The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 14 - Accepting Missions

Chapter 14: Accepting Missions

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After comprehending the cultivation method, Mo Chu’s progress was like a rocket. However, the key was that her progress was too fast. On one hand, Mo Yang was proud of his little sister’s talent. On the other hand, he was worried that her foundation was weak. If this continued, it would be detrimental to her development.

Hence, Mo Yang decided to bring his little sister to accept missions. After all, actual combat was the best way to improve.

Naturally, Mo Chu was willing to do it. A tiger that was kept in the yard could never compare to an old cat in the wild. Moreover, she was already sick of eating these things at home. She had to go out and look for any fresh ingredients!

The two of them came to an agreement and headed towards the Mission Centre.

Along the way, Mo Yang gave a concise explanation of the situation at the Mission Centre. Mo Chu listened with relish.

The missions assigned by the Mission Center were generally divided into SSS, SS, S, A, B, and all the way to F rank according to the difficulty level. Once the mission was completed, the required items would be brought back to the mission center. They would be rewarded with materials of corresponding value. The more difficult the mission was, the more generous the rewards would be.

There were many missions that could not be completed by an individual. Therefore, District 12 had formed quite a number of teams and ranked the teams according to the completion rate of the missions. The Wild Wolf Team that Mo Yang had been a part of was quite famous in District 12 and was ranked third.

However, even with Mo Yang’s preparation, Mo Chu was still shocked by the crowd of people the moment she stepped into the Mission Center. This scene was not inferior to the spring festival back in her world!

Mo Yang was prepared to bring Little Chu to practice. Naturally, he would not pick missions that were too difficult. Hence, he focused his attention on C-rank and D-rank missions.

However, before he could find a mission, there were already quite a number of people coming over to strike up a conversation.

“Mo Yang, I heard that you have left the Wild Wolf Team. Do you want to consider our team? I guarantee that the conditions we give you will definitely be better than the treatment you receive in the Wild Wolf Team!”

Only now did Mo Chu realize just how popular her brother was!

Not only was there an official invitation, they even used a beautiful girl to lure him. This was a beauty from an unknown team. Her eyes were filled with tears as she stared at Mo Yang, as if she would cry if he did not agree.

Unfortunately, Mo Yang was a guy who refused to be coaxed. He rejected everyone’s invitation with just one sentence. “I’m sorry, I won’t be joining any team during this period of time. I only want to act alone with my sister.”

After saying this, everyone shifted their gazes to Mo Chu who was beside him.

However, they could tell her level of strength in a flash. A mere tier 1 little girl. There was absolutely nothing worth paying attention to!

After everyone had dispersed, Mo Yang continued to compare missions. He had his eyes on two of them. Both of them were not difficult, and they were just perfect for Little Chu’s gradual and progressive combat style.

Just as the two of them were about to accept the missions, a mocking laugh suddenly sounded from behind them. “Ha! A dignified tier 5 expert actually dares to compete with us tier 1 and 2 experts for food! This is really hilarious!”

Mo Chu suddenly frowned.

Logically speaking, most tier 5 experts would either accept an A-rank mission on their own or join a team to accept missions of S-rank and above. Very few people would accept C-rank and D-rank missions. After all, to a tier 5 expert, the difficulty of these missions was too low, and the rewards were not abundant. There was no need for them to go for low-rank missions at all.

Although he did not mention his name, it was not difficult to tell that he was talking about Mo Yang!

“What do you mean by that?” Mo Chu suddenly turned his head and stared at the middle-aged man who had just spoken. His facial features were ordinary, but his body was filled with a thick, gloomy, and dispirited aura.

“What do you mean?” The corners of Xiao Yuan’s mouth curled up, and the corners of his narrow eyes lifted up. “You know exactly what I mean! Mo Yang, you are a tier 5 expert, and you actually came here to accept a C-rank mission. You really are shameless!”

Xiao Yuan had been cultivating for nearly 40 years. He was not inferior to anyone in terms of hard work, and the same goes for his willingness to risk his life! However, the world was just so unfair. After so many years, he was still lingering on the edge of tier 2. No matter what, he could not step into tier 3!

Then, he looked at Mo Yang. When he was cultivating, this fellow had not even been born yet! Now, Mo Yang had already become a tier 5 expert. He could even imagine Mo Yang’s bright future. Thinking back on his own decline, how could Xiao Yuan be happy about it?

Therefore, he deliberately turned up the volume of his voice, so that almost everyone could hear him.

It was human nature to join in the fun, especially when was a tier 5 superstar among them. For a moment, everyone turned their eyes to him.

“What? Did I say something wrong?” Seeing that everyone was looking at him, Xiao Yuan felt a sense of superiority, and his tone became more and more confident. “If everyone follows what Mo Yang is doing, then what are we tier 1 and 2 going to do?”

His words aroused the sympathy of many low-tier people. It was one thing for them to be treated less well than high-tier people, but they were usually ignored by high-tier people as well. What right did they have? Were they not all elemental special ability users?!

“That’s right! Why did you come here as a tier 5 to take on missions?”

Although the Mission Center did not specify that high-tier people could only take on high-difficulty missions, it had become an unspoken rule by default after so many years.

“That’s right. You should leave!”

“Hey! I never thought that this guy would be so shameless!”

No one had expected that such a small matter would cause such a big stir.

The atmosphere was always getting hotter and hotter.

Under the instigation of Xiao Yuan’s words, the low-tier people suddenly united. The humiliation and unfair treatment they usually received made them instantly excited, and they suddenly burst out at this moment!

By the time the staff of the Mission Center showed up, the situation had reached a climax.

This was no longer just a quarrel between Mo Yang and Xiao Yuan. Instead, it had turned into a confrontation between high-tier and low-tier elemental special ability users.

Mo Yang had never imagined that things would turn out like this. He subconsciously shielded Mo Chu behind his back. If something uncontrollable really happened, he would be able to block it.

Looking at the sturdy arms in front of him, Mo Chu felt a wave of warmth in her heart. Ultimately, she had been the cause of this matter. She could not let her brother bear this trouble for her in vain.

“Actually, about this matter…” Mo Chu walked out from behind Mo Yang. Before she could finish his words, he was interrupted by Xiao Yuan’s stern voice.

“What does this have to do with you? Shut up!” She was only a tier 1 little girl. What right did she have to speak? Xiao Yuan seemed to have forgotten that he himself was only a tier 2.

Mo Yang had not spoken before, but when he heard this, he could not help himself. What right did this guy have to speak to Mo Chu Like this?!

“This matter started because of me, so naturally, I have the right to speak!” Mo Chu held Mo Yang’s hand tightly, blocking him from advancing toward Xiao Yuan.

In this sensitive moment, she should speak up for herself!

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