The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 17 - The Silver Hidden Fish

Chapter 17: The Silver Hidden Fish

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“Little Chu, how’s your hand?” After killing the Silver Hidden Fish, the first thing Mo Yang did was to check Mo Chu’s hand.

The Silver Hidden Fish was not big and it was not very strong, but its mouth was very powerful. If one was bitten by it, it would not let go until it was covered in blood! There had been people who had their entire hands bitten off by this little fish!

However, what made Mo Yang sigh in relief was that there was only a shallow bite mark on Mo Chu’s fair palm. Other than a little pain, it was not a big deal.

“It’s nothing.” Mo Chu shook her head slightly. She understood that she had been careless this time. She turned to look at the clear and transparent stream, there was clearly nothing just now. Why would a fish suddenly appear?

“This fish is called the Silver Hidden Fish.” Seeing Mo Chu’s doubt, Mo Yang explained, “‘Silver’ refers to its color. ‘Hidden’ refers to its ability to become invisible in the water. Even though the water seems clear and empty, this Silver Hidden Fish is actually hidden in the water.”

“However, as long as it comes out of the water, its invisibility effect will naturally disappear.”

Mo Chu looked at the few remaining pieces of fruit skin on the side. “Then what are these fruits?”

“Those are the Silver-yellow Fruits that the Silver Hidden Fish loves the most. Once a person is bitten by the Silver Hidden Fish, it’s impossible to pull it away. Even if you kill it, its teeth will only sink deeper into your flesh. The best way is to find the Silver-yellow Fruit and use the fruit to draw its attention. Then, when it’s unprepared, you can kill it in one fell swoop.”

Upon hearing this, Mo Chu finally understood why Mo Yang had run out earlier. Suddenly, Mo Chu’s eyes focused and her gaze fell on Mo Yang’s sleeve. There was actually a large bloodstain on it!

Needless to say, he was injured when he was looking for the Silver-yellow Fruit!

“Brother, I’m sorry. I was too careless.” Mo Chu hurriedly took out medicine from her terminal to treat Mo Yang’s wound. Looking at the long wound on his arm, Mo Chu felt extremely guilty.

Along the way, if it was not for Mo Yang’s protection, she would have died countless times! Not only did she not help him, she even caused trouble for her brother!

“Silly girl, what are you saying!” Mo Yang patted her little head. “You’ve already done very well. In my heart, you’ve always been the best!”

Indeed, ever since Mo Chu woke up, she had been giving him surprises. Magical and delicious food, terrifying cultivation talent, brave and fearless attitude… His sister was the best!

“Mm.” Mo Chu replied in a muffled voice, her nose slightly sore. Looking at the Silver Hidden Fish on the ground, she suddenly said, “Brother, why don’t I cook some grilled fish for you to eat?”

This damned Silver Hidden Fish actually dared to bite me, and even caused my brother to be injured! If I don’t skin it, tear its bones apart, and swallow it down, how would I be able to vent my anger?

“What is grilled fish?” This time, it was Mo Yang’s turn to be puzzled. In his 20 plus years of life, he had always been eating compound food provided by the Federation. He had never thought that magical plants beasts could also be eaten.

“Erm…” How should he explain this? “Brother, you’ll know when I’m done.”

“Alright!” Mo Yang was very intrigued by the food that Little Chu had created.

How should he describe the taste? Those who had never tasted Mo Chu’s food would definitely not be able to imagine the taste. It was like a stream of enjoyment and flavor flowing through the tip of the tongue. The aftertaste would flow to the back of the throat. Once they tasted it, they would no longer want to eat the food provided by the Federation.

“However…” Mo Chu felt a little troubled. The fish had a very strong fishy smell. If she could not find any supplementary ingredients to remove the fishy smell, the taste would probably not be any better.

“What’s wrong?” Seeing Mo Chu’s troubled expression, Mo Yang could not help but ask.

“To make grilled fish, we need the Water Weed in the stream to add flavor to it. However, how can we obtain it now?” The Water Weed was at the bottom of the stream. If one wanted to obtain it, they would definitely have to come into contact with the Silver Hidden Fish in the water. That was simply asking for trouble.

“What’s so difficult about that?” Mo Yang smiled faintly. He bent down to pick up a long piece of wood from the side and stretched it to the bottom of the stream. With a strong tug, he successfully brought the Water Weed to the shore. He also pulled up a few Silver Hidden Fish along the way.


Mo Chu could not help but pat her own head. Why did she not think of such a simple method?

However, looking at the lively Silver Hidden Fish and the green Water Weed on the ground, Mo Chu could not help but smile.

This was great! All the ingredients and accessories were complete!

The Silver Hidden Fish had a faint silver glow on its abdomen. The rest of the fish was black and inedible. Mo Chu took out a small knife and neatly cut off the inedible parts and threw them away. She also shaved off the scales while she was at it. She took out the things in its abdomen and washed them with water.

As for the Water Weed on the side, Mo Chu also cleaned them up. She left the glowing roots and cut them into sections for use.

However, this Water Weed gave Mo Chu a big surprise! It was actually a combination of three things, which were ginger, garlic, and spring onion. Moreover, the taste of these three things was just right. All she needed to do was to stuff the Water Weed segments directly into the belly of the Silver Hidden Fish.

Mo Chu took out the soybean oil that was placed in the terminal and lightly brushed a layer on the surface of the Silver Hidden Fish. That faint luster was really alluring. Thinking about it carefully, it seemed like she had not touched meat for more than a month. Just looking at it now made her drool!

Mo Yang had already started the fire and also set up a rack. All she needed to do was to skewer the fish meat and place it on top of the grill.

The fire burned slightly and the soybean oil sizzled. The fish meat gradually became cooked and a unique and alluring fragrance gradually spread out.

Mo Chu could not help but frown.

Due to the lack of ingredients, she had always cooked relatively simple food. She had never seen such a phenomenon before — the pale yellow light of the soybean oil, the silver light of the Silver Hidden Fish, and the green glow of the Water Weed… These three different colors of light gradually intertwined together, finally turning into a milky white halo!

There should be no problem, right?

“Brother, wait a minute. Let me try the taste first.” Mo Chu picked up a skewer of fish with a greedy look on her face. She carefully took a bite and swallowed it into her stomach. After half a minute, there was no bad reaction. Only then was she relieved and handed a skewer to Mo Yang. “Brother, you try it too. This grilled fish is really delicious!”

Actually, she had swallowed it whole just now and did not taste it at all. After confirming that it was safe, Mo Chu began to slowly taste it.

Only after tasting it did she realize that what she had said just now was not an exaggeration at all. The taste was really too wonderful!

The meat of the Silver Hidden Fish was very fresh and tender. With a single bite, not only did it not have the slightest bit of fishy smell, on the contrary, the unique fragrance of the Water Weed had fused into the fish meat. On top of that, soybean oil was used to enhance freshness. It was simply so delicious that it made people want to wolf it down.

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