The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 22 - The Fickle and Cute Beast

Chapter 22: The Fickle and Cute Beast

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“Uhhh…” Mo Yang let out a few dry coughs and tactfully reminded the woman and beast beside him, who seemed to be having a great time.

That’s right!

Mo Chu was actually having a great time with the Blood Luminescent Beast!

Just like that, the Blood Luminescent Beast had finished cutting up the french fries. Mo Chu actually took out the remaining grilled fish that they had left and held it in her hand, waving it. The Blood Luminescent Beast’s eyes were shining as it swayed left and right, not missing even a second.

Suddenly, Mo Chu threw the grilled fish.

The Blood Luminescent Beast immediately unleashed its infinite potential. With a leap, its cumbersome body formed a beautiful curve in the air. It extended its large palm and grabbed the grilled fish in the air.

“Awoo! Awoo!” it cried out happily a few times. The Blood Luminescent Beast sniffed this mouth-watering fragrance and its saliva dripped down. Finally, it could not hold it back anymore. It stuffed the grilled fish into its mouth with its large palm.

Would it have trouble with the fish bones?

Mo Chu was a little worried as she watched from the side. However, in just a few breaths’ time, the Blood Luminescent Beast spat out a complete fishbone, along with many small fishbones.

Wow! It is quite skillful!

“Little Chu, we’re here to take its mane.” Seeing that they had ignored his reminder, Mo Yang could only speak frankly.

“Oh, right.” Mo Chu was enjoying herself. If it was not for Mo Yang’s reminder, she would have forgotten about this. There was nothing she could do. This little fellow’s cute appearance was exactly the same as her Pekingese puppy from before, even the frisbee game that they had just played was also very well-coordinated.

Seeing this, Mo Yang could only shake his head helplessly. He simply walked forward and prepared to cut off the mane on the Blood Luminescent Beast’s head.

Who would have thought that the Blood Luminescent Beast, which had been acting cute and docile towards Mo Chu just now, would suddenly become ferocious!

When Mo Yang was still two meters away from it, the Blood Luminescent Beast instantly entered a state of alert from its harmless appearance. Its entire face suddenly became malevolent, and its pair of red eyes shone with blood-like cruelty and ruthlessness. It stared straight at Mo Yang, its raised claws as sharp as iron.

Mo Yang sensed that something was wrong and immediately stopped in his tracks.

Even so, the Blood Luminescent Beast still let out a low growl. Its eyes were sharp, and its body was half-crouched, ready to attack at any time.

Only at this moment did Mo Yang believe that this was indeed the genuine Blood Luminescent Beast!

“Brother, wait a moment,” Mo Chu said. She had also noticed that the Blood Luminescent Beast’s situation was not right, so she tentatively took two steps closer to it. However, she was surprised to discover that not only did the Blood Luminescent Beast not take an attack stance, it even seemed to have relaxed a little

Mo Yang also noticed this phenomenon and frowned slightly. Could it be that two foodies really understood each other?

Mo Chu slowly approached the Blood Luminescent Beast. “Brother, give me the tools.”

The Blood Luminescent Beast’s mane was extremely tough. Ordinary tools would not be able to cut it off. Hence, they could only use the special mane fur Jian made by the federation.

“Alright, take care of yourself.”Although Mo Yang was worried, he could only throw the mane sword at Mo Chu. “If you really can’t do it, hurry up and run.”

After what had happened just now, Mo Yang had also taken quite a bit of precaution against this Blood Luminescent Beast. After all, this fellow was too unpredictable. What if it went berserk and hurt Little Chu?

Mo Chu walked to the side of the Blood Luminescent Beast and gently patted its head. The Blood Luminescent Beast completely changed from the ferocity it had against Mo Yang just now. It became extremely obedient and even took the initiative to rub itself against Mo Chu’s palm, letting out a comfortable sigh.

“Little Fellow, I need to cut some of the hair on your mane. You be good and don’t move, okay?” Although she did not know if the Blood Luminescent Beast could understand, Mo Chu still spoke to it in a friendly manner.

“Then I’ll cut it.” Mo Chu took out the mane sword and just placed it on the Blood Luminescent Beast’s head, the little fellow turned its head to the side arrogantly, causing Mo Chu to miss.

Mo Yang, who was watching from the side, was terrified, afraid that the Blood Luminescent Beast would suddenly go crazy.

“What’s wrong? You don’t want to?” Mo Chu could feel that this fellow did not have any ill intentions toward her, but why was it suddenly throwing a tantrum?

After Mo Chu smoothed out its fur for a while, the Blood Luminescent Beast gestured towards the pile of fish bones on the ground.

Only then did Mo Chu understand. If she wanted its mane, she had to exchange it for grilled fish? This little fellow was a little too shrewd, right?

Fortunately, Mo Chu had grilled a few more before, and Mo Chu took them out one by one. It was only until the terminal was completely out of stock that the little fellow was barely satisfied. It moved its head closer to Mo Chu’s side, and she quickly cut its mane. After that, it continued to eat the delicious food!

Mo Chu did not know how much they needed, so she simply cut off the thick mane on the Blood Luminescent Beast’s head. Hmm, from the looks of it, this new hairstyle was really cool!

The Blood Luminescent Beast could not care less about its appearance. It stuffed a few grilled fish into its bosom, took out one of them, and ate it contentedly.

Mo Chu had a bunch of mane in her hand. “Brother, is it enough?”

Mo Yang’s brows twitched. “Yes, it’s enough.”

In the past, it was amazing for anyone to be able to get one-third of what Mo Chu had in her hands. If they handed in so much this time, they would probably get a lot more rewards.

The key was that this mission was way too easy!

No blood, no casualties. Just a few handfuls of french fries and a few grilled fish. It was completely zero cost!

Mo Chu did not notice her big brother’s frown. She carefully put the mane into her Personal Terminal and raised her eyebrows. “So we have completed the mission?”

“Yes.” Mo Yang had to admit that this was the easiest task he had ever done since he started accepting missions. “We can go to the Mission Center to hand it over later.”

“That’s great!” Mo Chu had collected quite a lot of ingredients before, so she could experiment with them one by one when they got back.

“Ah, little guy.” Mo Chu gently patted the Blood Luminescent Beast that was eating the grilled fish. “Then we’ll leave first. I’ll bring you food when there’s an opportunity next time!”

When the Blood Luminescent Beast finally finished eating the grilled fish, it rubbed its oily belly contentedly. When it looked up, it was shocked to find that its gourmet food provider was gone!


Where was she? Where was the person who could provide a lot of gourmet food just now? Why did she suddenly disappear!

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