize!”

Xiao Yuan’s face twitched a few times. Just as he was about to open his mouth, he was interrupted by a surprised voice.

“Mo Yang, you actually broke through the barrier of tier 5 and stepped into tier 6!”

His words were earth-shattering!

The one who spoke was the captain of the team that was ranked first in District 12, Wang Li. He was also a tier 6 special ability user, so his words were naturally highly credible.

Hearing that, the crowd could not help but burst into an uproar.

In fact, even Wang Li himself was shocked, let alone others. The cultivation of special ability users had always been extremely difficult. Every step forward was like taking a risk. It was unknown how many people tried and failed, never to advance any further in their life.

On the other hand, Mo Yang was only in his thirties. He had just come of age, but he had already reached tier 6. This kind of achievement was really shocking. In terms of potential, no one in the entire District 12 could surpass him!


“Are you kidding me? This… He is already tier 6?”

“That’s too terrifying!”

“That’s right.” Facing everyone’s hot gazes, Mo Yang nodded his head indifferently. Suddenly, he turned his head towards Xiao Yuan and said with a subtle tone, “It’s all thanks to Xiao Yuan.”

“If it wasn’t for him suggesting that we choose this mission, I probably wouldn’t have been able to break through the barrier so quickly and successfully enter tier 6. Speaking of which, I still have to thank him!”

What was a two-hit combo!

This was it!

Looking at Xiao Yuan’s pale and twisted face, Mo Chu was secretly pleased.

She could not tell that her brother actually had a rather black-bellied temperament. Just a few simple sentences had made Xiao Yuan want to barf!

She had to admit that Mo Yang’s move was truly beautiful!

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