The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 18 - Leveling Up

Chapter 18: Leveling Up

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There were a total of five Silver Hidden Fish. Not only did the two of them finish all the fish, they even caught six more and ate them.

“Ah, I’m so full.” Mo Chu lay on the ground with her four limbs spread out. The warm sunlight hit her face and she felt drowsy.

“Me too.” Mo Yang also ate quite a lot. Seeing that Little Chu was like a sleepy pet cat, his heart could not help but soften. “Why don’t we rest for a while before we go?”

From dawn till now, Little Chu had not mentioned the word ‘tired’, but the fatigue on her face was obvious to him.

“Little Chu?” Not hearing a reply, Mo Yang could not help but raise his head slightly. Only then did he realize that Mo Chu had already fallen asleep. Her slender eyelashes cast a small shadow on her eyes and face. Under the sunlight, her fair little face was actually as smooth as jade.

Mo Yang chuckled and closed his eyes slightly. He only felt the warmth of the sun.

The tiny bits of sunlight penetrated through the branches and sprinkled onto their bodies. The sound of their shallow breathing rose and fell in the forest.

Suddenly, Mo Yang’s brows tightened!

Although he had temporarily relaxed, he still maintained some vigilance. When he sensed the abnormal energy fluctuations in the surroundings, he immediately pulled himself up from the ground. However, when he took the opportunity to look over, he could not help but be stunned!

Mo Chu was sleeping soundly by the side, but the energy in her body seemed to be in high gear. It continued to soar up, jumping from the 8th level of tier 1 to the 5th level of tier 2 before it finally stopped!

Heavens! What was going on?

Mo Yang’s face was filled with shock. It was not like there were no situations where the energy had increased explosively, but most of them had consumed top-grade medicinal pills. It was clearly not the same as Little Chu’s current situation!

Before he had time to think, Mo Yang was shocked to discover that the energy in his body had also started to fluctuate. The originally stagnant aura started to slowly rise, and the elemental energy continued to accumulate. He had actually advanced from the 6th level of tier 5 to the 9thlevel of tier 5!

The higher the level of elemental cultivation, the more difficult it became. Although it sounded like it was only a measly three levels, the elemental energy that he had accumulated would require him to work hard for at least three years. Now, he had actually passed it so easily?

Just like how he did not buy a lottery ticket but won the first prize for no reason, Mo Yang appeared to be a little dazed.

When Mo Chu woke up, she saw his brother’s confused look. Coupled with that handsome and indifferent face, it was really too adorable! If it was not for the fact that she did not have a camera in her hand, Mo Chu would definitely take a picture of this scene as a memento.

“Brother, have you leveled up?” Mo Chu’s sensitivity towards energy fluctuations was extremely high. Very quickly, she noticed that Mo Yang’s aura was much sharper than before. She then subconsciously circulated the energy in her body. Only then did he realize that her own strength had also increased by a large margin. “My elemental energy level has also increased!”

At this moment, Mo Yang regained his usual calmness. “Yes, Little Chu. Why don’t you try to see if you can release a Water Ball?”

Once one’s elemental energy level reached tier 2, they would be able to condense an elemental entity.

“Water Ball?”

“Yeah.” Mo Yang nodded. He extended his right hand and guided Mo Chu step by step. “First, you have to find the elemental ability that has accumulated in your body and communicate with it. Then, use your spiritual power to guide it into your hand and release it!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a ball of lightning jumped out of Mo Yang’s hand. It was dazzling.

Mo Chu could not take her eyes off it.

“Come, try it yourself.”

“Okay!” Mo Chu closed her eyes eagerly and concentrated her energy to feel the elemental energy in her body.

“Yes, that’s it.” Mo Yang stood at the side and acted as a temporary guide. “This process will be a little difficult. Most people need to comprehend it several times before they can understand the main points. So don’t be anxious now, take your time.”

Before Mo Yang could finish his words, a small ball of water condensed in Mo Chu’s hand. It was crystal clear!

“Wow!” Mo Chu looked at the ball of water in her hand. Her eyes were filled with surprise. “Brother, is this correct?”

“That’s right.” Mo Yang nodded with a faint smile. Back then, he had also released lightning in one go. It seemed that they were siblings, after all!

Mo Chu carefully controlled the Water Ball in her hand, her heart filled with excitement.

This was really too magical!

Although she had also seen lightning in Mo Yang’s hand, it was a different feeling when she used it herself. Although it was just a small ball of water, it seemed to be connected to her spirit. She really could not describe this mystery with words.

If only she was in the 21st century, it would not be a problem for her to perform magic at the Spring Festival Gala!

Mo Chu’s thoughts were all over the place. When she turned her head to look, she realized that Mo Yang was frowning. He seemed to be thinking about something serious. “Brother, what’s wrong?”

Mo Yang was silent for a moment, but he still voiced his doubts. “It’s naturally a good thing that we can level up, but why did this happen all of a sudden?”

Mo Yang carefully thought through everything that happened after they entered Dense Wood Forest, but he did not find anything abnormal. Logically speaking, there should not have been a sudden surge in energy, but the truth was the opposite.

“Of course, it’s because of the grilled fish that we ate just now!”

Grilled fish?!

After Mo Chu said that, Mo Yang finally remembered the grilled fish that he had ignored just now. However, this grilled fish was only a delicious treat, so how did it become linked to energy?

Mo Yang was still puzzled.

“Brother, do you still remember the fact that my energy increased greatly the first time I cultivated?” Seeing his brother’s confusion, Mo Chu explained, “It was because I ate some french fries that my cultivation improved so quickly.”

“However, I also ate the food. Why isn’t there any difference?” Mo Yang realized that something was wrong as soon as she said that.

It was not that he had not changed before, it was just that the changes were not obvious. That was why he had not noticed that ever since he ate the food that Little Chu made, his cultivation speed seemed to have increased by a few notches. It was just that there had been so many things happening recently that he had not paid attention to it!

While Mo Yang was deep in thought, Mo Chu was not idle either.

That’s right, Mo Yang did not change much after eating the food she had prepared in the past. However, why did their energy increase so greatly after eating the grilled fish today?

Could it be…

Mo Chu’s gaze was slightly focused — the reason must be the light that was mixed together?

Over the past few days, Mo Chu had also gathered quite a number of ingredients. She discovered that the colors of the light on each ingredient were different.

Could it be that cooking different ingredients together would result in the fusion of energy? Could this fusion of energy successfully enter Mo Yang’s body and be directly converted into elemental energy?

“Brother, I have some theories.” Mo Chu raised her head. “As for the specifics, I still need some time to experiment.”

“Alright,” Mo Yang nodded. His eyes were filled with trust. “Brother will support you!”

It was not that he did not notice the abnormality in Little Chu’s body, but so what if there was something wrong with Little Chu? She was his only biological sister. No matter what happened, he would stand by her side!

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