The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 19 - Meeting an Old Friend (1)

Chapter 19: Meeting an Old Friend (1)

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After a short rest, Mo Chu picked up more than half of the Water Weeds in the stream and put them into her Personal Terminal before he continued to move forward with satisfaction.

Although the inner region of Dense Wood Forest was very dangerous, the food reserves there were very rich. After walking for two to three hours, Mo Chu had collected a few more ingredients.

Suddenly, a woman’s shriek sounded not far away. “Ah! Go away, quickly go away! Dad, save me!”

Mo Yang’s brows furrowed slightly.

Dense Wood Forest was filled with danger. Other than the smell of fresh blood, the shriek of a human could also attract the attention of magical beasts. Which idiot would dig their own grave like this?

“Go away, quickly go away! Help!” The woman’s voice became increasingly shrill, as if she had seen a malicious spirit. Hearing it, Mo Chu’s body was covered with goosebumps.

“Hu Qing, shut up!” A low rebuke successfully stopped the woman’s scream, which also aroused Mo Chu’s curiosity.

Hu Qing?

Could it be the Hu Qing that she knew?

Mo Yang seemed to have thought of this as well, and his frown deepened.

He did not have a good impression of Hu Qing. In fact, because of her bad attitude toward Little Chu, he even felt some disgust. However, he still had some feelings for the members of the Wild Wolf Team, and he could not just watch them throw their lives away.

“Leader, what should we do now?” Wei Yuan’s face was covered in sweat, but he did not bother to wipe it off. He continued to exert force with his hands, erecting numerous earth walls. However, they could only barely block the attacks of the Iron Ants.

Now, the three of them were forced into a corner. If they could not think of a way to escape, they would be eaten alive by the Iron Ants.

Hu Tian, who was behind Wei Yuan, looked miserable. A deep wound was visible on his right arm, and fresh blood soaked his entire sleeve. When he heard Wei Yuan’s words, his face turned even paler.

Ever since Mo Yang left the team, the Wild Wolf Team’s overall evaluation had dropped by a few ranks. In order to keep the team’s third-place position, he took the risk to accept the S-rank mission — obtain the wings of the Gale Beast.

The Gale Beast, as its name implied, flew extremely fast. Moreover, its claws had a strong anesthetic effect.

If someone was scratched by the Gale Beast, his nervous system would immediately become paralyzed. In the next 48 hours, he would be like a cripple, unable to use any elemental abilities. However, after 48 hours, the wound would not be too serious.

In order to complete this mission, they had carefully planned for a long time. Hu Tian had even put himself in danger, and his arm had been scratched by a Gale Beast. On top of that, they were quite unlucky. Just as they were about to successfully capture the Gale Beast, a large group of Iron Ants actually ambushed them.

One or two Iron Ants were naturally nothing to be afraid of. Even the lowest 1st level of tier 1 could easily kill them. However, with a large group of Iron Ants, even tier 5 and above experts would have to be afraid of them! The phrase ‘Unity is strength’ suited these ants very well!

If Hu Tian had not been injured, he would still have been able to fight. However, Hu Tian could not use any elemental abilities at all. He could only break the team into pieces to minimize the losses.

Even so, the three of them were still in a stalemate.

“Dad! There are Iron Ants biting me! It hurts!” Even with Wei Yuan’s earth wall, they could not keep all the Iron Ants out. There were always a few that slipped through the cracks and got in.

In fact, Hu Qing was also a fire-type tier 2. It was just that she had never experienced a real battle before. That was why she was so flustered. She did not even aim at her target. She just kept throwing out fire threads. This way, not only did she not hurt the Iron Ants, she instead wasted elemental energy.

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